First Impressions: Lil Uzi Vert – ‘Eternal Atake (Deluxe) – LUV vs. The World 2’

For an introduction to Lil Uzi Vert and to see my thoughts on the base version of ‘Eternal Atake’ check out this post!

On March 13th 2020 Lil Uzi Vert released the Deluxe Version of his Eternal Atake album, which was released exactly 1 week prior. The deluxe edition contained 14 new tracks and features ftom a number of quality artists including Young Thug & Future. Below I’m going to review the album in 2 parts; first will be my informal and unedited notes on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the deluxe additions as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the album and some discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Myron – Some really enjoyable melodic delivery from Uzi, flows are quite good too and sound great over the fun beat. Some funny bars here and there, and solid rhyme schemes throughout. Catchy little hook with a great melody. Really enjoy the slight change of pace when the bass comes in at about 2:05, Uzi switches up his flow and delivery super well. Has a great Trippie Redd-like delivery towards the end. Song started just okay, but got more enjoyable as it went on.

2. Lotus – Beat seams a little badly mixed, the synths aren’t loud enough, drums and vocals drown them out. The melodic flow at the start is real enjoyable. Hook is real catchy and has a solid rhyme scheme that he carries into the first verse. Verse has some real solid bars and funny one liners, and he keeps up the rhyme scheme for a majority of the verse which is impressive. Whole things flows well too. Beat is super addictive the more I listen, is dreamy/hypnotic. Great flows and delivery on the second verse, more solid bars too. Another track which got better as it progressed, real enjoyable overall.

3. Bean (Kobe) (ft. Chief Keef) – Chief Keef sounds amazing on this, super fun flow over the basic beat. Uzi sounds just as great, more great melodic flows. Good variety in his delivery too. Real fun lyrics. Hook is a bit too repetitive without changing up at all, not the best hook. Chief Keef has his usual monotone delivery but rides the beat fairly well and has some real funny bars. Love his melodic delivery in the last few bars, real impressive for Keef. I like the chief keef ad libs at times. Song drags on like 30 seconds too long. Another good song, had potential to be better though.

4. Yessirskiii (ft. 21 Savage) – Real upbeat happy vibes from the production in this one, it’s like picnic music. 21 Savage sound super good over the mellow instrumental, rides it with ease and changes up his flow a bunch. Real enjoyable delivery and a whole lot of solid rhyme schemes and bars too, actually a spectacular feature. Love the transition between Savage and Uzi. Uzi has an equally enjoyable delivery and changes up his flow just as much as 21. Probably the weaker verse but is still really good. Hook is amazing, real catchy and just overall real enjoyable. Second 21 Savage verse is as good as his first. Ridiculously good song.

5. Wassup (ft. Future) – Another fairly repetitive hook at first, Uzi has an enjoyable delivery on it though. Less repetitive in the second half, gets much better with some solid flows and rhymes. Verse has some great flows in it, real enjoyable rhyme schemes too. Some quality bars here and there. Future rides the beat amazingly and changes up his flows quite a lot, real enjoyable delivery throughout too. Really enjoyable feature. Beat is a bit basic but other than that it’s a real good song

6. Strawberry Peels (ft. Young Thug & Gunna) – Beat is a bit strange but is real interesting, enjoy it I think.Thugs delivery on the hook is nice but it’s a bit too repetitive for my liking. Thugs verse is really enjoyable though, flows super well and has a lot of great bars. Gunna sounds surprisingly great, has a much more hungry delivery than usual, flows amazingly too and just sounds great start to end. Uzi is just as impressive as the others, flows and delivery and bars are just as good. Great song start to end

7. I Can Show You – Uzi changes up his flows quite a bit, his delivery is decent too. Some enjoyable bars and the rhymes are alright. First verse overall is just okay, I thing special. Hook isn’t too bad, isn’t as catchy as some but I could see it growing on me. Felt like this ended suddenly. Decent track, but nothing too great

8. Moon Relate – Hook has a super catchy melody to it, is a bit repetitive but is still real enjoyable to listen too. Interesting delivery on the first verse, flow doesn’t change up though for most the verse. Beat is a little simple, the bass and drums are quite good but the synths are a bit boring. Second verse has a catchy rhyme scheme and a real enjoyable from Uzi at times, don’t mind the ‘Doot doot’ section. Changes up his delivery and flow a decent amount. Strange song, has highs and lows, on the fence

9. Come This Way – Hook sounds nice but isn’t too special. Beat is a little simple again, the piano is real pleasant though. First verse has a good flow to it, really enjoy the change in flow and delivery towards the end of the verse. Second verse has a good variety of deliveries on display from Uzi, some solid bars and rhymes too. Hook grew on me, is well assisted by the beat banging at the right times. Good song I think

10. Trap This Way (This Way) – Real minimal beat, isn’t too exciting. Even when it picks up it still isn’t too good. Uzi has some decent parts in each verse, but nothing too special, all just flows or delivery’s he has used before. I enjoy the end of the last verse, is reminiscent of Juice Wrld. Hook isn’t too amazing either, is catchy but is a little too generic or something. Okay song, but nothing stood out

