Thursday Throwback Album Review: G-Eazy – Scary Nights Ep

Each Thursday I’m going to be going back and listening to one of the 40ish albums I missed at the end of 2019 (as a result of my computer dying). This Thursday I finally got around to listening to the most recent project from G-Eazy, titled ‘Scary Nights EP’.

G-Eazy is a 30 year old rapper from California who has been rapping since 2008. I wrote a semi detailed introduction to G-Eazy in my post here, so to familiarise yourself with him a bit more check out that post!

On October 18th 2019 G-Eazy released his Scary Nights EP, with a total of 8 tracks and features from Gunna, Moneybagg Yo, French Montana, Preme, Dex Lauper, Miguel & The Game. The EP peaked at number 27 and has received music videos for I Wanna Rock, K I D S, and Hittin’ Licks. Below I’m going to be doing a track by track review; which will be my informal and unedited notes on each song as I listened, and following that will be a slightly more formal review on the album as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the project and some discussion questions at the bottom. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Scary Nights – Beat is true to its name, quite a scary vibe with these distorted synths and thumping bass. Typical g-eazy bars, confident delivery, and great rhyme schemes. Hook is different but not too bad. Great flows in the second verse, and more solid bars. Love how the bass fades in and out. Hook gets better with each listen. Third verse is really solid too, more of the same, all enjoyable though. Long song (by today’s standards) but a real good one overall.

2. I Wanna Rock (ft. Gunna) – Another eerie beat with these real high pitched synths, this one has a more frantic, high tempo feel though. More impressive flows and confident delivery from g-eazy. Hook is a bit too repetitive for my liking. Gunna flows amazingly over the instrumental, changes up his flow and delivery more often then usual too. Actually a really solid Gunna feature all the way through. Good song with an average hook

3. Full Time Cappers (ft. Moneybagg Yo, French Montana & Ant Clemons) – Another fairly repetitive hook but French Montana’s delivery makes it quite catchy and enjoyable. G-Eazy is fire again, switches up his flows, has solid rhymes and bars, and just sounds really good on this. Definitely like the hook. Moneybagg kills this in the best way, hilarious bars, amazing flows throughout, and an even more confident and hungry delivery than G-Eazy. G-eazy’s second verse isn’t as great, flows are a bit basic and there are a couple of cringe bars here and there. Good but not great. Overall though a very enjoyable track

4. Big Ben (ft. Preme) – Preme goes so hard, delivery is hungry at times and emotion packed at others, sounds amazing over the beat. Beat is real atmospheric to begin with, eventually switches up to this trappy piano melody and rattling hi-hats. G-Eazy rides the beat with ease, lots of great bars again too. Enjoy the repetitive little hook. Really like G-Eazys last verse, his flow is super addictive and he has some real funny bars. Great track

5. K I D S (ft. Dex Lauper) – Much more chill beat, has like these pleasant, childish synths, sounds like whatever I imagine heaven sounds like. G-Eazy has a couple cringe bars but it’s forgivable because his delivery has this real nostalgic, emotional tone to it. Some good storytelling and decent bars. Hook is really nice, beautiful lyrics and enjoyable laid back flows from G-Eazy. The feature has a funny verse but I enjoy the contrast to G-Eazy’s vanilla voice. Dex has some real reminiscent and emotion packed lyrics too, lots of beautiful lyrics, and he flows over the mellow beat amazingly, great feature. Such a different song from the rest, but oddly enjoyable.

6. Hittin Licks – Hook isn’t anything too special but it’s delivered great and is quite catchy. Eazy has a more serious tone to his voice again, and lyrically it’s the albums love song. Beat has these haunting synths and a real good drum beat that is used sparingly throughout. The verses are super enjoyable overall, with G-Eazy’s sombre tone meshing with the beat perfectly, and his lyrics themselves being simple, but personal and relatable; and packed full of great rhyme schemes. Another great song.

7. Demons & Angels (ft. Miguel & The Game) – Hook is a little lame lyrically but has a really enjoyable rhyme scheme and flow to it. Another real nostalgic beat with these vocal samples and a simple boom bap drum beat. G-Eazy sounds quite serious yet again, and has lots of great emotion packed bars. Miguel Feature is a bit boring, sounded nice but it wasn’t memorable at all. The Game rides the beat amazingly, and matches G-Eazy with the emotion packed, story telling lyrics. Great flows and a really fitting delivery, enjoyable feature overall. Good song, but not great because of the Miguel feature. Song felt like G-Eazy trying to create a ‘Nothing Was The Same’ era drake song, but he couldn’t get Sampha so went with Miguel.

