My 50 Favourite Songs Of 2019 – Honourable Mentions

Hey everyone!

Recently I finished up my ‘50 favourite songs of 2019’ list, but of course there were lots of amazing songs which didn’t make the cut. The following list is composed of songs which are in my top 100 but not my top 50, so are all songs that nearly made it but were either less enjoyable than everything in my top 50, or had parts of the song that I disliked. I’ve tried to avoid songs by artists that already have a song in the top 50 just for a bit of variation and to shine the spotlight on more artists. So without further ado, read on, give the songs a listen, and let me know what you think, would love to get some discussions going!

I’ve put all songs in a Spotify Playlist here!

And also made up an Apple Music Playlist here!

Ameer Vann – Glock 19

Ameer Vann is an ex-member of BROCKHAMPTON, removed from the group in 2018 due to some allegations of domestic abuse among other things. Regardless of what he is like outside of music, I always enjoyed his solo work and his contribution to BROCKHAMPTON, so when he re-emerged on the scene in 2019 with his Emmanuel EP I was full of hype and anticipation. The whole EP was fantastic and enjoyable all the way through, but the song I’ve found myself coming back to most often is Glock 19. On Glock 19 Ameer delivers some hard hitting heart felt bars over this beautiful, banging production. Ameer sounds super hungry, with verses full of raw emotion and high energy flows, and the beat combines some thumping bass with these angelic vocal samples to bring the whole song together, giving us an extremely enjoyable and impressive track from Ameer.

Lil Bootycall – Prescriptions (ft. Goldlink)

Lil Bootycall was one of the biggest shocks of the year for me. Similarly to BigChildSupport, I expected nothing too great based solely off his name, but when I checked out his album there were actually numerous songs that I thoroughly enjoyed. The song that prompted me to check out his album, and which ended up being my favourite is ‘Prescriptions’ featuring Goldlink. Over this dreamy production, Lil Bootycall delivers a super catchy hook, as well as a pleasant little verse, giving a very impressive performance overall. Goldlink also comes through with a super solid feature, one of my favourite of his ever actually, making this song an all round enjoyable listen from start to end.

Bas – Jollof Rice (ft. EARTHGANG)

Bas dropped a real crisp little EP on 2019 titled Spilled Milk 1, and although it only has 4 songs, 2 of them are amazing and both ended up just missing the top 50. One of those songs is Fried Rice featuring JID, but I feel that one has a longer intro and outro than is really necessary, so the one that stands out most to me and that I’ll focus on here is Jollof Rice featuring Earthgang. Jollof Rice is crazy fun, with this playful little guitar melody forming the backbone of the song, and both Bas and Earthgang utilising a wide range of upbeat flows and deliveries. The song also has an amazingly catchy little hook, and a bunch of impressive bars and wordplay throughout both the verses and hook. I’d say this is actually a really accessible song, just sounds so pleasant and fun all the way through, may even make my top 50 eventually.

Berner & Mozzy – Ayy (ft. YG & Logic)

Basically a posse cut of sorts, Ayy is my favourite track from Berner & Mozzy’s collab album ‘Slimey Individuals’, and features both rappers as well as YG and Logic. Over this soulful female vocal sample, Berner, Mozzy and Logic flex their respective rapping skills, with Berner and Logic each having one of my favourite verses from the respective artist. All three verses are extremely strong, from the flows to the lyrics, and the hook is handled by YG, which is probably an odd choice for ‘Hook Duty’ but he does an exceptional job here, with a short, simple, but very effective little hook, being catchy and breaking up the song perfectly. Overall just a great posse cut that I’ve surprisingly never seen mentioned anywhere.

BlocBoy JB – Everyday (ft. Moneybagg Yo)

BlocBoy JB has been steadily releasing music all year, with a project and a heap of loosies dropping throughout 2019, but by far my favourite BlocBoy JB song of the year is Everyday from his ‘I Am Me’ album, and featuring Moneybagg Yo. What may come as a surprise is that my favourite part of this song is BlocBoy JBs singing, with him delivering this super catchy hook in this melodic manner. His verse is solid too, showcasing his more traditional rap delivery, and the feature from Moneybagg is outstanding. Overall this song is a great showcase of BlocBoy’s versatility, Moneybaggs strong feature game, and the fantastic chemistry the 2 artists have. On that note, if you enjoyed this check their collab ‘Black Feet’.

