First Impressions: Famous Dex – Dexter 2031

Famous Dex aka Dexter is a 26 year old rapper from Chicago who has been steadily gaining in popularity since he burst onto the scene in 2014. Dexter started rapping after his mother passed away in September of 2014, and released his first mixtape ‘Never Seen It Coming’ in early 2015. Later that year he released another mixtape ‘Dexters Laboratory’, and carried on with that momentum into 2016, releasing another 2 mixtapes, ‘Drippy’ and ‘#OhhMannGoddDamn’ towards the start of the year. 2016 was a big year for Dex, having his first couple of viral singles in ‘Drip From My Walk’ & ‘Hit Em Wit It’, and signing to Rich The Kid’s ‘Rich Forever’ label, a move which only helped push him towards the mainstream even further. Within months of signing to the label the pair dropped both the first and second instalments of their ‘Rich Forever’ label mixtapes, both of which were well received. As 2016 went on, Dexter releases another 3 mixtapes, most noticeably ‘Dexter the Robot’. 2017 was a much slower year, Dex and Rich The Kid (along with new labelmate Jay Critch) dropped their 3rd ‘Rich Forever’ Tape, and Dexter only released one solo project, the mixtape ‘Read About It’ which dropped Christmas Day. By this point though, Dexter had started breaking into the mainstream and was a well known name to hip hop heads, so in 2017 he announced and started building hype for his debut Album, releasing his most popular song up until that point ‘Pick It Up (ft. A$AP Rocky)’. In 2018 he dropped the second single, Japan, which surpassed even pick it up and propelled him further into mainstream status, and then finally dropped his ‘Dex Meets Dexter’ album in April. 2019 was another slow year for Dex, dropping a short mixtape ‘Weird Vs Crazy’, having only a couple features on the 4th ‘Rich Forever’ Tape, and dropping a bunch of looses that are yet to find a home on a project.

I personally have known about Dexter for probably 3-4 years, but never really got into his music until his song with Rocky dropped. I enjoyed the song so started following him, and then by the time Japan dropped and started popping off I was already aboard the hype train. When ‘Dex Meets Dexter’ dropped I peeped it on release and was pleasantly surprised, thoroughly enjoyable album with a bunch of standouts. The versatility between upbeat hype songs like ‘Pick It Up’ & ‘Hemi’ and slow melodic songs like ‘Celine’ and ‘Prove It’ really impressed me. Since the projects he has had some good and bad features, a range of different loosies, and only one project. His ‘Weird Vs Crazy’ Mixtape dropped in the latter half of 2019, and seemed like a bunch of badly mixed/mastered throwaway tracks, barely any standouts and not a good example of what Dexter is capable of.

And that brings us to the current day! Early in January 2020 Famous Dex released his ‘Dexter 2031’ Project, a 6 song EP with a single feature from Splurge. I went into this album without too much hype based on his recent output, but hopeful considering I know how much potential Dexter has. Below is a short track by track review, which’ll be informal, simple and unedited for the most part; just some things I noted as I was listening. Then I’ll share my thoughts on the project overall, in a slightly more formal manner. Hope you enjoy the read!

Track By Track Review

1. Off A Pill – Takes too long to get going. Best is minimalistic but real hype, has great bass. Dexter actually rides the beat amazingly well, bars aren’t anything special, but the song is good as a whole, just bangs

2 – Hard In The Paint (ft. Splurge) – Beat bangs but not as hard as the last one. Dexters verse is okay but nothing great. Same for the splurge feature, some decent flows but no exciting bars or deliver to make the verse enjoyable

3. Dumb – Another real hype song, filthy bass and some really solid delivery from Dex. Easily the best showcase of Dexters solid flows and infectious personality. Has a good hook too. Dex just goes real hard on this and sounds great all the way through. Only downside is that the song drags on

4. Catch My Breath – Interesting synths in the beat of this one. Super busy beat overall, lots going on. Nice delivery from Dexter again but mediocre flows and bars for the most part. Came to love this beat though, sounds busy without ever sounding too crowded

5. Cash Up – Worst beat so far, just real simple and boring. Dex is similarly boring, lazy flows and delivery. Some good bars but that’s about all

6. 50 Clip – Interesting bubblegum rap like beat, quite strange but also quite pleasant sounding. The lazy flow works better here than on the last track, and Dexter changes up his flow more on this one too to keep it exciting. Song never really went anywhere, on the fence about it

Album Review

Overall I was left pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up enjoying this little 6 song EP. It’s just a fun little collection of tracks that are consistently decent at the very least, with no trash moments and quite a few above average moments.

I don’t think this EP was anywhere near as good as his ‘Dex meets Dexter’ Album, largely due to lack of variety between songs, and the lack of solid memorable hooks on the EP. However this was a big step up from his most recent tape, and I hope whatever he releases next is more along the lines of this EP than the mess of a tape that was ‘Weird vs Crazy.

If you’re a fan of Dexter I’m sure you’ll find some enjoyment in this project, and if you’re unfamiliar with Dex I think this is a decent starting point for anyone that likes a short and sweet project. Coming in at under 20 minutes this was a breeze to get through, and really was just a fun and enjoyable listen.

Final Notes & Discussion Questions

This EP isn’t on streaming services, but is available for free download on DatPiff here, or can be listened to on YouTube here!

My Standout Tracks were ‘Off A Pill’ and ‘Dumb’, although I may end up loving ‘50 Clip’

What did you think of this EP?

Favourite Famous Dex Songs Of all time?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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