First Impressions: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Artist 2.0

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is a 24 year old rapper from Highbridge, New York, who has been making waves since he started rapping back in 2015. For a more detailed description of A Boogie and his come up, check out this post I wrote recently, including a decently detailed introduction to A Boogie.

On 14th of February 2020 A Boogie released ‘Artist 2.0’, his third studio album and a follow up to his debut mixtape, the 2016 release ‘Artist’. The album contains 20 tracks and features from Young Thug, Gunna, Roddy Ricch, Lil Uzi Vert, Trap Manny, DaBaby, Summer Walker & Khalid. In preparation for the album A Boogie released three singles; Mood Swings in September, Reply in November, and King Of My City in January.

Below I’m going to review the album in 2 parts, first will be my informal and unedited notes on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the album and a couple discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Thug Love – Real pleasant guitar based beat. Hook is catchy and sounds great. Some interesting production choices that don’t work the best, like the awkward silence in the first verse. Some average bars mainly, nice flows and melodies though. Interesting song, good as an intro but on the fence overall.

2. Cinderella Story – Hook is pleasant again, but not too catchy. Some decent delivery but nothing too great, and the flows are pretty basic. Beat is quite minimalistic and doesn’t have much of a presence a lot of the time. Song is a bit boring at times. Just an okay song, ends well.

3. Me And My Guitar – unsurprisingly there’s this catchy little guitar melody which fades in and out at times, is decent overall though. A Boogie sounds more upset/angry on this, more exciting flows and deliveries throughout. Some real solid raps and some great flows. Love the harmonising he does with himself at times. Changes up his delivery a bunch. Hook sounds amazing and is real catchy too. Even enjoy his pitched up singing he does at times. Great little song.

4. Might Not Give Up (ft. Young Thug) – Another catchy little hook, fairly simple too though. Some more solid bars in this one, and more variation in the flows. Beat is quite simple but sets this real crisp mellow vibe to the track. Great feature from Thugger, has some enjoyable flows and bars, and even some impressive melodies of his own, all while gliding over the beat with ease. Great chemistry, great song.

5. Numbers (ft. Gunna & Roddy Ricch) – another catchy guitar based beat, has more of a Spanish feel this time though. A Boogie sounds decent, bars aren’t too special but he flows really nicely and his delivery is enjoyable. Transition to Roddy is great, and his verse is really solid too, great rhymes and he flows over the beat even better than A Boogie. Hook is long but quite enjoyable, amazing chemistry between Boogie and roddy. Fantastic transition to Gunna too, he flows effortlessly over the beat and meshes with Roddy & A Boogie perfect. All round great song.

6. Stain (ft. DaBaby) – Basic beat, thumping bass and some trap drums. Hook is really well delivered, sounds great and is quite catchy, will grow on me more I feel. A Boogie verse is kinda fire, but the flows aren’t too special. Great delivery and decent lyrics though. DaBaby doesn’t do anything too amazing but brings a good energy to the track. Changes up his flows quite a bit but the bars and delivery is the usual effort from DaBaby. Decent song overall.

7. Hit Em Up (ft. Trap Manny) – Another Track with this Spanish vibe thanks to the guitar. Hook is catchy but nothing too special beyond that. A Boogies verse has lots of variation in the flows and deliveries, has some really exciting moments and some quite average moments. Trap Manny has a super impressive feature, flows amazingly over the beat, has some solid lyrics and rhymes, and is a fantastic addition to the song. Hook grew on me by the end. Good song.

8. DTB 4 Life – yet another mellow guitar based beat, isn’t anything too special. A Boogie rides the beat amazingly but doesn’t really do anything too much to standout here. Hook is fairly catchy but nothing special or new. Flows are more 1 dimensional than most A Boogies Songs. Gets as bit more exciting in the second half with some interesting flows, but nothing to salvage this song.

9. Calm Down (Bittersweet) (ft. Summer Walker) – Not a big fan of Summers contribution to this, just find it more boring than enjoyable. A Boogie sounds amazing on this boy/girl r&b kinda vibe though. Beat is this basic r&b trap beat, not too special but suits the song. The second verse from A Boogie is fire, great change of flows, and solid lyrical content too. Hook is average, and whole song felt lacking, average overall.

10. Another Day Gone (ft. Khalid) – Another song which feels a bit ‘lacking’, the beat is similar to a lot of other ones on this album, the hook isn’t too catchy, and A Boogie himself has some pretty lame bars. Khalid sounds great on the hook and compliments A Boogies sound perfectly, but his hook just lacked excitement and catchiness. Mid song overall.

11. Good Girls Gone Bad – Another guitar based beat but this one has a different vibe than most, is enjoyable. Great bass too. A Boogies delivery on this is real solid, good use of vocal effects at times too. The flows are slow but deliberate and the bars hit real hard. Started really enjoying this then it ended. Is too short but a good song regardless.

12. Blood On My Denim – nice pleasant piano based beat for once. Some more really solid flows and bars from A Boogie on this one. Some great rap sections and some enjoyable melodic sections too. “Now I’m a trendsetter from my sweater to my hat” sounds amazing. Lots of variation in the delivery again. Hook is quite average but might grow on me. Beat is quite minimal at times so A Boogie shines. Good song.

13. R.O.D. – Real dreamy beat, has these beautiful synths and minimal drums. Delivery is majority melodic, doesn’t change up as much as most others so gets pretty stale quite quick. Nice little love song but is a bit boring. Flows and bars aren’t anything special, and delivery is nice but nothing new or impressive. Love the electric guitar that comes in at like 2:20. Hook is average, song overall is average.

