First Impressions: Sada Baby – Brolik

Sada Baby aka Skuba Steve is a Rapper from Detroit, Michigan. He began rapping back in 2013, releasing a number of songs and features in his first couple of years with little success. Sada finally started seeing success around 2016, appearing on the single ‘Wave Shot’ by Hardwork Jig, and following that with his first 2 break out singles, ‘Stacy’ and ‘Sticks and Stones’. Once Sada started gaining traction in 2016 he hasn’t slowed down, releasing a number of successful singles in 2017 as well as 2 full length projects; Skuba Sada & D.O.N. He also got a big boost in 2017 when WorldStarHipHop started featuring his videos, bringing in millions of views to many of his video clips. He continued to gain traction in 2018, dropping his biggest song to date, ‘Bloxk Party’, which is currently sitting at over 56milion views. In 2019 he released another 2 projects, with his ‘Bartier Bounty’ album dropping in January, and his ‘Whoop Tape’ mixtape dropping in September.

I personally discovered Sada quite recently, first hearing him on ‘The Game’ by Lil Durk, and featuring Sada, Tee Grizzley, and YNW Melly. Although I liked the feature, it wasn’t amazing enough to encourage me to check him out further. It wasn’t until I heard one of his first singles for ‘Bartier Bounty’ titled ‘Pimp Named Drip Dat’ that I really started giving with his music (and also his infectious dancing present in his videos). Bartier Bohnty dropped in January, at a time when I wasn’t really a fan apart from the one song, so seeing that it had 20 songs and only one familiar feature turned me off listening to it on release despite him being on my radar. It wasn’t until about 5 months later when I saw someone list it as their album of the year (describing it as being a major surprise in terms of quality), that I decided to download it. The album ended up being in my top 10 of 2019, and easily one of the most fun and enjoyable albums of the year, showcasing Sada’s versatility excellently. As a result of being without a computer when Whoop Tape dropped, I still haven’t peeped that one, but will be checking that out shortly, and listening keenly with high expectations.

That brings us to now, on New Years Eve 2019/New Years Day 2020 Sada Baby released his mixtape ‘Brolik’, packed with 16 songs and featuring a range of artists from frequent collaborators such as Skilla Baby & FMB DZ, to more well known rappers such as G Herbo & BlocBoi JB. I’m counting this as the first project of 2020 (as it released at 4pm on New Years Day where I am), and therefore this will be the first of many 2020 album reviews. All reviews will be done after a single listen, and will be sorted into 2 main parts; a track by track review, which will be my short, informal and for the most part unedited opinions on each track as I listened through, and then finally a review on the album as a whole, which will be slightly more formal and thought out. On with the show!

Track By Track Review

1. Press Up – Simple Beat, nothing too special. All the bars are pretty basic, but great versatility from Sada in terms of delivery

2. Triple Threat Match (ft Skilla Baby & ShittyBoyz Babytron) – Another simple piano based beat. The first feature verse isn’t very good at all. Second feature is much better, has some great bars and a nice laidback delivery that fits the beat well. Sada closes out with a decent verse too, some great flows and enjoyable bars

3. Kut N Kordial – Best beat so far, has this real dreamy feel to it. Sada flows with ease throughout the track. Great mix of introspective Sada and ‘I fucked your bitch’ Sada. Love the bar (and it’s delivery) “Have a bitch squirtin’, as soon as she start flirtin’”. Think this will grow on me with more listens

4. WWF – Similar beat to the last one, same kind of idea but poorer execution. Song has some great flows and delivery but overall nothing too special

5. Bison Dele – Slow Flow Sada doesn’t work the best here. Beat is okay, bars are okay, but overall a fairly boring track

6. 8 Legged Ape (ft. Tec) – Real pleasant piano based beat. Some of Sada’s best rapping so far, fantastic flows and bars. The Tec feature is decent, compliments Sada’s part well. Best song so far

7. Toxic (ft. Fredo Bang) – Wow, really interesting flows from Sada on this one! Gets melodic and it works amazingly well. One of the first noticeable hooks in the album and it’s really enjoyable. Fredo Bang provides some melodies and it’s a real nice addition. Loved this one

8. 7 Mile Shuffle – Another basic beat. Flows and deliveries aren’t too exciting either. Couple great bars but nothing good enough to save the song

9. The Big Red Whoop (ft. FMB DZ) – A good mix of his simple bass heavy beats and his more chill piano based beats. Although Sada and FMB DZ have great chemistry on the track, neither of them do anything too exciting at all

10. Bully Ball – This Beat is basically the same as the last one but slowed down. Great mix of Sada sounding menacing and being melodic. Some amazing flows and deliveries. This one really grew on me as the song went on

11. Red Whoop – Really average beat, has a ‘Cardi B – Drip’ like synth. Probably some of the worst rapping so far, no standout moments

12. Baklava (ft. G Herbo) – Nice flute synth based beat, it’s quite a refreshing change. Sada isn’t too bad at all but isn’t crazy good either. G Herbo rides the beat surprisingly well, but sounds real tired throughout

13. Mood (ft. Skilla Baby) – Nice beat! Real grandiose/cinematic feel to it. Unfortunately I feel Sada brings it down with average flows and bars. The Skilla Baby feature is minimal but he is utilised really well. Average song overall but might change my mind if I revisit

14. Brolic – Pretty mid all round. Another simple piano based beat, and some more mediocre bars and flows from Sada

15. Fuck Slime – Beat is real dreamy but doesn’t really go anywhere. Some of the worst rapping on the album. Lacks his usual exciting deliveries and funny bars

16. ScubaHoodBlocKlub (ft. BlocBoi JB & Hoodrich Pablo Juan) – BlocBoi JB, Hoodrich & Sada have insane chemistry despite the differences in their voices and deliveries. Quite a basic beat, but easily the most enjoyable ‘basic beat’ on the mixtape, and utilised well. All 3 verses were great, but the song drags on for about 30 seconds too long.

Album Review

Overall I found this mixtape to be quite disappointing. I feel a big part of this is due to the fact I loved the last album of his I listened to, Bartier Bounty. The beats for the most part were quite simple on Brolik, with a couple of outliers such as the flute on Baklava and the grandiose feel of Mood. The Mixtape as a whole lacked good hooks, and hooks overall, which really detracts from its enjoyability and replay value. The features are actually quite impressive throughout, with Sada utilising many of them really well, notably Skilla Baby, Fredo Bang, BlocBoi JB and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Despite not liking the album much, it definitely had high points, many of which were Sada himself. Sada Baby had some exceptional flows and deliveries, a few memorable bars and showcases some of his versatility throughout the tape. Regardless of the highs, all these things were done better on Bartier Bounty, which therefore leaves me feeling slightly disappointed

Final Notes and Discussion Questions

As this is a mixtape, it can’t be found on Spotify or Apple Music. You can find it on DatPiff Here or on YouTube here.

My Favourite Tracks were 8 Legged Ape, Toxic, Bully Ball & ScubaHoodBlocKlub.

What did you think of the album?

Any songs from the album that you think are worth a revisit?

To any longtime Sada fans, what are some of his great older tracks?

Thanks for reading!

– Shan –

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