First Impressions: Blueface – Find The Beat

An Intro To Blueface

Blueface is a 23 year old rapper from Los Angeles who began rapping under the name ‘Blueface Bleedem’ back in 2017. He actually began rapping when his friend and producer Laudiano invited Blueface to his studio to retrieve a phone charger, and then proceeded to challenge Blueface to rap over one of his beats. This lead to his first single ‘Dead Locs’ which soon made its way onto Soundcloud. Blueface continued rapping from then on, and in June of 2018 he released his debut mixtape ‘Famous Cryp’. The mixtape got a fair bit of buzz in the local area, and shortly after he followed it up with his ‘Two Coccy’ EP in September of the same year. Blueface continued the grind and in October of 2018 he released his ‘Respect My Crypn’ single with an accompanying video on WorldstarHiphop. The video was posted to Twitter and went viral from there, becoming his first real hit. This led to Blueface getting signed by Cash Money in November, and then in December he previewed his next hit single ‘Bleed It’, which got an official release in January of 2019. The song also received a music video courtesy of Lyrical Lemonade and amassed over 2 million views in its first 24 hours.

Following on from the success of ‘Bleed It’, Blueface continued to release a number of singles throughout the early half of 2019, with the most notable being ‘Thotiana’. In January Thotiana debuted at number 75 and was Blueface’s first charting single, and later received 2 remixes with YG and Cardi B, both of which received accompanying music videos. In August of 2019 Blueface released his second EP ‘Dirt Bag’ with features from big artists such as The Game, Lil Pump & Offset. The EP peaked at 48 on the Billboard 200, but despite the success received quite negative reviews. In October of 2019 he announced his upcoming album ‘Find The Beat’ was to be released in December, but then the album was pushed back to January, and then eventually March of 2020. During that time he continued promoting the album while also dropping a number of singles to hype up its release.

And that brings us to now! On March 13th 2020 Blueface finally released his debut album ‘Find The Beat’, with a total of 16 tracks and an impressive roster of features. The album was preceded by 4 singles; Close Up, First Class, Obama, & Holy Moly. Below I’m going to review the album in 2 parts, first will be my informal notes on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the project as a whole. I’ll include some discussion questions and links to stream the project at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. First Class (ft. Gunna) – Heard this when it dropped last year and liked it much more than I was expecting. Has a catchy little piano melody and solid bass. Blueface has an enjoyable flow and a bunch of funny bars, even has some decent rhymes. Hook is short and catchy. Gunna has a great verse with this deep nonchalant delivery and an enjoyable flow. Nothing too special, but a good song overall.

2. Vibes – Real catchy hook with a great rhyme scheme and flow from blueface. First verse has highs and lows, some decent flows and bars but just sounds a little messy at times. Beat is low key amazing, has great instrumentation and this majestic background singing at times. Don’t enjoy the repetition of ‘vibes’ at times. Song is too short, could be real good with another verse. Just an average song overall

3. Weekend (ft. Lil Baby) – Another solid hook, Blueface flows well and it’s quite catchy. First verse is decent but is a little short, has some funny bars and a good flow from Blueface. Lil Baby has this strange delivery which I’m not a big fan of, but he flows really well and switches up flows a bunch, is a decent verse but not as good as Baby is capable off. Second verse from Blueface isn’t too special, flows surprisingly well but lacks an exciting delivery of the humour that Blueface often delivers. Another great beat. Just a decent song overall

4. Murder Rate (ft. Polo G) – Polo G sounds great, has this real hungry delivery and a super enjoyable flow with a solid rhyme scheme. Blueface also flows quite well and has some decent rhymes of his own. Enjoy the back and forth nature of the song. Beat is quite simple but has a real hard hitting bass. Song was fairly enjoyable but ended quite suddenly, on the fence

5. Obama (ft. DaBaby) – Enjoy the brass instrumentation in the beat, real enjoyable beat overall. Great hook, ‘Pull up trump and they duck like donald’ is a great bar, and the hook overall flows well and is quite catchy. Blueface verse is good too, more decent flows with some funny bars and solid rhymes. DaBaby does his thing, has a great high energy delivery mostly and flows as well as he usually does. Not a great feature but it isn’t bad. Good beat, good hook, good song overall

