The Plan For November

Hey all!

The following is just a bit of a schedule for what you can expect to see here over the next month. As I’m just getting started, things may be a little chaotic at first, but the site will grow and evolve as I do, hopefully becoming a source of good information and discussion set out in a simple, easy to read and navigate fashion.

Leading up to the end of 2019, I’m in the midst of making a bunch of ‘best of 2019’ lists, so in preparation I’ll be spending the first couple of weeks of November writing a bit about my top 50 songs of 2018. I’ll be posting it in ten parts, with 5 songs being posted each weekday for the next 2 weeks. Each day I will post short snippets of each song on my Instagram @_shhhan_, as well as a short write up for each song here on my blog!

The Top 50 of 2018 should be all wrapped up by mid month, which should transition well into the ‘Top 50 2019’ list, which I plan to do during the second half of the month. This list will be similar in style to the 2018, but is much more subject to change over the next month or 2 just due to recency bias and such. This list is due to end at the end of November, but I may revisit it at the end of the year if any revisions are made.

I plan to spend the weekends doing posts such as these, and also for things such as summaries, discussions, and general notices. I’ll probably also do large write ups on weekends, but that is something I plan on working out as I move forward.

Overall, I’m excited for November. I’m looking forward to sharing some amazing music, and to get a couple big lists out of the way ready for December, which is when I hope to revisit and review my favourite albums of 2019.

If you’re interested in supporting me, staying up to date on what I’m doing, or discussing music with me, follow me either here or on Instagram, and comment or dm to have a chat. Looking forward to it!

– Shan –