11. No Auto (ft. Lil Durk) – Durk flows pretty well and his delivery is real enjoyable, some quality bars too. Uzi’s Hook is pretty basic but is quite catchy. Uzi changes up His flows really well in his verse, is a real good verse. Uzi has the better flows but Durk had the better delivery. Song is good but not great in any way

12. Money Spread (ft. Young Nudy) – Beat has this real interesting synth, a real ear worm. Uzi goes hard over the fairly chill beat. Has some super solid flows and a real enjoyable delivery throughout. Some catchy rhymes too. Hook has a great flow too and had some real funny bars, great rhyme schemes too. Nudy doesn’t have as much energy to his delivery but he flows quite well and fits the vibe of the beat well. Song is just a real vibe, really sucks you in. Good song overall

13. Got The Guap (ft. Young Thug) – Real fun beat, has this playful synth and some thumping bass. Uzi has this really pleasant delivery, and rides the beat perfectly again. Love the parts where Uzi sings parts of a bar, and the more melodic flows too. Hook is catchy with some solid bars. Uzi sounds amazing all round on this. Thug sounds at home on this beat as well, has a real enjoyable delivery and rides the beat almost as well as Uzi, great feature verse. Great song all the way through

14. Leaders (ft. NAV) – NAV handles the hook surprisingly well, delivery has a bit more life to it than usual, and the flows are simple but catchy, good hook. Nav has the first verse too and it’s not too bad, he rides the beat well but his lyrics are quite bad honestly. 60% through the song and haven’t heard Uzi?! Uzi finally comes in with this melodic flow which is okay. Verse gets more exciting as it progresses, lots of flows and some real interesting deliveries and vocal inflections. The hook is the highlight of this track, rest is okay but nothing special. On the fence

Album Review

Overall I felt like this was a really enjoyable collection of tracks and a good addition to the Eternal Atake project. It didn’t feel as cohesive or creative as the base version, but that’s understandable considering these are just the bonus tracks. I also think the production wasn’t as consistently exciting, but what it lacked for in that department it made up for with impressive performances from Uzi, and a whole range of great features; one thing that wasn’t present on the OG.

The low points were quite sparse on this, but there were definitely a couple of unenjoyable moments and songs thrown into the mix. I thought the mixing on Lotus was a little off, despite thinking it was a great song in the end. I enjoyed most of ‘Bean (Kobe)’ was great except thought the hook was too repetitive; a problem which was also my only gripe with ‘Wassup’ & ‘Strawberry Peels’. A couple of songs such as ‘Trap This Way’ & the Nav assisted ‘Leaders’ suffered from having really average production. And finally, some songs had hooks that I didn’t find too exciting at all, most notable ‘Moon Relate’ & ‘Come This Way’.

One things which makes this deluxe version stand out from the original is the features, who all gave at least a decent performance, and many of them actually stealing the show with exceptional features. 21 Savage provided an excellent hook and an incredible verse on my favourite song on the album, ‘Yessirskiii’. Future and Young Thug Had spotlight-stealing performances on ‘Wassup’ and ‘Got The Guap’ respectively, another 2 tracks I loved in full. Gunna delivered one of my favourite Gunna features of the last 70 (seriously) on ‘Strawberry Peels’ which also included another impressive guest verse from Young Thug. And I enjoyed the features from Young Nudy, Nav, and Lil Durk on each of their tracks, but feel like each of them are capabale of even better features. Regardless, I enjoyed every single feature on this which is quite a feat.

Aside from the features, this deluxe edition had a bunch of enjoyable moments courtesy of Lil Uzi and the production. Some of these tracks had super addictive instrumentals which were just as good as the best beats on the OG version, with my favourites being ‘Yessirskiii’ and ‘Money Spread’. The production wasn’t as consistently exciting overall but the highs were just as high. Despite having a couple of average hooks and verses, Lil Uzi was really impressive for a majority of the project, with a wide range of creative flows and an incredible likeable delivery. He delivered great verses on songs such as ‘Myron’ & ‘Got The Guap’, and handles the hook in an enjoyable and catchy fashion on tracks like ‘Wassup’ and ‘Money Spread’. Honestly though he had enjoyable parts in every song, with some being enjoyable all the way through.

So in the end I think this was really fun to listen through, and despite not having the cohesion of the base version I felt it had just as many great songs and a comparable amount of enjoyable performances. Uzi continued to impress with his range of flows and infectious deliveries, but these tracks also showcases the amazing chemistry Uzi has with so many of his peers. Whether you like Uzi or not I think this has something for you, and if you want something new in rotation I’d definitely recommend giving this a spin!

Final Notes

You can stream the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

My Favourite Songs were Myron, Lotus, Bean, Yessirskiii, Wassup, Strawberry Peels, Come This Way, No Auto, Money Spread & Got The Guap.

What were your favourite songs on the deluxe version?

Do you think this is a better collection of songs than the base version of Eternal Atake?

Who do you think had the best feature on the album?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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