First Impressions: Trippie Redd – A Love Letter To You 4 (Deluxe)

An Intro To Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd is a 20 year old rapper from Canton, Ohio, who has been steadily grinding his way to the top since he emerged onto the scene almost 6 years ago. Trippie began taking rap seriously back in 2014 with the release of his first couple of singles, but it wasn’t until he started moving around; first to Atlanta and then to Los Angeles, that he began to make waves. In 2016 Trippie linked up with rapper Lil Wop to get access to a recording studio, and that year alone he released 3 EP’s, with none of them really getting any attention. 2017 was an even bigger year, with Trippie releasing another 3 EP’s as well as his debut mixtape ‘A Love Letter To You’ In May. The mixtape features his first hit in ‘Love Scars’, and Trippie capitalised on that momentum by releasing his second mixtape in October of the same year, debuting at number 34. Trippie closed out 2017 with his biggest hit yet, the Travis Scott assisted ‘Dark Knight Gummo’, which became Trippies first Billboard 100 entry as a solo artist.

2018 saw Trippie continue the grind, releasing another EP in July, and the third instalment of his ‘A Love Letter To You’ mixtape series in November. His most notable release of the year however was his debut album ‘Life’s A Trip’, released in August. Spearheaded by the lead single ‘Dark Knight Gummo’ as well as 3 other singles, the album debuted at 4 on the Billboard 200, his most successful release yet. Trippie started 2019 with a mixtape composed of old recordings, titled ‘Old Self’, and following that he released 2 singles in the lead up to his second album; Under Enemy Arms & Mac 10. His second album titled ‘!’ came out in August, and despite receiving mixed reviews it debuted at number 3. Finally, to wrap up 2019 Trippie Redd released the fourth instalment of his ‘A Love Letter To You’ mixtape series, which released in November and debuted at number 1, Trippie’s highest charting release yet.

And that brings us to today’s topic! On 21st of February 2020 Trippie released the deluxe edition of his most recent mixtape ‘A Love Letter To You 4’. The deluxe edition gives us 8 new tracks, with features from Chance The Rapper, Russ, Young Thug, Lil Tecca, G Herbo, Lil Durk & SahBabii. Below I’m going to be posting by track by track observations, followed by a review of the album as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the album and some discussion questions at the bottom. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. I Love You (ft. Chance The Rapper) – Enjoy the chill beat, nice guitar throughout. Hook is okay, melodies are nice, but is a little too repetitive for my liking. Trippies verse is decent, some real emotion packed delivery. Chances verse is decent too, solid rhyme schemes and bars but he just uses the one basic flow all the way. Song drags on too much. Song overall is quite boring, it’s nice but doesn’t really go anywhere musically.

2. The Way (ft. Russ) – Real old school vibes, nice slow drum beat and minimalistic bass. Some really pleasant and enjoyable singing from Trippie on this one. Amazing emotion packed delivery again, lyrics are basic but personal and delivered well. The transition to Russ is real nice, and Russ actually fits this song perfectly, flows over the beat with ease, has a really somber and smooth delivery, and has some great lyrics. Hook is a bit repetitive again but much more catchy, enjoy this one. Another song that drags on way too much. Good song overall, but should be a minute shorter.

3. YELL OH (ft. Young Thug) – Heard this on release and am a big fan. I think the first 30 seconds are pointless, but rest of the song is fire. Catchy hook, good verse by Trippie, and a thoroughly enjoyable feature from Young Thug. Real good song overall but could easily be better with a better start.

4. How I Was Raised (ft. Lil Tecca) – Beat is quite atmospheric with these subtle little synths that are a real pleasant touch alongside the trappy drums. Some decent rapping from Trippie on his verse. Hook is probably my favourite so far, is super catchy and delivered amazingly by Trippie. Lil Tecca feature ruined the track, seemed fire but the mixing on it was unpleasant, sounded like muffled or too loud or something. On the fence about this one

5. OTF KNIGHTMARE (ft. G Herbo & Lil Durk) – Pointless start again, and hook is way too repetitive and not very enjoyable at all. Not a fan of Trippies yelling-like flow on this, sounds like comethazine or something, just doesn’t sound too pleasant. Lil Durk feature is decent, sounds like an above average Chief Keef Feature. G Herbo flows surprisingly well on this, rides the beat much better than usual, has some solid bars too. All the verses were too short, and the chorus sucked, not a fan of this song

6. Even Steven – Takes 25 seconds too long to start (again smh). Starts off pretty boring, but Trippie picks up the pace and energy fairly quickly, gets quite exciting at some parts. Some useless reputation at parts, and some parts that’s just aren’t exciting. Hook is okay. Song is just okay overall, is kinda all over the place.

