First Impressions: Quando Rondo – QPac

Quando Rondo is a 20 year old rapper from Savannah, Georgia. Quando only decided to pursue a career in 2017 after he was released from his most recent stint in Juvenile detention, and has had s considerably quick rise to fame in the 2 years since.

Quando Rondo started making waves almost immediately with the release of his Lil Baby assisted single ‘I Remember’ in January of 2018. He followed that up with the release of 2 more singles, released music videos for all 3, and had them go on to receive millions of views each. By this point he had started garnering quite a solid fan base, and released his first mixtape Life B4 Fame in April. The mixtape contained features from Lil Baby as well as Lil Durk and OMB Peezy, and was streamed more than a million times in the first 2 days. Quando’s strong 2018 continued, and in June he released another smash single ‘Kiccin Shit’ & announced he had signed to NBA Youngboys label. In August he worked with NBA Youngboy on 3 out of 4 songs for his ‘4Loyalty’ EP, and in September he released his second mixtape ‘Life After Fame’ with features from artists such as Rich Homie Quan & Boosie Badazz. He closed out his strong 2018 by touring with SOBxRBE on their Global Gangin tour.

2019 wasn’t as strong for Quando, but he kept his place in the hip hop scene by having a couple of solid features, as well as releasing his ‘From The Neighbourhood To The Stage’ Mixtape in May. And that pretty much brings us up to date!

On January 10th 2020 Quando Rondo released his debut Album ‘QPac’, an album packed with 18 songs and features from Luh Kel, Polo G, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, 2 Chainz & Lil Durk. The album was preceded by 3 singles each with a music video; Marvellous in November, Letter To My Daughter in December, and Bad Vibe in January.

Below are my opinions on the album. First will be a sort of ‘track by track’ review, which will be my short and informal observations I made on each song as I listened. Afterwards I’ll include my thoughts on the album as a whole. And then finally I’ll include some links to listen and my favourite tracks at the bottom. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Blue Opps – Quandos verse is so nice, flows are great too. Nice piano in the beat. Real catchy little hook, great melodies. Solid intro track

2. Real Love – Great flows again. Pretty basic beat, is nice though. Some interesting singing and melodies, sounds real pleasant. The mixing sounds a bit messy at times but it’s still quite an enjoyable song

3. Double C’s – Hook sounds nice but is nothing special, probably cause of the repetition. May grow on me. Beat is quite simple again. Verses are the highlight, lots of nice flows and bars. The delivery of the hook is actually really good, decent song overall

4. Dropped Out (ft. Luh Kel) – Best beat so far, love the combination of high pitched guitar with the pleasant guitar riff that is most prominent. Another really nice melodic hook. Whole song has this super chill vibe. Quando rides the beat amazingly. Luh Kel Feature is a nice touch, meshes with Quando and the beat perfectly. Hook on this is actually amazing. Bass hits hard too. Great chill song

5. Nothing Else Matters – Simple little piano based beat, but isn’t too bad. Verses are just okay mostly, some nice sections. Hook is less melodic on this but Quando’s delivery is still great. Overall a good song, may grow on me more.

6. Poetic Justice – Love the beat, super nice piano and this amazing saxophone at times. Real minimalistic drums which helps Quando stand out and really shine. Quando sounds great, amazing delivery and lots of solid bars. Sounds great when the drums come in. Song overall felt like it was lacking something the whole time though

7. Marvellous (ft. Polo G) – Another simple piano beat. Some more impressive melodies on the hook, real catchy too. Quando rides the beat really well but doesn’t really change up his flow at all. Polo G is the same really, sounds good but nothing stood out or excited me. Okay song but probably won’t revisit

8. Expensive Edibles – Hard hitting drum beat, some interesting synths too. Love the hook on this, real catchy and just sounds amazing. Solid verses too actually, a few different flows, some solid bars and an enjoyable delivery. Good song overall

9. Collect Calls – Took too long to get going. Simple beat. Hook is okay but not as exciting as others. Some really exciting flows and deliveries on the verse though. Some real personal lyrics on the second verse but the flow isn’t as good as the first verse. Ok, not great

10. Bad Vibe (ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & 2 Chainz) – Heard this when it dropped last week and loved it, absolute banger. Beat hits real hard, hook is mad catchy and sounds great. Quando verse is fire. A Boogie kills it with some great flows, delivery and bars. 2 Chainz is at his best with hella quotables and a great flow. Love the song structure too. Great song