Dee Mula – Crank Up 2.0 (ft. Moneybagg Yo & Stunna 4 Vegas)

Crank Up 2.0 is a song by Dee Mula, and is one of the only songs in my top 100 by an artist who I didn’t know prior to 2019. Dee Mula enlists both Moneybagg Yo and Stunna 4 Vegas for 2 incredibly impressive feature verses, but does a great job to not get outshone, delivering his own amazing verse as well as this exceptionally delivered and catchy hook. Moneybagg has the first feature and further proves how strong his featuregame is, starting the song on a high. Stunna has the final verse and is the perfect pick, keeping up the high energy set during the rest of the song with ease, delivering one of his best features of 2019. Dee Mula has the middle verse as well as the hook, and is actually probably the standout despite me loving the 2 features. The beat may be nothing special, but with a great hook and 3 solid verses it’s hard not to enjoy the song all the way through.

Denzel Curry – Ricky

Denzel Curry’s ‘Zuu’ Album was probably my favourite album of 2019 to not have any songs make the top 50, with a bunch of songs having a single thing that held them back (long intro, average hook etc.). Despite that I still enjoy a majority of the tracks, with my current favourite being one of the albums singles, RICKY. RICKY is a tribute to Denzel’s father Ricky, and features Denzel rapping about his childhood, his family, and his life growing up over this interesting instrumental. The rapping throughout the entirety of the track is super impressive, with a couple of solid verses and an amazingly catchy hook too. The beat changes a couple of times as the song progresses, usually being a pretty basic combo of drums and synth loops, but sometimes shifting to this more west coast sound with this grimy bass to match Denzels screwed vocals at the time. Really this is just a super fun listen, that also has an enjoyable video, and is quite impressive technically as well.

Domo Genesis – Power Trip (ft. Cozz)

Power trip is an amazing showcase of impressive wordplay and technical ability by both Domo Genesis and Cozz. From Domo’s ‘Facade Records’ EP, Power trip features both Domo and Cozz flowing with ease over this real mellow, atmospheric beat, flexing their range of flows and skills when it comes to wordplay. From start to end this really is just a barrage of solid bars, with Domo having the first verse and Cozz having the second, broken up by a simple little 4 bar hook. The beat is quite simple, but sets an amazing chill vibe, and allows each rapper to shine, with the bass being used sparingly, hitting at all the right times. Overall this is one of the better lyrical songs of the year, not in terms of lyrical content but more so the delivery of the lyrics, and is my personal favourite song from a super underrated project.

Dreamville – Sacrifices (ft. EARTHGANG, Saba, Smino & J. Cole)

Sacrifices by Dreamville was one of my most hyped songs of the year, featuring 4 artists I’m a big fan of; Earthgang, Saba, Smino & J. Cole. I’d say the song overall met my expectations, with a superb performance from all of the artists, and was only help back by the fact it drags on, coming in at 6min22secs and having an outro of sorts that is much longer than it needs to be. Regardless, this an amazing posse cut and great showcase of each artists style. J. Cole uses a mix of rapping and singing in his verse and executes it all amazingly, Saba and Smino each have a lengthy verse which are both great examples of each artist at their best. Earthgang has this strange verse, with this sporadic ‘punching in’ flow that sounds grating at time and is probably my least favourite verse of the song, but Earthgang also handles the simple hook, which is done super effectively and breaks up the song nicely. Overall an amazing song and an exceptional collaboration of artists, which is decent front to back but suffers from being too long.

E-40 – No Choice (ft. James Too Cold)

E-40 is one of those artists I’ve never really been a fan of, but I always come out of his albums with a couple new bops for my playlists. His 2019 project Practice Makes Paper is probably the most I’ve ever liked one of his projects, with nearly 10 songs I enjoyed, and one in particular being amazing front to back and almost making my top50, ‘No Choice’ featuring James Too Cold. Over this piano based beat, E-40 shows off some ridiculously impressive flows all whilst delivering a range of hilarious bars. His rhyme schemes are solid, he flows with the confidence of a veteran and his 2 verses are full of amazing references and one liners. James Too Cold has a great verse too, probably not as good as E-40’s, but he also handles the hook, and does so exceptionally! The hook is amazingly catchy, and delivered in this mundane off kilter flow, making the whole thing just insanely enjoyable. Overall this song is one of my favourite E-40 songs ever, a great intro to ‘James Too Cold’, and just an all round fun listen all the way through.