8. A Very Strange Time – Beat is kind of eerie with this distorted piano melody, but is strangely beautiful. Sounds kind of like a somber church organ song, but with trap drums. Eazy comes through again with some really nice, personal lyrics and an enjoyable flow. Delivery is great, sounds more vulnerable than he usually does. Hook is really different, has G-Eazy singing which is new to me. But the hook actually sounds really nice, has a great melody and lyrics, and is quite catchy too. Song drags on for like 30 seconds too long, but was quite an enjoyable track regardless

Album Review

Overall I was extremely surprised by how much I enjoyed this EP. I was expecting something above average, but nothing great outside of one or two tracks. What I got was 8 out of 8 tracks that were as good or better than what I was expecting the ‘high points’ of this album to be. If I were to rate this it’d probably be an 8.5-9/10, with every song being at least an 8 out of 10. I thought every beat was immaculate whilst also varying enough to keep things amazing, every feature came through with an impressive and thoroughly enjoyable performance, and G-Eazy himself was at his best for almost the entire duration of the project.

I’ll get my criticisms out of the way first since they’re very few in number, and minor criticisms at that. I felt like the Miguel feature wasn’t too exciting on first listen, it just wasn’t powerful or emotional enough to be compelling in any sense, and therefore was quite forgettable. On second listen I enjoyed it a little more but still feel it could have been better if someone else had handled it. And my only other real criticism is that I felt ‘A Very Strange Time’ was 30-60 seconds too long and would have been more enjoyable if it ended sooner; but even that is forgivable considering it is the outro. There are certain flows or bars G-Eazy uses at times that are basic or cringe, but they’re never prevalent enough to take away from the song. Other than these minor things (maybe 2 minutes of unenjoyable-ness total), I thought everything was far above average.

The production first and foremost was incredible, with everything sounding so crisp and clean, and the instrumentals themselves doing a fantastic job at setting the vibe for the track; whether it be the eerie synths used to create this haunting feeling on ‘Scary Nights’, or the pleasant, nursery-rhyme like synths used on ‘K I D S’ to give off this calming nostalgic vibe. The drums are perfect in every track and each instrumental has something that makes it stand out from the rest. The feature artists throughout Scary Nights were super impressive, with just about every single one adding to the overall enjoyability of their respective tracks with a solid performance. French Montana provided one of his signature catchy hooks for the song ‘Full Time Cappers’, which also features one of my favourite feature verses ever from Moneybagg Yo. Both Gunna and The Game delivered some of their best feature performances of the last couple of years with fire verses on ‘I Wanna Rock’ and ‘Demons & Angels’ respectively. And even Preme; who I’m only familiar with from a couple of song, and Dex Lauper; who I’ve never heard of in my life, both had ridiculously impressive features that matched and possible even outshone G-Eazy.

So even before I touch on G-Eazy’s contribution it’s already a great album, but G-Eazy himself was almost always enjoyable with his performances throughout this album. There were some things that were consistently great throughout the album, with one being G-Eazy’s rhyme schemes and another being the hooks. Every single hook on this album is well crafted, impressive in some sense, and overall catchy, and yet they all sound quite different from one another. Whether it be G-Eazy’s somber and nonchalant rap delivery on ‘Hittin Licks’, or his surprisingly beautiful singing on the hook of ‘What A Strange Time’, it sounds amazing and has this crazy catchiness to it. His lyrics can be a touch generic or even lame at times, but it’s quite rare and for the most part his bars are smart and well crafted, sometimes with humour and relatable pop culture references, and sometimes packed full of personal stories and emotion. He starts off the album with some more typical G-Eazy lyrics, boasting about the things he owns and the fact he will probably fuck your bitch, which is evident on the album’s first 3 or 4 tracks. But as the album progresses he starts to get more personal, reminiscing on good times on the song ‘K I D S’, and even delivering an amazing love song in ‘Hittin Licks’. His flows and delivery throughout the album is always on point and he switches it up to match the lyrical content and vibe set by the beat whenever needed. So in summary G-Eazy does an impeccable job at making his album as good as it can be.

This album was fun at times, emotional at others, but was enjoyable all the way through, and would probably be in my top 20 and maybe even top 10 of 2019. I’d highly recommend this to any G-Eazy fan who has been sleeping, or anyone else looking to get into someone who is bound to release more quality content in the years to come. With great beats, lyrics, hooks & features there’s really not much to fault on the Scary Nights EP, and I’d love to hear what you thought about it!

Final Notes

You can stream the Scary Nights EP on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘I Wanna Rock’ Music Video

‘K I D S’ Music Video

‘Hittin Licks’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were honestly all of them except the one with Miguel, but even that one was a really good song.

What were your favourite songs on Scary Nights?

Who do you think the standout features were on the project?

How would you rate this in comparison to prior G-Eazy projects?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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