First Impressions: Young Nudy – Anyways

An Intro To Young Nudy

Young Nudy is a 27 year old rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, who is best known for his string of mixtapes over the last 5 years as well as the fact he is cousins with rapper 21 Savage. Young Nudy got his first taste of the spotlight in 2015 when he appeared on the 21 Savage song ‘Air It Out’, and it was after this success that he decided to peruse a career in rap. Later that he he linked up with Kourtney Money to release the collaborative mixtape ‘Paradise 2 East Atlanta’. The project generated enough buzz for Nudy that he linked up with producer Pi’erre Bourne, who would eventually be a key part of Nudy’s signature sound.

In 2016 Nudy released his ‘Slimeball’ mixtape, with no features and production handles mainly by Pi’erre Bourne. The mixtape received a lot of attention both on Soundcloud and Youtube, and Nudy used that momentum to grind out a sequel ‘Slimeball 2’ which released in February of 2017. The mixtape had features from artists such as 21 Savage & Juicy J, and with the help of the 21 Savage assisted lead single ‘EA’ went on to be another success, further increasing Young Nudy’s buzz. Later on in 2017 Nudy released his mixtape ‘Nudy Land’, with features from artists such as Offset & Lil Yachty, it was yet another success which brought in even more fans, garnering millions of streams on various platforms. Nudy continued to ride the wave into 2018, and in August of 2018 he released the third and final instalment of his mixtape series ‘Slimeball 3’. The mixtape was Nudy’s most successful thus far and his first to chart, peaking at 146 on the Billboard 200.

Nudy started off 2019 by releasing a surprise mixtape titled ‘Faded in The Booth’ in April, although the mixtape wasn’t put on streaming services until August. Following that, Young Nudy linked up once again with Pi’erre Bourne for the collaborative mixtape ‘Sli’merre’, which releases in May of 2019. Sli’merre peaked at 63 and is Young Nudy’s most successful project to date. In July of 2019 Nudy was featured twice on the hugely successful ‘Revenge Of The Dreamers 3’ collaboration album by the Dreamville label; with one of them being ‘Sunset’ alongside rappers J. Cole & DaBaby.

And that brings us up to date! On 26th of February 2020 Young Nudy released his debut studio album ‘Anyways’. The album contains 16 tracks and no features, and was preceded by only one single in ‘No Go’. Below I’m going to be writing up my review in 2 parts, first will be my observations on each track as I listened, and then following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include some discussion questions and links to stream the album at the bottom. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Understanding – solid beat, hard hitting drums and majestic instrumentation. Don’t like how it starts then fades out to this talking part, bad change of pace. Nudy flows well for the most part, some great rhymes too. Delivery is real pleasant at times too, some slightly melodic parts that sounds real nice. Song has standout bad parts but no standout good parts, it’s just decent most the way through. Average song overall

2. No Go – Have Heard this a bunch since it dropped in January, and am a big fan. Takes a bit too long to get going, but once it does it’s fire til the end. Some real catchy flows, great rhymes and solid bars throughout. Nudy just glides over the beat with such ease that it’s hard not to enjoy. Long hook but I really like it. Great song

3. Blue Cheese Salad – Interesting Beat, Real strange synth, isn’t too amazing but is real captivating. More laid back flow on this one, but Nudy picks up the pace fairly quickly, lots of enjoyable flows in the first verse. Decent enjoyable throughout too. Second verse is solid too, more impressive flows, and more great bars here and there. Hook is a slower pace than the verses, but flows well and sounds nice, isn’t a great hook but isn’t bad. Instrumental definitely draws you in and Nudy is strong enough to keep you interested for the duration of the song. Good song

4. GTA Lifestyle – More Real pleasant synth melodies and thumping bass. Another real captivating beat. Nudy doesn’t change up his flow much but it’s still really solid, consistently keeps up this fast paced flow and enjoyable delivery, packed with more great rhymes. Hook is okay, but isn’t much different from the verse, not too catchy and has the same flow as the rest of the songs. Second verse has a wider range of flows, enjoy the little sections where the beat fades out to almost nothing. Super addictive flow, sounds great and goes with the beat wonderfully. Real solid verse. Hook grew on me a little, just such a consistently enjoyable flow with some great rhyme schemes too. On the fence about this one

5. A Nudy Story – More great synths, much more mellow vibe in this one though. First 20 seconds is nothing special. Different hook than usual, much more melodic but the melodies themselves are real nice, and Nudy’s more laid back flow sounds great. Nudy rides the best amazingly on the verses again, enjoyable laid back flow and delivery with some good bars and rhymes throughout. Second verse isn’t as good as the first, has a good range of flows and a decent delivery mostly, but gets a little boring at times. Beat isn’t as intriguing as the rest, lacks excitement. Average song overall

6. Deeper Than Rap – Song starts great, love when the vocals and the bass make their entrance at the same time. Super enjoyable flow on the hook, real solid rhyme schemes too, great hook overall. Beat has this super chill hypnotic vibe to it, great synths. Nudy rides the beat amazingly again with this high energy flow, and changes his flow up a bunch throughout, always brings the heat though. Second verse is thoroughly enjoyable too, Nudy doesn’t change up his flow too much but his delivery and flows are on point again, with some real solid bars and the usual display of impressive rhymes. Hook is definitely one of the best so far. Real good song

7. Cap Dem – The bass and instrumentation in this give it like a love song vibe, is real majestic. Takes like 45 seconds too long to get going. Hook has a strange flow and delivery too it, is strange at first but oddly enjoyable. Solid display of different flows from Nudy on the first verse, but nothing is too special or unique, sounds a bit messy overall. Second verse is more of the same, the flows and rhymes just aren’t too exciting. Hook definitely grew on me, but song was just decent overall

