2020! Plans For The Year Ahead

Hey hey!

I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from writing to concentrate on other things over the Christmas period. I originally wasn’t going to start writing this blog at all until 2020, but wanted to get a few posts up early to get some practice ready for the New Year. And now here we are! If you’re reading this I hope you have a great New Year and a successful 2020!

The Year Ahead

I’m planning on taking on the task of listening to and writing about music as a much more full time hobby in 2020. I’m aiming to listen to projects as they come out, and writing down some thoughts on them as I’m listening.

In terms of this blog I’m hoping to start doing a lot more album reviews, ideally within days of projects releasing. I also think I’ll start doing a couple of weekly posts on set days, such as a throwback album review on a Thursday or a weekly recap on the weekend. I still have lots of old albums I haven’t gotten around to listening to from 2019 and earlier, so will be listening to and reviewing those in the quiet weeks to catch up and to provide extra content. Overall I’m planning on posting once a day from here on out. Fingers crossed I can maintain this motivation in the following months, and that I can provide you with some quality write ups and bangers along the way.

The Month Ahead

As a result of not having a computer since October I’m about 3 months behind on music, which equates to about 45 albums. I plan on listening to these over the next month or 2 so I can round up 2019 and focus more on the current music drops. I’ll do some write ups on albums when I have nothing else planned. Other than that I plan on writing up another couple of 2019 lists and discussions, such as a ‘Feature Artist Of The Year’ write up, some lists of favourite albums and hooks, and other various discussions on the year as a whole. These will all be drip fed throughout the month, between 2019 Album write ups and 2020 album reviews (which I can’t imagine will be many).

Final Note

I think my main overall goals for this site in 2020 is to post regularly, and to reach a larger audience. So if you’re reading this, thank you for your support already! If you like hip hop, want to support me, or you’re just interested in helping me on my journey then follow my blog and my insta, like my posts, share with you’re friends, and most importantly comment or message me and start some discussion! Would love to hear some other opinions and find some more music myself.

Thanks again, Happy New Year, and I look forward to talking to y’all a lot more in the coming months!

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