First Impressions: 10k.Caash – Planet Swajjur

An Intro To 10k.Caash

10k.Caash is an 18 year old rapper from Dallas, Texas, who has had quite an odd start as a rapper. Originally a dancer, 10k.Caash was part of a local dance crew called The Rollie Boys, and since 2015 the crew had been choreographing dances and creating dance moves hoping something would catch on. That all changed in 2017 when Caash and his crew came up with ‘The Woah’, which caught on in 2018 and by the end of the year was one of the biggest dance crazes out. Early on the dance caught the attention of Lil Uzi who appeared in some videos with Caash doing the woah, and even brought him out at his Dallas show. 10k.Caash took full advantage of this newfound fame and signed to Def Jam, followed by linking up with producer ‘Beats By Jeff’ to start making his first music as a rapper.

10k.Caash first started dropping music in September of 2018, and that same month released his first mixtape ‘10k’, with features including Lil Yachty and production from producers such as Kenny Beats. In November of that same year he dropped his first album ‘The Creator’ on Soundcloud, stacked with features from Rico Nasty, Asian Doll, Famous Dex, Lil Yachty, RiFF RAFF & Matt Ox. In May of 2019 Caash released the album onto streaming services, and also released his music video for one of his most popular songs, ‘Aloha’. For someone with so little time in the rap scene 10k.Caash has done an excellent job at networking and linking up with other more popular artists, and its largely due to that that I was so intrigued in him and have had him on my radar since ‘The Creator’.

That should catch you up on the short but exciting career 10k.Caash has had so far! On January 31st 2020 he released his second studio album ‘Planet Swajjur’, compiled of 10 tracks and 8 features, most notably Chance The Rapper. Today I’ll be reviewing the album in 2 parts, first will be my informal and unedited notes on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the album and some discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Amazing (Intro) – Catchy Intro/hook, good rhyme schemes. Flows aren’t anything special, and beat is real basic. Okay for an intro track

2. Flip Flop – Another catchy hook, but unnecessary repetition. Some good flows and funny bars here and there. Real hard hitting bass and a synth which makes this more exciting than the first song. Okay track

3. Crowd Roars (ft. TyFontaine) – TyFontaine Feature is okay, gives me Lil Keed vibes. 10k changes up his flow a bit and it’s actually decent at times. Hook is catchy. Song ends too soon, was decent but I wish it was longer

4. She Gone Shake (ft. Tisakorean) – Feature is lame on this one, average bars and amateurish delivery. Catchy hook from 10k though. Wish this was longer too, could be good with a decent 10k verse

5. Rocky Wrist (ft. Young Jordan) – Super calming atmospheric beat, and much more minimalistic drums than the others. 10k flows really good over this, some nice rhymes and a catchy hook too. Young Jordan is a great addition, kills his feature. Enjoyable song

6. Wazzup (ft. GUN40 & DSmooth66)DSmooth starts off the song great, funny bars and a solid delivery. All 3 rappers are actually real enjoyable on this, great chemistry and this consistently fun vibe. Good track

7. Hop Out – Love the subtle guitar melody playing in the background, drums are good too. 10k goes hard, real hungry delivery and some enjoyable bars and rhymes. Changes up the flow in the verses too. Hook is super catchy, has this mad bounce to it. Great song

8. Spaceman Swajjur (ft. Zoey Dollaz) – Interesting beat, thumping 808’s and this childish sounding sci fi like synth. 10k’s signature screaming delivery, is quite hype but not super exciting. Zoey Dollaz Feature is fire, flows amazingly and changes it up a bunch, good rhymes and delivery throughout too. Good song

9. Me And My Friends (ft. Chance The Rapper) – Much more chill vibe than most, not much bass. Hook sounds amateurish but is oddly catchy. 10k verse sounds pretty average, nothing too exciting. Chance rides the beat real well but his delivery isn’t the best, good bars tho. Okay song

10. Overtime (ft. Sexton) – Strange but pleasant beat, good combination of synths. Sexton sounds great on the hook, is real catchy too. 10k’s verse is decent, much more melodic than usual, is a good change of pace. Flows are a bit messy at times and the bars are a little lame. Great outro from Sexton, felt like this song was her featuring 10k.Caash. Not bad but not great

Album Review

Overall I felt like Planet Swajjur was quite an average album, but was one that still slightly exceeded my expectations. Going into this I was expecting to only enjoy 1 or 2 songs enough to add them to a playlist, but with 4 songs being added I’m glad I ended up listening to this album.

Planet Swajjur was mainly what I was expecting; lots of hard hitting 808s and playful synths with 10k doing his hype screaming delivery, but what I didn’t expect was for 10k to show his versatility and experiment with his flows and delivery as much, and that’s one of the main things that impressed me on this. I was also quite impressed with some of the features, most notably Young Jordan on ‘Rocky Wrist’, Zoey Dollaz on ‘Spaceman Swajjur’ & Sexton on ‘Overtime’. The production overall wasn’t too spectacular, but was consistent enough that it didn’t bring the album down, and had a couple songs which changed things up enough that things didn’t get boring. I particularly love the guitar in ‘Hop Out’, but I also enjoy the oversaturation of thumping bass present throughout most of the other songs.

One of my main problems on this album was that songs often felt unfinished, and not just because they were so short but often it would sound like there was another verse coming and then it just ends abruptly, with the biggest offenders being ‘Crowd Roars’ & the Tisakorean assisted ‘She Gon Shake’. Although I liked some features, I thought others were average or plain bad, mainly Tisakorean & TyFontaine. And although I applaud 10k for experimenting a bit with his flows and delivery, I felt the end result was often lacking, such as on ‘Overtime’ where 10k attempts to be more melodic but instead comes across as amateur.

Overall this album is just 10k.Caash having fun whilst showing off a little bit of talent on the side, and the result is a fairly enjoyable and fun listen. Planet Swajjur is nothing incredible, but it brings something new to the table and at just 10 songs (most of them under 2 minutes) this is an absolute breeze to get through. If you’re unfamiliar with 10k.Caash I think this is a good place to start, he shows off lots of his signature sound while also mixing things up a little and experimenting, and if you enjoyed the more ‘hype’ side of this I’d recommend his ‘The Creator’ album as well.

Final Notes

You can stream Planet Swajjur on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Alternatively, listen for free on YouTube here!

‘Flip Flop’ Music Video

My favourite songs were Rocky Wrist, Wazzup, Hop Out & Spaceman Swajjur.

What were your favourite songs off Planet Swajjur?

Who would you like to see collaborate with 10k.Caash?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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