First Impressions: Yung Gravy & Bbno$ – Baby Gravy 2

Bbno$ First became interested in a career in rap after injuring his back in 2014, preventing him from pursuing his dream of becoming a professional swimmer. He started off producing and rapping with some friends in the group Broke Boy Gang, and after a few months touring together and making music the group split. He began his solo career as Bbnomula, releasing songs to Soundcloud in 2016.

Yung Gravy also began rapping in 2016, quitting his job to focus on self recording his own music after seeing the success of other rappers such as Lil Yachty. He released his first EP ‘Mr Clean’ at the tail end of 2016, followed by the ‘Thanksgiving Eve’ mixtape just a couple months after. He continued the grind in 2017, releasing his ‘Yung Gravity’ EP in April of that year, and then later that year linking up with Bbno$ for the first time.

Yung Gravy & Bbno$ came together in 2017, releasing their first collaborative mixtape together, titled ‘Baby Gravy’. The album received generally good reviews and did well to generate some extra buzz for each of the rappers. In the years following Baby Gravy each rapper has been steadily increasing their popularity, with Gravy going on to release his debut album ‘Sensational’ in 2019, and Bbno$ releasing 3 full albums throughout 2018 & 2019.

And that brings us up to now! On February 14th 2020 Yung Gravy and Bbno$ came together for their second collaborative project, Baby Gravy 2. The album contains 10 songs, 4 of which were released in the lead up to the album. The album contains features from Cuco, TrippythaKid & Spark Master Tape. Below I’m going to review the album in 2 parts, first will be my thoughts on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my opinion on the album as a whole. I’ll include links to stream the album, as well as some discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Bandsville – Beat is nice, great little synth and drums. Bbno$ doesn’t sound too good on this, delivery is lacking. Yung Gravy is a bit better, but still nothing special. Some funny bars. Average song

2. Justin Bieber Wrist – Bbno$ is pretty average again, his flow and delivery is just too lazy to be exciting. Yung Gravy is the better half again, an enjoyable delivery and the funnier bars of the two. Hook is pretty trash. Beat is pleasant again, isn’t bad but isn’t too special

3. Go Bananas (ft. Spark Master Tape) – Real funky beat, love the guitar. Gravy has some real funny bars. Bbno$ is a bit better on this one than the last couple, changes up his flow a bit more and his lazy delivery works better on this beat. Spark Master feature is amazing, flows great, has some solid rhymes and is easily the most exciting part of the song. Ends kind of suddenly, on the fence overall

4. Off The Goop (ft. Cuco) – Cuco Hook isn’t too enjoyable, the delivery is boring, although I don’t mind the inflection on the vocals at the end of each bar. Best Bbno$ performance so far, flows amazingly, has a more high energy delivery than usual, rhymes great and has some real funny bars. Gravy verse is nice too, but probably the weaker one for once. Has some real funny bars too, and flows well over the chill beat. Some enjoyable ‘bar for bar’ rapping for a bit towards the end, nice change up. Outro is ehh. On the fence about this one too

5. Gasoline, Pt. 2 (ft. Spark Master Tape) – yet another chill beat, nothing stands out though. Bbno$’s flow is real impressive in this, some great rhymes too, but the delivery isn’t the best. Gravy has some really funny bars again. As the song goes on I enjoy Bbno$ sections more, he changes up his flow a bunch with each one being enjoyable. Gravy is decent overall too, rides the beat well and has a solid amount of funny bars. Another super enjoyable feature from spark master, has some solid bars of his own and flows amazingly on this beat, much more chill flow than his first one. Song felt lacking, no real structure to it. On the fence

6. Welcome To Chili’s – Heard this when it dropped and loved it. Thoroughly enjoy the rapping from both rappers throughout the song, lots of enjoyable flows and funny bars. Hook is amazing, easily the best of the album so far. Also really enjoy the beat, has this Spanish kinda feel to it, stands out amongst the rest of the beats. Great song