14. Big Shit – more real pleasant synths on this, real atmospheric vibe to the instrumental. Hook is strange but is different than most which I like. A Boogie changes up his flows and deliveries quite a bit but nothing really stands out as good. As the song progressed I liked the hook less and the beat more. Boogie is average on this though, decent song

15. Right Back – Beat has this slightly distorted piano that gives like carnival vibes at times, is real nice though. A Boogies melodies on this are really nice, great use of backing vocals and harmonies too. Bars are quite basic throughout but A Boogie changes things up enough it stays fairly enjoyable. Hook is actually super good, is different than most but still real catchy. Some interesting woodwind instrumentation at the end, ends on a good note. Good song I think

16. Luv Is Art (ft. Lil Uzi Vert) – Lil Uzi sounds great on this, but the pitched up vocal section is a bit strange. Still, Uzi flows amazingly over the mellow guitar in the beat. Has some great bars and delivery throughout too, fantastic addition to the track. A Boogies first verse was nothing special but his second is much better, sounds great over the beat once it fades out and becomes more minimal. Song felt like it was lacking something, on the fence

17. King Of My City – Heard this when it dropped a week or 2 back and wasn’t really feeling it, sounds like a worse version of an A Boogie song I’ve heard before. This is the kinda song I think most people who aren’t too familiar with A Boogie would expect from him, it’s just fairly simple and showcases his rapping, his melodies, and his style of production without having anything exciting or creative to make it stand out. Basically a mediocre song all the way through, nothing bad but nothing great

18. Mood Swings – Heard this one ages ago and was on the fence about it, has quite a catchy little hook and this infectious guitar melody in the beat. Some solid flows here and there, and the lyrics are decent, the song just feels like it’s lacking something. The delivery seems a bit off sometimes, I feel like I might enjoy this if I kept listening to it, but I’ve tried it like 3 times now and always been on the fence

19. Reply (ft. Lil Uzi Vert) – Heard this a couple months ago, felt it was a decent song but not as good as Uzi & A Boogie could be. Still probably my favourite of the 3 ‘old songs’, some really enjoyable melodic flows from both rappers, and some solid bars here and there too. Great chemistry between the two, they just both sound so good on the beat and alongside each other. Love the structure of this too. Some beautiful singing from A Boogie and Uzi on the hook, good hook even though it’s a bit slow and not too catchy. Enjoyable song overall

20. Streets Don’t Love You – Beat is slow and mellow but has this quite eerie synth playing in the background throughout. Song is a bit slow, lyrics are nice but the delivery lacks any energy for the most part. Changes up eventually, some really solid flows and bars once the song gets going. Song is more impressive than it is enjoyable, lots of really nice emotional lyrics and delivery, and the flows change up quite a bit, but nothing really grabs you. Decent song, you’re average slow sad outro

Album Review

Overall I felt like this album was everything you would expect from A Boogie if you’ve been listening to him for the last few years. The album was too long, but had enough good songs that it didn’t really matter, there were some impressive melodies and emotion packed lyrics, there were some decent features, and there were some real catchy hooks. I felt like this was A Boogies least experimental and least creative work out of his last 3-4 projects, but in terms of overall consistency and enjoyability this is on a similar kind of level, where about half the songs were super enjoyable, and the other half were just average.

The album for the most part was at least enjoyable, with lots of great songs, bars, melodies and features scattered throughout. A Boogie has always been known as more of a melodic rapper, and this project is in no way short of pleasant and impressive melodic flows and singing, with almost every song having his melodies on display to some extent. He also did a great job at changing things up quite often in relation to his flows and deliveries, usually bouncing between a laid back rap flow and the more melodic ones, which helped the vocals to not get stale or boring too quick. I was also real impressed by the features enlisted for Artist 2.0, with some amazing performances on display from Young Thug, Roddy Ricch, Gunna, Lil Uzi and Trap Manny. The only features I thought were a little lacking were DaBaby and Summer Walker, but even in those cases I felt like each of them added to their respective tracks, they just didn’t do anything to spectacular. I could go through each of the tracks I enjoyed and list why I liked them, but really most of the lists would be the same; they’re all just generic, pleasant, but catchy and enjoyable bops with a lot of replay value, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up liking more tracks as there isn’t too much difference in sound between the songs I dislike and the ones I like.

I think my least favourite thing about Artist 2.0 was that it just felt inconsistent as a whole, and I think a big part of this was due to the structure. I definitely thought the first half was stronger than the second half, and to get to the end and hear 3 consecutive songs that I had heard before was a bit disappointing. I also felt like the second half needed more features; with the first half of the album having Young Thug, Gunna, Roddy Ricch, DaBaby, Summer Walker, Trap Manny & Khalid, whereas the second half has only Lil Uzi Vert. Just seemed like the whole thing was structured weird. I feel like if the latter half of the project had a couple more features, the 3 singles were labelled as Bonus Tracks, and ‘Good Girls Gone Bad’ was an interlude (it feels like it should be already), then this album would have been much more concise without much actually being changed. My other main gripe with the album was just that most of the production was very samey, with almost all songs on the album following the same formula of being a laid back guitar melody and a slow drum beat, all started to blend together after a few songs.

So all in all I think this was an enjoyable album, but was more of like a ‘grab bag’ kind of album where you listen through the whole thing once and pick out the songs you like, but then it’s a bit of a drag to sit through the whole thing again. I think with a couple of tweaks this album could have easily been great as opposed to good, but as it is it’s a little too long, bloated and inconsistent. But regardless, this album showcases the talent of A Boogie and has a little something for everyone.

Final Notes

You can stream the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘Mood Swings’ Music Video

‘King Of My City’ Music Video

My favourite songs were Me and My Guitar, Might Not Give Up, Numbers, Stain, Hit Em Up, Good Girls Gone Bad, Blood On My Denim, Right Back, & Reply.

What were your favourite songs from Artist 2.0?

What would you like to see from A Boogie on his next project?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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