First Impressions: Ugly God & Rizzoo Rizzoo – UglyGoblin

Ugly God is a 23 year old rapper who had a quick rise to fame in 2015 when he released his viral song ‘Beat My Meat’ on Soundcloud. He built on this momentum in 2016, releasing his single ‘Water’ to Soundcloud in March, and then making it available on streaming services in November. In 2017 he garnered more attention when he released the diss track ‘Fuck Ugly God’, in which he roasts himself about a range of things. Later that year he released his first project ‘The Booty Tape’ which received generally positive reviews, and charted at 27 on the Billboard 200. In 2018, Ugly God appeared on Lil Yachty’s ‘Boom’ in March, and then released his ‘Just A Lil Something Before The Album’ EP in April, a 4 song EP released ahead of his upcoming album. Almost a year later, after teasing his album for months, he released ‘Hello’ featuring Lil Pump at the end of March 2019. He followed this with another single ‘Lost In The Sauce’ in May, and then finally in August 2019 he released his debut Album ‘Bumps and Bruises’. Although he lost a lot of steam by dragging out the album release so long, Ugly God still has a strong core fan base and the album received mixed reviews.

Rizzoo Rizzoo is a Rapper from Texas, and is a member of The Sauce Factory crew, which features other rappers such as the slightly more well known Sauce Walka & Sosamann. He hit the scene in 2015 with his ‘Itz Hot Sauce’ Mixtape, and has steadily been rising in popularity since, releasing more projects such as his ‘Drip Flair’ Album In 2017, and his ‘Rario World’ & ‘Green Goblin’ mixtapes released in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Although he hasn’t quite reached the mainstream yet, he is starting to get quite a bit of buzz going with 2 of his songs; ‘Drip or Drown’ and ‘Kool-Aid (ft. DaBaby) recently reaching 1million views on YouTube.

Personally, Ugly God has been on my radar for years, but for a while I didn’t see him as anything more than a ‘meme-rapper’. I enjoyed Beat My Meat and Water but not enough to peep The Booty Tape. My views started to change in 2019, with me thoroughly enjoying both ‘Hello’ and ‘Lost In The Sauce’. I listened to Bumps and Bruises on release and although I wasn’t too impressed as a whole, the album certainly had high points and left me interested enough to keep Ugly God in my radar. Rizzoo Rizzoo however, is an artist I am not very familiar with at all. I heard Kool-Aid with DaBaby and enjoyed it, but never thought to dig any further into his discography.

And here we are! In the first week of 2020, Ugly God and Rizzoo Rizzoo came together to release their 4 track EP ‘UglyGoblin’, both to streaming services and for free download on mixtape sites such as DatPiff. I was apprehensive going into this one, having not been too impressed with Ugly Gods album and not being familiar enough with Rizzoo to know what to expect from him at all. Below are a short track by track review, which will be my informal, basic, and for the most part unedited thoughts on each track as I listened through. And below that will be my thoughts on the tape as a whole. I’ll include links to listen to the project as well as a couple discussion questions at the bottom. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. UglyGoblin – Nice beat, love the synth. Rapping is hard. Some real solid bars too, quite funny. First verse has them going bar for bar and it sounds great. Really impressed with Rizzoo. Chemistry is insane. Both ride the best really well too. Actually so many funny bars, great song.

2. Exotic Cookie – Another great beat, amazing violin like element to it. Both go hard again, real hungry deliveries. Take turns spitting 8-16 bars, with more great quotable lyrics. Bass is used quite sparingly throughout. Another great song.

3. Hit Me Up – Wow Another great beat! Has this interesting sci fi synth, like the computers beeping on a spaceship. Flows are a bit slower and the deliveries aren’t as strong but they both still ride the beat well. The Ugly God hook is quite catchy and overall enjoyable. Song doesn’t have as many quotable bars, is a good song but not as good as the first 2

4. Millions – This beat isn’t as exciting, but has this real eerie synth that isn’t too bad, is a bit basic other than that. Rizzoo sounds like Lil Keed on the hook, decent hook but nothing great. The verses are okay, some more funny bars and the flows are decent too. The eerie synth is a real ear worm, really enjoyed it by the end. The hook is actually a grower too, likes it by the end of the track as well. Pretty good track overall

Album Review

Overall UglyGoblin was easily the most impressive of the 3 projects I’ve listened to this year. This could be due to me coming into this projects with lower expectations than the others, it could be due to the fact it’s so short and sweet, but really I just think it’s because every song is at the very least enjoyable, and each have their standout moments.

The 4 songs are well produced, with my favourite of the lot being ‘UglyGoblin’. The beats are varied enough to keep the project exciting, utilising a range of different and sonically enjoyable synths throughout. Both rappers also ride the beats well, even when I felt the bars of flows themselves weren’t too exciting.

The bars and flows overall were very solid though, with both Ugly God and Rizzoo coming through with a range of deliveries and a plethora of hilarious bars and punchlines. The project also utilises a bunch of different song structures which was a nice little touch.

So in the end it was an EP I thoroughly enjoyed and can see myself coming back to later in the year. I’d recommend this to just about anyone who is into hip hop, it’s just a fun listen and so easy to get through. My main criticism is probably just that there wasn’t much ‘catchiness’ to it, could have used another good hook or 2.

Final Notes and Discussion

You can stream UglyGoblin on Spotify here or on Apple Music Here.

It can also be downloaded for free from DatPiff here.

UglyGoblin Video

My Stabdout Tracks were honestly all of them, although I feel the first 2 tracks are stronger than the last 2.

What did you think of UglyGoblin?

Are any of Rizzoo Rizzoo’s old projects worth a listen?

Thanks for reading!

– Shan –

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