First Impressions: Megan Thee Stallion – Suga

An Intro To Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is a 25 year old rapper from Houston, Texas, who has been rapping since the age of 16. Despite rapping from such an early age, her mother asked that she didn’t pursue a career in rap until she was 21 due to her suggestive lyrics. Megan followed her mother’s wishes, and in 2016 she launched her career with her debut mixtape ‘Rich Ratchet’ lead by lead single ‘Like A Stallion’. The following year she released her debut EP ‘Make It Hot’ which contained her first hit in ‘Last Week In H TX’, and later that year released her ‘Stalli (freestyle)’, a song which reworked xxxtentacion’s ‘Look At Me’ and generated more buzz for Megan.

In 2018 Megan signed to indie label 1501 Certified Entertainment, and then in June that year released the 10 song project ‘Tina Snow EP’. The EP garnered a lot of buzz, getting the attention of publications such as Pitchfork and Fader. Megan wrapped up 2018 by being the first female artist to sign to 300 Entertainment. In 2019 she released the music video for ‘Big Ole Freak’ from her Tina Snow EP, which gave the song the push it needed to break the charts, peaking at 65 and being Megan’s first charting single. In May of 2019 Megan released her album ‘Fever’ which received generally positive reviews all round. At this point Megan was starting to become quite a recognisable name, and in June she was announced as one of XXL’s 2019 Freshmen. In August of 2019 Megan released the single ‘Hot Girl Summer’ with assistance from Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign, and had the song reach number 12 on the Billboard 200, her most successful song yet. She rapped up 2019 by signing a distribution deal with Roc Nation, and then begun 2020 with a couple of features on movie soundtracks and songs by other artists.

And that brings us up to the present day! On March 6th 2020 Megan Thee Stallion released her EP ‘Suga’, with 9 songs and features from Kehlani & Gunna. The album contains one previously released track, ‘B.I.T.C.H.’ Which was released in January. Below I’m going to review the album in 2 parts; first will be my observations on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include links to stream and a couple of discussion questions at the bottom. Enjoy!

Track by Track Review

1. Ain’t Equal – solid delivery from Megan, some nice personal bars too. Changes up her flows a bunch. Not a big fan of the hook, just isn’t too catchy at all. Beat is a bit basic but I like the bass. Second verse is as strong as the first. Third verse is decent too but is a little too short, ends abruptly. Average song overall

2. Savage – Real solid rhymes from the start, solid delivery and flows again. Hook is better than the last but still not too great, is catchy but isn’t too enjoyable or memorable. Beat is average again, super basic. Second verse is decent, flows are okay and there are some decent bars throughout. Third verse has some funny lines and decent rhymes but the delivery isn’t too exciting and the flows are basic. Okay song overall, nothing special

3. Captain Hook – Beat is super basic again, not much going on. Megan’s flows are really solid though, more high energy flow than the last song, and the delivery is on point again. Some super impressive flows and rhymes in the second verse, changes things up a bunch too, actually a real good verse. Hook is average again, nothing too special about it. Third verse is probably the weakest, flows are a bit lazy and the delivery isn’t too exciting at all. Still a good song, on the fence I think

4. Hit My Phone (ft. Kehlani) – pretty basic flows from Megan at the start. The singing from Kehlani is super pleasant, nice lyrics and the melodies are beautiful. Probably best hook so far, is at least catchy. More averageness from Megan in the second verse, delivery is nothing special and the flows are simple, with no standout lyrics. Really mid song with a decent hook.

5. B.I.T.C.H. – Heard this when it dropped in like January and have never liked it. Beat is simple, Megan is average in terms of he vocal performance, and the lyrics are mediocre. Below average song

6. Rich – quite addictive beat on this one, great drum beat and funky little synths. One of the catchiest hooks on the album so far, is a bit repetitive but still enjoyable. Solid rapping in the verses, enjoyable flows and some quality bars. Verses are too short though, and hook is probably a bit too long. Good song, on the fence

7. Stop Playing (ft. Gunna) – Beat is dreamy, Real majestic xylophone like synths. Hook is okay melodically, but isn’t too impressive and the repetition makes it less enjoyable. Quite a different performance from Megan on the verses, much more laid back slow flow, works well though with the less ‘In-your-face’ delivery than usual, meshes really well with the beat. Gunna is a great fit for the track, rides the beat with ease for the most part, and is melodic droning sounds quite good over the pleasant synths. Song felt like it was lacking something, good vibe but nothing too exciting at all, average song

8. Crying In The Car – not a fan of the slightly auto tuned singing/melodic flows, sounds unnecessary and gives the whole song this real poppy feel. Flows are basic and the delivery isn’t too enjoyable. Hook is repetitive and boring, not too catchy. Some okay flows on the second verse but the delivery and bars are still simple and unimpressive. Average track overall, maybe even slightly below average

9. What I Need – Another majestic instrumental. The subtle synths are nice and the drums are solid. Hook is way too repetitive and isn’t too enjoyable unfortunately. Verses aren’t too special either, Megan is trying to be more emotional/personal but it comes off as lazy, flows and delivery are quite average again. Last verse is a little more exciting but nothing too great. I do enjoy some of the singing, such as parts of the hook and the little refrain before the hook. Just an okay song

Album Review

Despite not liking Megans last album, o was going into this project with fairly high expectations; Megan is a great rapper, great singer, and has delivered a bunch of enjoyable performances since Fever. Unfortunately though this didn’t really live up to my expectations at all, and I personally think this was a fairly bad album which was a chore to get through. With only 9 tracks I was thinking it would be a breeze to listen to, but with a lack of interesting beats and catchy hooks, there was not much enjoyability felt throughout this EP.

The production was one of the weakest parts of this project, with almost every beat being basic and forgettable, and none of the beats being too remarkable. I thought ‘Rich’ & ‘What I Need’ had pleasant beats, and ‘Ain’t Equal’ has some good bass, but other than that all the production was mid at best. The hooks were another thing which dragged this EP down from average to bad, with barely any catchy beats on the project. The best hook on the project was delivered by Kehlani on ‘Hit My Phone’, and the only other hook I enjoyed was on ‘Rich’; with every other song having hooks that were repetitive, uncatchy, and overall forgettable. As well as Kehlani having a killer feature, Gunna did a solid job on ‘Stop Playing’ with an average verse that fit the vibe of the song really well. Possibly the saving grace on this album was Megan’s rapping at times, with a number of her verses containing witty bars, impressive flows, and an enjoyable delivery. In particular, I thought Megan’s verses on ‘Savage’, ‘Rich’ & ‘Captain Hook’ we’re both impressive and enjoyable. But for the most part the verses were just average, with Megan often utilising this low energy delivery and basic flows which weren’t too great.

So yeah, overall this thing was a drag and was far from what I believe Megan is capable of. With some average rapping from Megan and no real catchy hooks, this EP gives me no reason to want to revisit it. The best part of the album is probably the features, and considering there are only 2 that means there wasn’t much I enjoyed here. If you’re looking at getting into Megan I’d recommend either the Tina Snow EP or Fever before I recommend this, each have some really enjoyable tracks which showcase Meg’s full potential. Regardless, I still feel Megan is full of talent and look forward to what she has coming next!

Final Notes

You can stream ‘Suga’ on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or listen for free on YouTube here!

‘B.I.T.C.H.’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were probably Rich and Captain Hook, although I wouldn’t say any of these songs are great.

What did you think of Suga?

What were your favourite songs from the EP?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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