7. Amazing (ft. SahBabii) – Real pleasant little hook, sounds nice and is repetitious. Enjoy Trippies verse too, lots of enjoyable flows and deliveries, and the bars are basic but are decent too. Don’t enjoy the repetition at the start of SahBabii’s verse. Whole feature is actually average, not a fan at all. Average song overall unfortunately

8. Koi – Beat is real minimalistic, super pleasant guitar riff that I love. Much more singing than rapping, it sounds nice but is nothing new. Lyrics and delivery are emotion packed throughout the song. Whole song is nice but a little boring and forgettable, reminds me of an XXXTentacion kinda song

Album Review

Overall I have a bit of a weird stance on this ‘album’. I feel like overall it’s a pretty average collection of tracks in terms of quality, but I feel that’s forgivable considering these are the deluxe edition bonus tracks, leading me to believe these were the songs that weren’t good enough to make the standard edition. Where my weird stance comes in is that I haven’t actually heard the standard edition of ALLTY4, so I don’t know if these songs are in fact a lower quality than those that made the cut originally. Anywho, I felt this album had high points, and some enjoyable songs, but as a whole it was quite mediocre with most songs having something that could be improved.

My first criticism is more of a personal preference thing, but I really felt like some of these songs were considerably longer than they needed to be. At times it felt like Trippie through something pointless at the start of a song or dragged on the end of a song just to make the song longer for no real reason. This was most apparent on songs such as ‘YELL OH’ which has 30 seconds at the start that is unneeded, and ‘The Way’, which as an amazing track but has nothing new or exciting in the final minute, just repetition of what we have already heard. I also felt like some of the features on this were pretty average; Lil Tecca sounded like he was too close to the mic on ‘How I Was Raised’, delivering a poorly mastered, generic feature verse that added nothing; and I honestly thought SahBabii was trash for the duration of his feature on ‘Amazing’, probably the worst part of the album. Chance The Rapper, G Herbo & Lil Durk were all suitable fits for their respective tracks, but all of them delivered a fairly average verse with no standout moments. Trippie himself was also average at times, but not too often which was a relief. I personally didn’t enjoy his screaming delivery on ‘OTF KNIGHTMARE’, I thought ‘Even Steven’ had high points but was messy as a whole, and I found ‘Koi’ to be quite boring for its entirety. Other than that though Trippie was quite enjoyable on this!

Trippie didn’t do anything too different from what he has been doing for years, with his signature melodies on display all throughout these tracks, and some solid rapping and emotive lyrics scattered throughout. Fortunately lots of these tracks showcases Trippie at his best, which was most apparent on the enjoyable and catchy hooks. Despite not liking either song, I absolutely loved the hooks delivered by Trippie on both ‘How I Was Raised’ & ‘Amazing’, with both showcasing his catchy melodies and his amazing vocal range. I also loved the hook on ‘YELL OH’ which shows Trippies rapping abilities more so, and the repetitive but super catchy on the Russ assisted song ‘The Way’. On that note, some of the features on this project did a fantastic job, with my favourite probably being Russ, but I also loved Young Thugs feature on YELL OH. The production throughout the album is consistently clean and crisp, with most beats being different enough that they don’t all blend together, but none of them being overall spectacular. Regardless of that, there was a good variety of instrumentals here and none of them are bad, often setting the tone for the song perfectly.

So in summary this is just as good as you’d expect a collection of deluxe edition tracks to be; there’s some good songs, some catchy hooks, and some quality features, but nothing too amazing throughout the album. If you’re a Trippie fan I can imagine you’d be a fan of at least some of this, is quite similar to his regular output. And if you’re looking to get into Trippie Redd this probably isn’t the best place to start, I’d recommend either his ‘Life’s A Trip’ album or any of the earlier instalments of the ‘ALLTY’ series. Nothing too bad, but nothing too memorable.

Final Notes

You can stream the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free you Youtube here!

My favourite songs were ‘The Way’ & ‘YELL OH’.

What were your favourite songs from the deluxe version of ALLTY4?

Do you think any of these song should have been on the original release?

Thanks for reading!

– Shan –

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