Top 50 hip hop songs of 2018 – Honourable Mentions

Hey all! Hope you’ve had a nice weekend. As I feel there were many many good songs from last year, and many of them missed out on ‘Top 50’ status, I just wanted to shine the light on a few excellent songs that missed out. Below are 15 songs that are in my top 100 but not my top 50. I’ll include a paragraph about each one just as a little intro.

I’ve put 13/15 songs in a Spotify Playlist here

I’ve put 13/15 songs in an Apple Music Playlist here

B.A.B.Y. By Tory Lanez isn’t on streaming, so you can check it out on YouTube here

Teleportation Device isn’t on streaming either, so either download from datpiff, or listen on YouTube here

Without further ado, to the list!

Alexander Lewis & Brasstracks – Pearl Magnolia (ft. BXRBER & Armani White)

When I first discovered this song I wasn’t too familiar with any of the artists, but by the end of the year I considered it one of the most fun, enjoyable and accessible songs of the year, and have had great success recommending this to friends. ‘Pearl Magnolia’ brings together trombonist and producer Alexander Lewis, Grammy winning duo Brasstracks, Philly Rapper Armani White & British singer BXRBER to create a piece of music that just has to be heard. Great singing, great raps and incredible production throughout

Anderson.Paak – Bubblin’

This was easily my favourite Anderson.Paak song of 2018, and the fact that it didn’t make an appearance on his album still fills me with confusion and sadness. Incredibly fun beat (with a ‘Britney Spears – Toxic’ sounding synth that I love), some of Paak’s best flows ever, a number of hilarious lines, and a contagious hook make this one of the best Paak songs ever in my opinion. And on top of all that, it even has a hilarious music video, which you can watch on YouTube here

Bobby Raps – Teleportation Device

Sonically, Teleportation Device by Bobby Raps is one of the most beautiful and most amazing songs of the year, and probably the least hip hop song in my top 100. The beat is crafted wonderfully, creating this real relaxing but also somber vibe. The vocals on the track are really something else though and take the song to the next level, with Bobbys’ vocal delivery being one of my favourites of the year. The combination of the beat, the vocal delivery and the lyrics themselves can really make you feel like you’re in a trance or something. Interesting song but one I love

Earthgang – Nothing But The Best (ft. Ari Lennox)

My favourite song from Earthgang in 2018, ‘Nothing But The Best’ features some fantastic verses from both members, delivered effortlessly over a beat dominated by a catchy bass guitar. Also features some beautiful vocals and harmonies from Dreamville labelmate Ari Lennox, who delivers the catchy chorus

Gunna – Spending Addiction

‘Spending Addiction’ is Gunna at his best, with him flowing smooth as butter over the chill beat, and lyrically giving a much more enjoyable performance than usual, with lots of great lines throughout. Throw in a catchy hook and you have an all round enjoyable Gunna track from start to finish.

Lil Baby – Never Needed No Help

I’m a firm believer that Lil Baby shines when he is being emotional and vulnerable on a track (such as this song, close friends, and his feature on FWM). This song is a perfect example of that, with a relaxing guitar beat, and Lil Baby flowing effortlessly throughout the verses. The hook is lyrically impressive, and also sounds super catchy. This would be my favourite Lil Baby song ever at this point

Metro Boomin – 10 Freaky Girls (Ft. 21 Savage)

This song made my top 100, and almost top 50 just based off how amazing the first verse is, one of my verses of the year. Over some eerie-synths, horns and trap-staple rattling hi-hats, 21 savage delivers my favourite verse of his ever, with some hilarious bars and nonchalant delivery. It’s unfortunate I think the second verse is nowhere near as good, or this would be a top 10 contender

Migos – Too Playa (ft. 2 Chainz)

Super underrated song, never seen this mentioned anywhere despite seeing many mentions of ‘Culture 2’, the album it is from. This song has a catchy hook, an amazing saxophone based beat, a top-tier 2 chainz feature, and great verses from all 3 Migos as well. Migos have always been surprisingly good at making enjoyable long songs, and at 5mins 13secs, Too Playa is no exception.

Nate Good – Down in Flames

This was my guilty pleasure song of 2018, I think it sounds kinda lame and corny and basic at times, but I can’t help but love it every time it comes on. The catchy hook, relaxed beat, and some great flows and delivery just come together to make a super well polished and well made song, which happens to be crazy enjoyable too

One Week Notice – Icebox

One Week Notice is a group composed of Audio Push, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, Demrick, Emilio Rojas & Reezy, and their 2018 album was full of highs, with ‘Icebox’ being my personal favourite. This song features a catchy little hook delivered by Jarren Benton, and 6 really solid verses from the other members, making this one of the best posse cuts of 2018

Steven Moses – Love Me

Love Me is an amazing Single from Steven Moses, which really radiates Lil Peep vibes. It’s a mix of hip hop and punk/rock both in terms of the beat and vocal delivery, with lyrics focussed on drugs and love. I’ve heard lots of rappers try to emulate a sound similar to Peeps, but Steven Moses is the only one who I think nails it. He is extremely talented and I’d recommend checking out his project from 2018 if you enjoyed this track

Vladimir Cauchemar – Aulos Reloaded (ft. 6ix9ine)

One of my favourite turn up songs from 2018, and one of my favourite pieces of music involving 6ix9ine (probably my favourite). An upbeat party beat that makes you feel like you’re at a massive soccer game celebrating your teams win, combined with some great flows and funny lines from 6ix9ine make this an extremely enjoyable listen

Tyler, The Creator – OKRA

OKRA is one of many loosies released by Tyler in 2018, and my personal favourite of the bunch. On OKRA Tyler brings the bass heavy beat, the high energy flows, and the hard bars that I loved so much from him in the past. This is my favourite Tyler sound and is a sound I would like to see him explore more, as this song proves how incredibly well he can execute it

Travis Scott – Can’t Say

A good combination of some solid vocals from Travis, a haunting guitar-led bass heavy beat, and an amazing feature by Don Toliver made this my favourite song from ‘Astroworld’.

Tory Lanez – B.A.B.Y. (Ft. Moneybagg Yo)

Similar to ‘Bubblin’ by Anderson.Paak and ‘OKRA’ by Tyler, ‘B.A.B.Y’ by Tory Lanez was my favourite song of his in 2018, and yet it didn’t make it onto his album. Over a relaxed guitar and drum beat, Tory Lanez flows as great as ever, and Moneybagg delivers an incredibly enjoyable feature verse. Overall just a great collab that never really got the shine I believe it should have

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