First Impressions: Kodie Shane – BLOOMING, VOL. 1 EP

An Intro To Kodie Shane

Kodie Shane is a 21 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, who burst on to the scene as the only female member of Lil Yachty’s Sailing Club crew back in 2016. Kodie has been rapping since about 2014, but it wasn’t until she became friends with fellow rapper Lil Yachty that she started to gain a bit of buzz. She released here first mixtape ‘2060’ in March of 2016, and followed that up with her debut EP ‘Little Rocket’ In June of that same year. Following these releases Kodie signed to Epic Records, and in December of 2016 she released her EP ‘Zero Gravity’, led by the Lil Yachty assisted single ‘Sad’.

Kodie has continued to grind over the last few years, with mixed levels of success. In 2017 she dropped her ‘Back From The Future’ album, as well as her ‘Big Trouble In Little Jupiter’ album. 2018 saw her drop her ‘Young HeartThrob’ album, and then in 2019 she dropped her ‘Stay Tuned’ EP as well as a collaborative album with Rosco P titled ‘N.R.G.’.

And that brings us up to now! On 21st of February 2020 Kodie Shane dropped her ‘BLOOMING, VOL. 1 – EP’, boasting 6 tracks and a single feature from Trippie Redd. The project was preceded by 2 singles, ‘2 MANY’ in late 2019, and ‘NO RAP KAP’ in January. Below I’m going to review the album in 2 parts, first will be a bit of an informal track by track analysis, and following that will be my thoughts on the projects as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the project and some discussion questions at the bottom. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. NO RAP KAP (ft. Trippie Redd) – Have been bumping this since it dropped in January, great song. Trippie’s Hook is amazing, the delivery is enjoyable and the repetition is catchy enough it’s forgivable. Kodies verse is super solid, lots of great bars and the flows are enjoyable. Great rhyme schemes and delivery too. Love Kodies background singing during the hook. Really enjoy Trippies verse too, ironically it’s as good or better than every verse he spits on the deluxe version of his mixtape o listened to yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyable song all the way through.

2. NOT TONIGHT – Beat is simple but calming and atmospheric, is nice. Kodie flows great over the beat and her delivery and rhyme schemes are enjoyable. Kodies singing is pleasant on the hook, but overall it’s not a very exciting hook. Second verse is great too, more exciting flows and delivery. Enjoyed the hook a bit more second time around, just really fits the atmospheric vibe well. Good song, on the fence a bit though.

3. TEST ME – Kodie changes up her flow and delivery a bunch in the first verse, really enjoy it all, lots of solid bars and rhymes too. Beat is kinda poppy but has this really addictive bass. Hook sounds nice and has some good bars but isn’t too catchy. Song drags on a little at the end. Decent song but nothing special.

4. TIMING – Slightly eerie guitar melody, sets this real dark, haunting tone. Distorted bass and strange synths give it this 808’s & Heartbreak vibe at times. Beat changes up to this much more pleasant guitar and drum beat which is a nice contrast. Kodies singing throughout both parts is really impressive, some great melodies. The rapping section is amazing too, good range of delivery and lots of enjoyable flows. The singing at the end is great too, the rapping reminds be a bit of Tierra Whack. Great song, such a vibe.

5. 2 MANY – I’ve heard this one, this is probably the one that has the most potential to blow up, super catchy hook, fairly simple flows and delivery on the verses, and just an all round enjoyable track. Super simple beat but it’s not bad. Personally, love the hook, enjoy the variety of deliveries on display in the verses, and think it’s an above average song all round.

6. BLOOMING – Another super vibey atmospheric beat, has this hypnotic synth throughout. Subtle little hook but I love the melody on it, catch little rhyme scheme too. Kodie glides over the best with ease, solid flows and a real clear delivery with some great emotional bars. Short song, but works great as an outro, good song overall.

Album Review

Overall I felt this album was an enjoyable little listen, with the project as a whole being above average in terms of quality but not as strong as some of her past projects such as her Young HeartThrob album from 2018. With only 6 songs and 1 feature I felt like this was basically just a sampler of what Kodie Shane has to offer, with the project containing a good mix of rapping and singing over primarily mellow and atmospheric production.

As mentioned the production on this project was real mellow, and despite the fact that I don’t think anything stood out as being amazing, the production as a whole was real enjoyable. Although each beat sounded different from the next, there was a great consistency in the overall feel of the production on each track, always setting the spacey atmospheric vibe which compliments Kodie perfectly. Kodie herself was great on this, and although there wasn’t as many highs as previous projects I felt that her performances were consistently enjoyable throughout the project. Kodie also showed off her versatility well on here, with some beautiful singing on songs such as ‘TIMING’, and some impressive raps on songs such as ‘NO RAP KAP’. She displayed a wide range of enjoyable deliveries and flows throughout the project too, often dropping solid bars and rhymes as well. All in all though Kodie did a great job, with her only real downfall being a couple of hooks which weren’t as exciting or catchy as I would hope, namely ‘TEST ME’ & NOT TONIGHT’. This project only had the one feature in Trippie Redd, who delivered both an amazingly catchy hook and a seriously impressive rap verse. Although I would’ve liked more features, I can’t complain considering 100% of features on here have a solid performance.

So in summary this was easy to listen to and quite enjoyable, with some great songs and moments scattered throughout. The project has an awesome chill vibe for its duration, and Kodie showcases both her impressive melodies and her skills as a rapper too. If you’re looking to add more female rappers to your repertoire and are unfamiliar with Kodie I seriously urge you to check her out; she brings something new to the scene and stands out against her contemporaries. Alternatively if you like Trippie Redd’s sound and want someone else in that lane, check Kodie out, I feel like her music often has a similar vibe to Trippies which Is rare regardless, but the fact that she is female and kills that sound so well is even more unique and impressive. And finally, if you liked this project I urge you to listen to some of her past projects, lots of gems among them.

Final Notes

You can stream the EP on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘NO RAP KAP’ Music Video

My favourite songs were NO RAP KAP, TIMING, 2 MANY. & BLOOMING .

What were your favourite songs on this EP?

How would you compare this to past Kodie projects?

Who would you have liked to have seen feature on this project!

Thanks for reading!

– Shan –

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