6. Carne Asada (ft. Ambjayy) – Real basic beat, lacks any exciting elements. The hook is quite different, but isn’t too special in anyway. Blueface delivery is super addictive though so could see it growing on me. Blueface has a strange flow and delivery on his verse, no standout bars though and nothing too good overall. Ambjayy has a more enjoyable delivery and funnier bars the Blueface, probably has the more enjoyable verse but it’s still nothing special. Whole song is a bit lacking, just an average track

7. Viral – Hook is decent, has a solid little rhyme scheme and Blueface sounds great on it, feel the repetition is unnecessary tho. Verse has a pretty basic flow but some great bars with good humour, love the ‘She wanna have sex cause I’m succsexful ‘ bar. Second verse is more of the same, flow and delivery is nothing special, but has a couple of quality bars and some decent rhymes. Beat is quite enjoyable, has this real addictive synth melody which is present throughout. Decent song, may grow on me, on the fence

8. Holy Moly (ft. NLE Choppa) – sounds like a basic NLE beat with the piano and hard hitting bass. Not a fan of the hook, too much repetition without having anything too special. Blueface verse flows okay but doesn’t have any standout bars, and has the same usual delivery. NLE brings a great energy to the track, flows super well and has a bunch of solid bars, definitely the better verse. Just an average song all round really

9. Dirty – Love The Beat In This one, the violin like instrumentation is real addictive, and the bass is great. Bluefaces flow on the hook is actually quite enjoyable too, and it has this solid rhyme scheme, is quite a catchy hook. First verse is surprisingly impressive, has some really good rhymes and a bunch of funny bars, and Blueface flows well and changes up his delivery more than usual. Second verse is similar, has more humour and some solid flows and delivery. Good song

10. Wire (ft. Stunna 4 Vegas) – Not a big fan of this hook, is a bit simple without being too catchy. Beat is basic again too, Another NLE Choppa like beat. First verse is okay, Blueface flows decently and has more okay rhymes. Stunna has a great energy to his delivery, and changes up his flow a bunch too, has nothing too memorable though. Quite an average song

11. Double Bacc – Another Real enjoyable beat, has some real pleasant synths and be usual hard hitting bass. Hook is real good too actually, is humorous, has a great rhyme scheme and I enjoy Bluefaces delivery on it. Definitely too repetitive though. First verse isn’t too special, is short and the flows and delivery are pretty basic. Second verse is average too, a couple funny bars but everything else is pretty simple. Hook is good but too long, and verses are bad and too short. Okay song overall

12. Period – Real fun beat on this one, has a real good bounce to it with this addictive bass melody. The singing from blueface on the hook is oddly enjoyable, has some nice melodies and a solid rhyme scheme. Isn’t anything special but is something different for Blueface, is enjoyable overall. Verse is decent too, Bluefave rides the beat really well and has some decent bars and rhymes throughout, and his delivery is a bit more laid back than usual. Second verse is one of the best on the album so far, has a super impressive flow and delivery from blueface. Real different song from Blueface, but a good song overall

13. Close Up (ft. Jeremih) – Real dreamy instrumental on this, has a tropical feel to it too. Jeremih has a real enjoyable flow on the hook but his delivery isn’t as majestic as it often is. Hook gets a little too repetitive at the end too. Blueface has this laid back flow which isn’t the best, is quite simple and his verse lacks the usual humour. Hook is a bit more enjoyable on second listen, is quite catchy. Jeremih’s verse is decent but nothing too special, rhymes well and flows okay but isn’t too memorable. Different vibe than most, but just an average track overall

14. In The Zone – Blueface with autotune is strange, not a big fan of it. Hook just doesn’t sound too pleasant. Do enjoy his flow and auto tuned delivery on the first verse though, has its highs and lows, a couple funny bars here and there. Probably my least favourite hook of the album. Beat is simple but slightly atmospheric with these majestic synths. Second verse is similar to the verse with some funny bars and highs and lows in terms of the delivery and flow. Below average song overall, possibly the worst of the album