7. Cadbury Creme (ft. TrippythaKid) – Don’t mind the little sung hook by Trippy, is short and sweet but catchy. Gravy has the usual funny bars, but I don’t enjoy his flow and delivery on this. Bbno$ is the stronger of the two on this, quote an enjoyable flow and delivery most the time. The Yung Gravy singing sounds bad. Beat is quite simple but quite exciting too, has these brass synths and strings that sound amazing together. Average song

8. iunno – Heard this on release too and enjoyed it I think, beat is infectious and the hook is pretty solid. Both Gravy and Bbno$ have some great little verses, the usual humour and an enjoyable delivery from both of them. Bbno$ is actually real good one this, impressive flows and bars. Good song overall

9. Myrtle Beach Summer 1974 – I enjoy the change of pace, has this real upbeat 70s pop vibe to it. Don’t really enjoy the vocals on this though unfortunately, the singing from each rapper is terrible, and the bars they have are lame and uninspired. Weird song, least favourite so far

10. Shining On My Ex – Heard this a few weeks ago too, thought it was decent. “Gettin PnB Rock type neck” haha some really funny bars on this, decent cows throughout too. Beat is quite exciting, varies between these haunting synths and 808’s and this more upbeat acoustic guitar led section. Hook is simple but real catchy. Good song overall

Album Review

Overall I felt like this album was quite average, and super disappointing for me personally. The thing that disappointed me most with Baby Gravy 2 is that the 3 songs I enjoyed the most were the 3 songs I had heard prior to listening to the album, and a majority of the other songs were either forgettable or just plain bad. This album certainly had highs and lows, but in the end it wasn’t the quality I was hoping for, the quality I was expecting, or the quality I think Yung Gravy & Bbno$ are capable of.

As I touched on, my favourite songs on this album were 3 which were released as singles. I think Welcome To Chili’s has the best hook and some of the best rapping on the project, I felt Shining On My Ex had one of the most exciting beats on the album, and ‘iunno’ is just a solid song all the way through, with an above average beat, hook, and rapping from each artist. The other highlight for me on Baby Gravy 2 was the two features from Spark Master Tape. I felt like he absolutely killed both of his features, with each one sounding different from the other to suit the beat at hand. I felt like Spark Master was the best part on each track he appears on, with other facets of the song dragging them down, but feel like after more listens I’ll end up enjoying both ‘Go Bananas’ & ‘Gasoline, Pt.2’.

There were a couple of things that I thought fell flat with this album, and that’s before I even Take expectations into consideration. Probably my main gripe was that it seemed like most songs contained either an enjoyable Gravy performance (Justin Bieber Wrist) Or an enjoyable Bbno$ performance (Cadbury Creme), but rarely did they both bring their A-game to a track. This inconsistency contributed towards me liking and disliking parts of most songs, and therefore not really enjoying many full tracks. The other main thing that stuck out to me as being average was the production overall, with most of the instrumentals being these simple, mellow beats with no standout moments, all blending together and being quite forgettable as a whole. And finally, I felt like this project was lacking catchy and enjoyable hooks for the most part, only having 2 or 3 out of 10 that I would call exciting, with a couple songs lacking hooks completely and a couple having plain bad hooks.

So in summary I feel like this album definitely could have been a lot better. Both Gravy and Bbno$ showed that they’re quite capable of delivering some great rapping, funny bars, and catchy hooks, they just didn’t showcase all these on the same track very often. With a couple of great tracks, a bunch of okay tracks, and only a couple of duds this album isn’t too bad really, and at a short and sweet 10 songs it’s a real breeze to get through. If you’re a big fan of either artist (or both) you’ll probably enjoy this, but if you’re like me and only enjoy each rapper at times, then I feel your opinion on the album could go either way.

Final Notes

You can stream Baby Gravy 2 on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘Welcome To Chili’s’ Music Video

‘iunno’ Music Video

‘Shining On My Ex’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were ‘Go Bananas’, ‘Welcome To Chili’s’, ‘iunno’ & ‘Shining On My Ex’.

What were your favourite songs from Baby Gravy 2?

How did you feel about the album overall?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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