First Impressions: Lil Gotit – Superstar Creature

An Intro To Lil Gotit

Lil Gotit is a 20 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, who started to come in around 2017 when he and his brother Lil Keed started taking Music more seriously after the passing of a fellow rapper and friend. The pair recorded and released multiple songs together at the tail end of 2017 and the start of 2018 before starting to branch out more as solo artists. 2018 was the start of the rise for Lil Gotit, snagging some big collaborations with artists such as Gunna & Lil Uzi, before eventually dropping his debut album ‘Hood Baby’ In November of 2018.

2019 though was easily Lil Gotit’s best year yet, starting with the release of his second album ‘Crazy But Its True’ in March. Over the few months following the album Lik Gotit dropped a bunch of singles, music videos and features, most notably his Lil Baby assisted remix of his song ‘Da Real Hoodbabies’. In September of that same year, Gotit dropped his ‘The Real Goat’ mixtape, and followed that up with another string of singles, videos and features, before dropping his final project of the year ‘Hood Fifty’, a collaborative mixtape with producer 10Fifty.

And that pretty much brings us up to now! On 21st February 2020 Lil Gotit dropped his new mixtape ‘Superstar Creature’, offering us 12 tracks and only 3 features from Young Nudy, Polo G & Slimelife Shawty. Below I’m going to review the album in 2 Main parts, first will be my opinions on each track as I listed through, and following that will be my views on the album as a whole. I’ll include some streaming links and discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Slime Hood (ft. Slimelife Shawty) – Real pleasant guitar synth and thumping bass sounds great. Slimelife sounds great on this, real coherent and flows real well. His hook is catchy too, love the flow of it and the rhyme scheme is great. Lil Gotit is decent too, matches Slimelife well with some solid flows and bars. Above average song, think I’m a fan

2. Argentina – Another Real pleasant beat, More great bass too. Another catchy hook that flows really well. Gotit is a bit hard to understand at times in the verse, but the bars are solid for the most part and his flow is really enjoyable throughout, changes up a bunch. Short but sweet song, good track overall.

3. Bet Up – Heard this when it dropped a couple weeks back and am a big fan. Addictive guitar twang in the instrumental, hook is repetitive but super catchy and well delivered, and the verses are solid all the way through, lots of great flows on display. Real good song

4. Vibes – Super addictive delivery from Gotit, Real encapsulating and the flows are great too. Sounds fantastic over this foreboding atmospheric instrumental. Hook is mad catchy, more thoroughly enjoyable flows and delivery from Gotit. This song is a real vibe, has a much more somber vibe than the rest. Great track

5. Represent – another amazing guitar based beat with this super pleasant guitar melody, mellow vibes overall. Start of the hook is great but gets a bit repetitive which isn’t too bad, sounds great over the guitar. Hook actually hits real hard, I’m a fan. Gotit’s flow on the verses is pretty basic for the most part, but the delivery is solid and the rhymes are as good as ever. Great hook and beat, average verses, song overall felt a bit lacking, so I’m on the fence

6. Percocet – probably my least favourite hook so far, isn’t exactly bad but isn’t too exciting at all. Beat is quite eerie, is real good though, love the high pitch vocal sample. Some quality bars and more solid flows on display on the verses, changes it up a bunch again. Song has some really enjoyable parts and some real average parts. Average song

7. No Worries (ft. Young Nudy) – Beat is kinda calming but kinda haunting, sounds like a distorted music box. Really enjoy Lil Gotit’s verse, has a bunch of solid bars, some great flows and some much more hungry delivery than usual. Quite an enjoyable hook, Gotits singing is surprisingly good. Nudy meshes well with Gotit, great little feature verse with an equally impressive delivery as Gotit, and some solid flows and bars too, verse is a little too short though. Good song overall

8. Stranger – ooh enjoy the strange distorted flute like synth. Beat is a bit grating at times, has this almost constant synth that sounds like a loud construction site. Other than that I really enjoy it. More solid rhymes and bars from Gotit, flows super well at times too, and delivery is consistently enjoyable. Beat gets more tolerable as it goes on, probably because Gotit rides it excellently. Another great hook, really enjoy Gotit’s delivery throughout it. Good song once you get use to the beat

9. Wipe Em Down – Another guitar based beat but this one isn’t as intriguing as the others, lacks good bass. Probably my least favourite hook so far, is repetitive without being too catchy or enjoyable. Verse is pretty average too, flows are solid but the delivery is a bit 1 dimensional, and no real standout bars or moments. Hook grows on you but is still my least fave, and the rest of the song is ehh. Average song overall

10. Free Melly (ft. Polo G) – Yet Another guitar based beat, but real different vibe on this, has this calming electric guitar and these chaotic drums and horns, is okay but isn’t too special. Don’t enjoy the hook again, sounds busy and chaotic without being too exciting or catchy. Changes up his flows a bunch on his verse, and delivery is decent throughout but a little grating at times, vocals just sound a bit messy or something. Polo G isn’t anything too special on this, his delivery and flows are decent but quite basic, and lyrically it’s nothing special, sounds like a sub par Roddy Ricch verse. I enjoy the vibe of this one, but overall another average song, quite forgettable