11. 101 – Hook sounds decent but gets a bit annoying with the repetition of ‘101’ end Part of the hook is pointless too. Beat is quite simple, another piano one. The verse is amazing though, lots of impressive deliveries and flows. Quando really showcases his vocal ability on this and it sounds spectacular. Liked this more as it went on. Hook is only at the start and end which helps, this may grow on me

12. Safest (ft. Lil Durk) – Yet another fairly simple beat, but great use of backing vocals to spice it up. More solid flows and delivery on display from Quando. Hook is okay but pales in comparison to some of the other. Durk Feature is a good addition, similar melodic flows to Quando so they mesh well. Doing does nothing bad, but nothing amazing (except maybe the background singing)

13. Just Keep Going – The piano in the beat is nice but other than that it’s quite basic. Quando is as solid as he has been the entire project but does nothing new or exciting. Hook sounds nice and has a different vibe to it than most the others, but isn’t too catchy. Okay song

14. Legitimate Drugz – Really pleasant guitar in the beat. Some amazing flows and flow switches from Quando, really impressive. Real unique song, Quando sounds more serious and it works so well over the somber guitar and thumping bass. Some great lyrics in both the verse and hook too. Loved the hook, one of the best so far. Loved this track, possible favourite

15. Perfect Timing – Beat is great! Some interesting synths, great guitar, solid bass and even some saxophone at times. Overall sounds real triumphant and nostalgic. Another really solid hook, real catchy and molodically sounds great. Some retrospective bars from Quando and the usual display of solid flows and delivery

16. Codeine Tales – Simple beat again, piano and trap drums. Quando sounds great again but nothing stands out, sounds similar to other tracks on the album. Hook is quite different but not as catchy or impressive as others

17. Love Or Lust – A basic beat but it’s nice, has this pleasant piano and great bass. Lots of solid flows from Quando on the verses, quite impressive. Hook is a bit lame but I really enjoy it. Stands out from the others and is mad catchy. Enjoyed this one

18. Letter To My Daughter – Heard this when it dropped, real solid song. Love the calming guitar based beat. Really nice lyrics on this one with the usual solid flows. Great hook too, really impressive melodies and quite catchy. Bass hits hard. Great song all the way through really

Album Review

Overall I think QPac was a great debut album from Quando Rondo, and is a great showcase of everything that Quando has to offer. This album is packed full of catchy hooks and hard hitting bars detailing Quando’s rise to fame, all driven by his addictive melodies and range of different flows. QPac has some great emotion packed songs, some bangers, and everything in between, with its main problem being inconsistency and inability to keep things sounding fresh all the way through the album.

I think overall the production on the album was fairly average, with a couple of standout tracks and not too many that really pushed the boundaries in did anything exciting. There weren’t any beats I found particularly bad, it’s just that there were lots of songs that were just a fairly basic mix of trap drums and piano. This worked in the albums favour at first, gave it this real cohesion and consistent vibe, but by the end of the 18th song it all just starts to sound the same. So I guess I could make one improvement it would be either to cut out some of the tracks, or to at least experiment with the instrumentals a bit more. That aside, I thought Quando himself was consistently impressive throughout the album. His delivery is just so raw and captivating most of the time, really draws me in and paired with the range of flows he uses it often keeps me intrigued til the end of the song, regardless of whether or not the beat excites me. He also has some amazing hooks scattered throughout the project, and some real solid introspective lyrics on some of the songs too. All in all Quando continued to show that he is one of the most talented rappers in this bloated melodic trap scene.

So in summary I think this is an above average debut from Quando, with some great tracks, a whole bunch of good tracks, and no songs that stand out as being bad or unlistenable. This would be a great starting point for anyone unfamiliar with Quando as there is a little bit of everything on offer, and a whole bunch of catchy hooks to add to the replayability. In saying that, the album wasn’t too much of a step forward from his mixtapes, it suffered from having too many songs, and by the end of the album things start to sound a bit samey. All in all a fun listen, many more highs than lows!

Final Notes

The standout songs were Blue Opps, Real Love, Double C’s, Dripped Out, Expensive Edibles, Bad Vibe, Legitimate Drugz, Perfect Timing, Love Or Lust & Letter To My Daughter.

You can listen to QPac on Spotify here, on Apple Music here, or on YouTube here!

Music Videos: MarvellousLetter To My DaughterBad Vibe

What did you think of the album?

What were your favourite songs from QPac?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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