15. Street Shit – Real haunting beat with this eerie piano melody and trappy drums. Bluefaces delivery on the hook is different than usual, much more angry tone to it. Hook has a solid rhyme scheme though and is quite catchy. More angry delivery on the verse, flows are basic though, and there aren’t many enjoyable or funny bars. Some really funny bars in the second verse “Fly Nigga with the bread, look at all these fuckin birds, She want a street nigga, pussy that’s why you getting kerbed”. Song overall is just okay, but has some high points

16. 2 Diccs (ft. YBN Nahmir) – Beat is quite simple but has a real enjoyable piano melody. Hook is kinda funny and has a good flow to it, not too bad overall. First verse has a decent delivery and some funny bars but nothing that stands out. YBN Nahmir has a solid delivery but doesn’t flow very well at all. Has some okay rhymes too but none of the bars themselves are too good. Another fairly average track

Album Review

In the end I found this album to be quite a fun listen, which didn’t really do anything overly exciting or groundbreaking but it was an ease to listen through. I think the best way to describe this album is that it’s exactly what you’d expect from Blueface if you’ve listened to him for the last year or 2; some fun beats, hilarious bars, and some quality features. On paper it looks like I didn’t enjoy the album (with only 4/16 songs being ‘good’), but almost every song was fun and a breeze to get through, with none of them really overstaying their welcome. The main problem with this album is that there weren’t many standout moments, and also weren’t many songs that were consistently good all the way through.

Initially I disliked Blueface quite a lot, and saw him as a joke rapper who struggled to rap well at the best of times. That opinion changed when I checked out his ‘Dirt Bag’ EP which was full of great features, catchy hooks, and hilarious bars. As I listened through ‘Find The Beat’ I felt pretty much the same feeling of enjoyment as I did with his EP, and that is largely due to Bluefaces charisma and overall likeability. He delivered some super catchy hooks on songs such as ‘Vibes’, ‘Obama’ & ‘Dirty’, and dropped some hilarious one-liners on tracks such as ‘Street Shit’ & ‘Viral’. This albums even had more high profile features with quality verses, most notable DaBaby on ‘Obama’ and Polo G on ‘Murder Rate’.

There were a couple of things that I think this album did better than his last EP, with the first being the second overall production. Some songs suffered from having average beats, but for the most part the instrumentals on this album were exciting, catchy, and often unique. I went in expecting one or two impressive beats and a whole lot of generic piano led trap beats, but ended up enjoying about 11-12 of the beats, and on top of that the album consistently had crisp bass throughout. The second things that really impressed me with this album was Blueface’s attempts at versatility, which at times worked out amazingly such as on ‘Period’, which see’s him get much more melodic then usual.

Surprisingly there wasn’t a whole lot of bad moments on this album, just a fair deal of averageness. There were times where Blueface used far more repetition than needed (Vibes, Double Bacc), some songs where the Feature didn’t deliver (Lil Baby on ‘Weekend’, YBN Nahmir on ‘2 Diccs’), and some examples of songs which were decent but felt like they were missing something (Carne Asada, Murder Rate). The only song I didn’t really enjoy at all was ‘In The Zone’ which saw Blueface experiment with autotune; an experiment I personally hope he doesn’t repeat. Apart from that everything was just okay; a bunch of the hooks were okay, the verses were decent but nothing special, and he rest of the features were good additions but didn’t exactly make their respective tracks much better.

So overall this album was nothing too special, but was still better than I was personally expecting. Despite the lengthy tracklist the project has quite a short run time, and was honestly super easy and fun to listen through in full. Blueface continued to flex his charisma and good sense of humour without bringing anything much new to the table, but he is certainly likeable and can absolutely make likeable tracks, so I look forward to seeing what he comes out with next!

Final Notes

You can stream the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘First Class’ Music Video

‘Holy Moly’ Music Video

‘Close Up’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were First Class, Obama, Dirty, & Period.

What were your favourite tracks from ‘Find The Beat’?

How would you compare this to past Blueface projects?

Do you think Blueface has much staying power or longevity?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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