Maxo Kream – Drizzy Draco

Drizzy Draco probably isn’t the best song on Maxo Kream’s ‘Brandon Banks’ Album, with ‘Meet Again’ being far superior lyrically, and ‘She Live’ being much more accessible track overall. However, after many listens of each, Drizzy Draco is easily my personal favourite and the one I wanna shine light on most. One of the main reasons I love the song so much is the beat, which combines a hard hitting drum beat with these ‘beep’ synths to give us this unique instrumental with this insanely addictive quality. Maxo utilises the beat excellently, with this confident delivery and a range of flows that make his overall vocals just as addictive as the beat. In summary this song just has this unexplainable addictive quality to it, one that really catches your attention and keeps it for the entirety of the song.

OMB Peezy – Murder

Along with Sada Baby’s ‘Bartier Bounty’, OMB Peezy had one of the most unexpectedly impressive and enjoyable albums of the year. Leading up to the album I checked out his singles and was impressed with the direction Peezy was going, so when ‘Preacher To The Streets’ finally released I decided to give it a peep, and ended up enjoying just about every song. One of my personal favourites, and one which showcases OMB Peezy’s style the best is ‘Murder’. Murder is full of everything that made this album so enjoyable, a well crafted and catchy hook, some impressive wordplay, and a range of different flows throughout. OMB Peezy makes very similar music to artists like Quando Rondo/Polo G/NBA Youngboy, but does an excellent job at sounding unique amongst his contemporaries, while also showing he is one of the most talented in the scene. Overall this is one of the best ‘melodic trap’ songs of the year, from one of the best ‘melodic trap’ albums of 2019, OMB Peezy is one to watch out for, has massive potential.

Pivot Gang – Carnival (ft. Sylvan LaCue & Benjamin Earl Turner)

Carnival is yet another amazing posse cut from 2019, from Pivot Gang’s ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ Album. The song features guest spots from Benjamin Earl Turner and Sylvan LaCue (formally QueSt), as well as verse from Pivot Gang members Saba, Joseph Chilliams, Frsh Waters & MfnMelo. The song doesn’t contain a hook, and is therefore just 6 verses back to back, each by a different artist, giving the whole song this super fun ‘hanging with friends’ vibe, almost like a cypher of sorts. Each of the 6 verses are amazing in their own right, some with impressive wordplay, some with interesting and creative flows, and some with hilarious bars. They thing they all have in common is that they all have this real non-serious vibe to them, and all sound amazing over the beat. The beat itself is quite simple like a cypher beat, but doesn’t sound like your usual cypher beat, with this laid back vibe set by this chill piano loop and low tempo drum beat. Overall this song is just a crazy fun listen, plus is actually quite an impressive track the more you pay attention to it.

RJmrLA – Watching

Another high quality album which flew under the radar was On God by RJmrLA, which boasted features from the likes of ScHoolboy Q, Young Thug, OT Genesis, The Game, G-Eazy, Rich The Kid, Mozzy, Snoop Dogg & Ty Dolla $ign, among others. The album had a bunch of songs I enjoyed, but despite all the amazing features the song that stood out most to me is the solo song ‘Watching’. The beat on Watching has a real G-funk vibe with this funky west Coast bass and a simple little drum beat. The verses on this song are really impressive, with RJmrLA delivering them in this real hungry manner, with a number of different flows and some great wordplay throughout. Probably the standout feature though is the hook, which is insanely catchy, like one of the catchiest hooks of the year. RJ sings the hook in this awkward sounding delivery, but it just sounds so so good. Overall this is just a super enjoyable song start to end, and a great intro to RJmrLA.

ScHoolboy Q – CrasH

ScHoolboy Q’s CrasH Talk Album was a bit disappointing, but I feel this was largely due to ScHoolboy setting the bar super high with a number of consistently great projects beforehand. Regardless, there were some tracks on there that I came to love, and one in particular that I absolutely love the vibe of, ‘CrasH’. CrasH has ScHoolboy Q flexing how well he can make any beat his own, with this super calming, mellow beat, which Q glides over so seamlessly for the duration of the track. He has some enjoyable flows throughout, with some great bars and wordplay too, and all while flowing so smoothly. The hook fits in perfectly with the rest of the song, with Q delivering a few bars real melodically over the dreamy, atmospheric instrumental. Overall this song is a real vibe, with such a consistent sound start to end, and is a track that I can see growing on me even more, maybe even until it’s top 50.


Have you heard any of these songs before? What are your opinions on them?

Are there any songs that you are surprised not to see on my list? What’s on your top 50?

If you haven’t heard any of these tracks I’d love for you to check them out and let me know what you think!


– Shan –

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