8. That’s Why – Intro is way too repetitive without being special at all. Took about 45 seconds to start again. First verse is a bit average, flows are decent at times but the rest is all pretty mediocre. Strange flow and melody on the hook but is super catchy, and has a really enjoyable rhyme scheme. Second verse seems just as mid as the first, bunch more average bars and rhyme schemes. Average song

9. No Comprende – ooh real haunting kinda tone to this one, love the bass. Hook is really interesting, lots of enjoyable variation in the delivery, and flows really well, good hook. Beat is so basic but so addictive too, And Nudy rides it amazingly, verses are slightly comedic in tone but the flows and deliveries used throughout are thoroughly enjoyable. Different kind of song for Nudy but is has this awesome feel to it. Love the part where he sings ‘I can smell it from a miiiiile awaaaay’. Great song, if the beat had an extra exciting element to give it that zing it would be a 10/10.

10. Fuck Me Mean – Back to the real pleasant synths, beat is real mellow and atmospheric. First verse is real enjoyable, some of the most impressive rhyme schemes of the project so far, lots of good bars too, and Nudy rides the beat with ease yet again. Hook has this great section where Nudy flows super quick, actually sounds amazing though. Hook isn’t too catchy but is enjoyable nonetheless. Second verse isn’t as impressive technically but the flows and deliveries are just as enjoyable, possibly more. Lots of variation again. Actually a bunch of amazing flows. Song drags on about 30 seconds too long. Another real good song

11. Influencer – not a big fan of the intro, is a bit too repetitive. Beat isn’t too exciting either, drums are real generic and drown out the synths at times. Some okay flows from Nudy in the verse again, but the delivery isn’t very special in this one. Another really long hook, but isn’t too catchy or exciting in any way. Second verse is okay but similarly to the first there is nothing too special. Some good flows and rhymes but no standout moments. I do enjoy the end of the second verse though, sounds amazing once the drums fade out and Nudy is just rapping over the synth. Average song almost all the way through

12. I Won’t Flex – Don’t really like the sounds of this one at all, Beat is real basic again and the strange singing isn’t very pleasant. Sounds like Nudy lost his voice or something, doesn’t sound good. Really dislike the hook, also doesn’t sound very pleasant. The verses don’t sound too good either, delivery is unenjoyable and the flows are anything special. Bad song, glad it was short

13. Anyways – Hook has a good little build up to it, sounds great when the drums come in half way through. Other than that the hook is a bit mediocre, the flows are average and the delivery is nothing special either. Verse sounds just like the hook in terms of the flow and delivery. Lyrics aren’t anything special either. Some good flows in the second verse, and some decent rhymes, but the delivery isn’t very enjoyable for the most part. Beat is quite captivating, follows the same formula as most the songs with pleasant synths and trappy drums, sets this nice atmospheric vibe to the song though. Song drags on a bit too long. Below average song overall

14. No Pretending – the intro verse is quite enjoyable, Nudy has this real playful feel to his flows and delivery, and even the lyrics are quite funny at times. Real good first verse. Also really like the hook, has a good flow to it, and some catchy little melodies. More solid flows and rhymes from Nudy in the second verse, and the delivery is average at times but has some stronger moments. Another good verse though. Hook is definitely catchy, just flows so well. Good song overall

15. Marathon – Hook is real slow, the flows are lazy and overall it’s quite a boring hook despite sounding alright, lacks any energy. Takes like 55 seconds to get exciting. The first verse is real solid, another one where he rides the beat perfectly with a bunch of addictive flows and an enjoyable delivery. Slightly melodic at times which sounds real nice, lots of variety throughout the verse, great verse. Could see this hook growing on me but still feels a bit too boring. Second verse starts off much weaker than the first, much slower flows and less lively delivery. Some solid rhymes but second verse is definitely worse than the first. Hook is definitely a grower, but average song overall

16. Do It With The… – Super pleasant beat again, really majestic synths. Hook is real enjoyable for the most part, is quite catchy and flows well, but is a little too repetitive. Kinda lazy flows from Nudy again but sounds amazing over this beat, delivery and rhymes are solid enough that it sounds good regardless. There are a couple interesting flows at it progresses but not too many. Hook is definitely quite catchy, even the repetitious part. Second verse is just as solid as the first, switches up his flow and delivery multiple times throughout, with more solid bars and rhymes. Whole song has this awesome chill vibe to it, one of the most majestic instrumentals on the album. Good song overall.

Album Review

Overall I thought this was quite an average album, but it was one I enjoyed listening to. One thing that this album really did for me was show how much potential Young Nudy has, and how incredible likeable he can be at times. There were certainly a bunch of enjoyable songs, standout moments, and stellar production, but with a total of 16 songs and no features I felt like there was a bunch of filler tracks on here, bringing down the overall enjoyment of the album.

So overall this is a great showcase of the talent and charisma of Young Nudy, but contains far too much filler to make me want to revisit the album in full. I think if you removed a few tracks or added a few feature artists then this album would have more replayability. There are some insanely catchy hooks, some beautifully produced instrumentals, and a lot of impressive flows on display from Nudy, and I’m excited to see where he goes from here!

Final Notes

You can stream ‘Anyways’ on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or stream for free on YouTube here!

‘No Go’ Music Video

‘Understanding’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were No Go, Blue Cheese Salad, Deeper Than Rap, No Comprende, Fuck Me Mean, No Pretending, and Do It With The…

What were your favourite songs from the Album?

How do you think this project compares to past Nudy projects?

Who would you have liked to have seen features on this?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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