First Impressions: Stunna 4 Vegas – Rich Youngin

Stunna 4 Vegas is a 24 year old rapper from Salisbury, North Carolina, and since emerging onto the scene in 2017 has had a steady flow of music releases and a relatively quick rise to fame. Stunna’s 2017 was a fairly solid year at least in terms of quantity, with him releasing 3 mixtapes; Boot Up, Young Nigga Sh!t, & Stunna Season. 2018 was an even stronger year and the start of Stunna’s rise, lead by the release of his ‘4 Way or No Way’ mixtape in January. By this point Stunna had started generating a bit of buzz and in September he released the second instalment of his Stunna Season series. Later on in that same month Stunna released his single ‘Animal’ featuring Charlotte rapper DaBaby, with the music video dropping on DaBaby’s channel. The song was a hit, and with DaBaby being the more popular of the 2 artists of the time this was a great boost for Stunna 4 Vegas, and the rest is history!

Shortly after his single Animal blew up, Stunna 4 Vegas signed to DaBaby’s ‘Billion Dollar Baby’ record label, and then in November of 2018 was the sole feature on the DaBaby album ‘Blank Blank’. Stunna started off 2019 with another DaBaby feature, this time on the song Joggers from his ‘Baby on Baby’ album, and it was around this point (March) that DaBaby blew up, launching both of their careers in a positive direction. In May Stunna announced he had signed to Interscope, and then that same month dropped his debut album ‘Big 4X’, boasting features from artists such as DaBaby, Offset & Lil Durk. He closed out 2019 with a bunch of solid features, most notably his one on ‘Really’ from DaBaby’s album Kirk, but also with some solid singles of his own; Tomorrow with Moneybagg Yo, Boat 4 Vegas with Lil Yachty, & Up The Smoke with Offset (the only one that made the album).

And that pretty much brings us up to now! On January 17 2020 Stunna 4 Vegas released his second album ‘Rich Youngin’, with 12 tracks and features from DaBaby, Lil Baby, Blac Youngsta & Offset. Prior to the album being released he dropped the music video for Up The Smoke with Offset, which I’ll include a link to at the bottom. I’ll be reviewing the album in 2 parts, First will be a track by track review which will be my informal and unedited notes I made on the songs during my first listen, and the following that I’ll review the album as a whole. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. DO DAT (ft. DaBaby & Lil Baby) – Long unnecessary intro, but it’s the intro track so it’s forgivable. Real high energy flows by Stunna, but nothing too special. Hook is average too. DaBaby verse is okay, nothing too exciting either. Lil Baby is the stand out, has some amazing flows, a solid delivery and some great bars. Beat is also real boring, disappointing track

2. ON FYE – Another simple beat, isn’t too exciting. Stunna flows great again. Has some decent bars too but nothing stands out. Hook is better than the last one but still isn’t great. Average song overall

3. R & BEEF – love the beat on this one, the drums hit hard and the saxophone like synth is amazing. Stunna’s bars hit extra hard in this one, and of course some high energy flows and solid delivery. Good range of flows too, and some decent bars throughout. Decent song, may grow on me more

4. CHANGE MY LIFE (ft. Blac Youngsta) – Interesting beat, Stunna’s flow is okay but he has some quality bars. Blac Youngsta has a great verse, rides the beat amazingly. Hook was another average one, nothing special. Beat really grew on me, okay song overall

5. RUSSIAN – Another average hook. Beat is a bit simple but has these real intriguing synths that made it exciting. Verse is the usual Stunna, Fire flows and delivery but no standout moments. Another average song

6. PUNCH ME IN 5 – Basic trap beat, rattling hi hats and thumping 808s. Something enjoyable about the song though. Stunna flows a bit slower than usual but focused more on delivering coherent, humorous bars. Interesting song, on the fence

7. LOU WILL – Real foreboding instrumental with these eerie lingering synths. The usual solid delivery from Stunna but the flows are a bit messy at times. Some decent quotable bars but nothing too exciting or new. Decent song but didn’t really go anywhere

8. F*CKING UP FREESTYLE – Simple beat with thumping bass, trap drums and this real annoying synth. No hook just bars, and the bars themselves aren’t too exciting

9. WET – Interesting beat, nice synths. Love the hook, best so far, sounds great. Verse is enjoyable too, the usual display of solid flows and delivery but a bunch of solid bars too. Would have liked another verse, song was too short, but enjoyable regardless.

10. UP THE SMOKE (ft. Offset) – Heard this on release and loved it. Amazing Offset verse, flows so effortlessly. Offsets Hook is good too, real catchy. Stunna has a really solid verse as well, goes hard. Beat is basic but offset and Stunna utilise it well. Great song overall

11. WALK UP – Beat is basic but interesting enough that it’s enjoyable. I like the pleasant little synths. Stunna changes up his flow a bit in this, works really well at times. Hook is fairly average, whole song had a good flow to it though. This one may grow on me

12. A HUNNID – Slower hook from Stunna, is a nice change up but the hook itself is nothing special. Stunna goes super hard but doesn’t really do anything exciting, no standout moments. Beat is way too simple on this one

Album Review

Overall I think Rich Youngin was just a really mediocre album. I don’t think any of the songs were particularly bad, but there were far less standout tracks than I had hoped for. Going into this album I had high hopes, I’d enjoyed his last album more than I expected, I thought a majority of the singles he dropped in the lead up to the album were solid, and he had a bunch of killer features in 2019. So I think overall I just feel like this album was disappointing as opposed to being bad or boring. This is not only due to the fact he didn’t include some of the strong singles he released in the last few months, but also because I felt this album just didn’t have the highs of ‘BIG 4X’.

I’d say the album as a whole was a pretty fun listen, with a nice short track list, consistently high energy flows from Stunna, and some solid features scattered throughout. And the album definitely had some fantastic moments. I think all of the features except for DaBaby (surprisingly) had really solid verses, think they all made their respective songs much better. I enjoyed the production quite a lot on some tracks, notably ‘RUSSIAN’, ‘CHANGE MY LIFE’ & ‘R & BEEF’. And Stunna himself delivered some really impressive verses amongst the sea of sameness, such as on ‘PUNCH ME IN 5’ & ‘WET’.

Unfortunately though I have more criticisms than praises for this project. I thought the DaBaby feature was his least impressive of the ~4 he has on Stunna songs. Despite Stunna being consistently high energy, his flows and delivery all started to sound the same after a few songs, and nothing sounded too exciting. This album as a whole has less memorable hooks and therefore less memorable songs than ‘BIG 4X’. I thought the production overall was very average, with a couple super basic beats that weren’t interesting at all. I feel like this album would have benefited from having more features as Stunna seems to work amazing well with a range of artists.

In summary though this was a decently fun one time listen, but a fairly forgettable one too. Considering I didn’t really think anything was bad, I think all this really needed was a couple more catchy hooks and some more features and It’d definitely have potential to be up closer to the ‘good album’ range. If you enjoyed what Stunna brings to the table I highly recommend checking out his last album as it’s a similar sound to this but far more enjoyable.

Final Notes

You can listen to Rich Youngin on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can check it out on YouTube here!

‘UP THE SMOKE (ft. Offset)’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were ‘WET’ & ‘UP THE SMOKE’, although I’m sure I’ll end up liking a couple more after more listens.

What were your favourite songs?

What did you think of the album?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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