11. Freak Bitches – Enjoy the minimalistic best on this, the subtle synths and trappy drums are a good mix. Gotit is back to his real addictive delivery, flows with ease over the beat. Changes up his flows a lot again, sounds real sad and reflective at times. Hook is a little basic, just has the one flow and delivery for the first half, but picks up in the second half, is a decent hook overall. Second verse is another fairly retrospective sounding verse with some personal bars and this slow deliberate flow and delivery. Gets a little stale at times. Okay song, on the fence about this one

12. G.I. Joe – Probably the most ‘Lil Gotit’ like beat so far, trappy drums, great thumping bass, and these enjoyable little synth melodies. Love the flow of the hook, great delivery throughout and just sounds real good. Verses are real solid too, more really enjoyable delivery and a great range of impressive flows. Some great bars too. Love how Gotit starts off the verses with a slower more melodic flow, but picks up the pace as the verses progress. Whole song is just fun and enjoyable, good song overall.

Album Review

Overall I thought this was a very enjoyable listen and was certainly better than I was expecting, definitely my favourite project of his last 3 solo projects. Apart from having great hooks, fun flows and impressive features throughout, the main thing that sets this project apart from ‘The Real Goat’ & ‘Crazy But It’s True’ is just the overall consistency and cohesion. Each of those projects had a bunch of sonically different sounds and producers amongst the production, so I think having one producer for the duration of this project; the amazing ‘London On Da Track’, worked extremely well in his favour. Combine that with the fact this is only 12 tracks (in comparison to 18 & 16 on his last 2 projects) just makes it feel like Gotit was much smarter in the way he handled this project.

I’m going to start off with the production, which I mentioned above have the album a great cohesion, but the production on the songs themselves is actually super enjoyable. Almost every beat is crafted perfectly, with the drums and bass mixed well in a way that they don’t drown out Lil Gotit in anyway (which was a problem with some past songs). Everything sounded crisp and just much more professional than I’m used to from Gotit. I loved the distorted flute like synth used on ‘Stranger’, enjoyed the vibe set by the Spanish-like guitar on ‘Argentina’, and think that the little guitar twang on ‘Bet Up’ is one of the most addictive guitar melodies of the last couple of years. My favourite beat overall though is probably on ‘Vibes’ which has this spacey atmospheric synth melody that’s almost hypnotic in a sense, sets this amazing vibe (ironically?) that I just adore, fantastic song. So yeah, the production on this thing is great, with lots of standout moments and this overall crisp sound. My only criticism is that some of the beats blend together a little too well at times, with a couple of the instrumentals sounding quite similar to another.

Amazing production aside, this project is as great as it is because of Lil Gotit himself. He consistently brings this great energy, flowing with ease over almost every beat, spitting a whole range of flows throughout the project, and delivering almost all of the mixtapes catchy hooks. On the topic of hooks, this thing has a lot of impressive hooks, both in terms of their enjoyability and catchiness. Despite the repetition I think the hook on ‘Bet Up’ is one of the best on the mixtape with this strange delivery from Gotit and some assistance from the amazing beat; ‘Vibes’ is just that in every way, with hook flowing amazing well with this addictive melody floating over the atmospheric beat; And I’m a big fan of the drowned out singing on the chorus of ‘No Worries’.

His hooks aren’t his only strength though, with a bunch of enjoyable and impressive verses scattered throughout the mixtape. My personal favourites were his verses on the closing track ‘G.I. Joe’ which has him start of the verses with a slower melodic flow and switch it up to a more upbeat flow as the verses progress; and ‘Vibes’ which has him just absolutely vibe his way through the verses, gliding seamlessly over the instrumental with a flow that sometimes reminiscent of Gunna and sometimes more similar to Young Thug. Overall though Lil Gotit was very strong throughout a majority of this project.

Finally just wanted to touch on the features, which I think were well utilised throughout the project. I think Polo G was decent on ‘Free Melly’, but was nothing too special. Young Nudy has a great feature on ‘No Worries’, going toe-to-toe with Lil Gotit by delivering an equally enjoyable verse, and showcasing the amazing chemistry the two have. And perhaps the only feature to outshine Lil Gotit, Slimeball Shawty had a super good feature on Slime Hood, delivering both a catchy hook and a great verse, making the song feel more like him ft. Gotit. Overall I’m usually one to want more features, but I think Lil Gotit was solid enough on this to carry the project himself, so the choice of only having 3 features was a good one.

So in summary this is an extremely enjoyable listen almost all the way through, and I would say the best entry point for anyone looking to get into Lil Gotit. With consistently great production, a plethora of great hooks, and an above average performance from Gotit all the way through this album was a pleasure to listen to. I thoroughly enjoyed 7 of 12 songs, and am on the fence about another 3, making this one of the better mixtapes of the year. If you’re looking for someone new to add to your radar, check this out, I’m sure there’s going to be more great music from Lil Gotit in the future!

Final Notes

You can stream Superstar Creature on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or check it out for free on YouTube here!

‘Bet Up’ Music Vudeo

‘Free Melly’ Music Video

My favourite songs were Slime Hood, Argentina, Bet Up, Vibes, No Worries, Stranger, & G.I. Joe.

What were your favourite tracks on The mixtape?

Do you think Superstar Creature is as good as his output in 2019?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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