First Impressions: Sada Baby – Skuba Sada 2

For a bit of an intro into Sada Baby check out my review of his Brolik mixtape which he released in January this year. It includes a fairly detailed summary of his career leading up to 2020. Since then Sada Baby has been releasing a number of singles and impressive features, with my favourites being his features on ‘Percs’ by OG Louis The XIII & ‘Campaigning’ by Yung Marley.

On 20th of March Sada Baby released ‘Skuba Sada 2’, the follow up to his breakthrough 2017 mixtape. The project contains 11 tracks and features from Trap Manny & King Von. Below I’m going to review the album in 2 parts, first will be my informal and unedited notes on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include links to stream the project and some discussion questions at the bottom. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Aktivated – Beat is real basic, and the hook is interesting but isn’t too enjoyable. Sada flows great on the verses, real hungry delivery and a fair share of solid bars. Definitely not a fan of the hook, each of the verses are fire though. Just a decent song overall

2. Slide – The melodic intro is a bit different than what I’m used to from Sada, doesn’t sound too great but it’s definitely interesting. Sada flows really well at times but his delivery isn’t as exciting at usual. Some great bars at times and some enjoyable moments, but just an okay song over

3. SkubaRu – Another Real simple beats and song takes like 20-30 seconds to get going. Sada has a super enjoyable delivery throughout this that changes in intensity as the song goes on. Flows are fairly basic but the bars and rhymes are solid. Beat gets a bit catchier as it goes on, has some great little synths. Sada is just so enjoyable on this, good song but nothing great.

4. Bully Ball – Heard this one when it dropped and liked the vibe of it, the piano melody give it this real haunting vibe and Sada matches it well with this real menacing deep delivery to start of the song. Sada switches up to this catchy melodic flow a few bars in that is insanely enjoyable. Switches it up further to this high energy rap flow which is impressive throughout. The versatility of Sada is on display amazingly here, lots of different deliveries and flows all of which are thoroughly enjoyable. Great song

5. No Talkin – One Of The best beats so far, isn’t too special but has a real pleasantly addictive piano melody. Good mix of impressive melodies and rapping again, the delivery and flows of the rapper section are a killer mediocre but the melodic hook is insanely catchy. Sada rides the beat well but unfortunately the verses are pretty boring for the most part. This one had highs and lows, on the fence overall

6. Off White Whoop – Decent Beat on this one, has this high pace piano melody and this slightly g-funk bass, good combo but isn’t too exciting. Hook is pretty lame, bars aren’t very good and the delivery of it is just average. Verse has some funny bars and solid rhymes, but the flows and deliveries are quite average again, flows great over the beat tho. Below average song overall, least favourite so far

7. Outside (ft. Trap Manny) – Love the instrumental on this, real beautiful stringed section and a real cinematic synth progression. Hook is real basic but is quite catchy, enjoy the background vocals too. Verse is actually real crisp, has an interesting structure and all the different sections are enjoyable in their own right. Trap Manny kills his part with some good flows and a good variety of delivery, and Sada has some impressive melodies at times and some solid bars at others, always full of great bars and an enjoyable delivery. Great song

8. Lame – Fairly basic trap beat with trap drums and a simple piano melody. Hook isn’t anything amazing but has a real catchy flow to it and a solid rhyme scheme. Verse is great, another spectacular display of Sada’s impressive versatility, switches up both his flow and delivery every few bars, with all of them being just as enjoyable as the last. Amazing verse with a decent hook, real good song overall

9. Say Whoop – Similar trap beat to the last, Hook isn’t as good though, don’t really enjoy the delivery. Verse starts with an interesting delivery from Sada, not a big fan of it and he carries it on for too long. Most the flows are quite basic and none of his delivery is exciting. Other than some good bars, nothing too great on this one, below average overall

10. Pressin (ft. King Von) – Heard this when it dropped and wasn’t a fan. Sada has a decent verse with some great quotables but it isn’t really anything new for him, just an average Sada verse. Didn’t like the hook at all, and King Von has quite an unenjoyable verse, delivery is basic and flows aren’t much better, just a real average verse. Song just never goes anywhere, average overall

11. 2K20 – Beat isn’t too special but Sada rides it super well, changes up his flow quite a bit too, and has a consistently enjoyable delivery. Some solid bars throughout, real funny at times, and the rhyme schemes are great too. Hook is short but catchy and flows well, and the transition from the hook to the second verse is super well done. Second verse is just as enjoyable as the first. Good song overall

Album Review

In the end this actually ended up being quite an enjoyable project. It started off a bit mediocre, but picked up and become much more enjoyable towards the middle and end. Overall I feel like this was a more exciting listen than his recent Brolik mixtape (which I thought was quite average), but nowhere near as enjoyable as his 2019 album ‘Bartier Bounty’ (which I thought was amazing). It had a mix of bad tracks, average tracks, and amazing tracks, but at just 31 minutes it was an ease to get through and wasn’t held back too much by the low points.

The main thing that dragged this album down was the production, which was not very experimental at all throughout the project, with many of the songs sounding similarly basic. Fortunately most songs were saved by impressive performances by Sada Baby, but even he delivered some mediocre verses and hooks, most notably on ‘Off White Whoop’ and ‘Say Whoop’. I also disliked the feature from King Von, but I haven’t liked anything I heard from him yet so that may be why.

For the most part Sada Baby’s flows were impressive and his delivery was enjoyable, being able to carry most songs regardless of the mediocre production. Songs such as ‘Bully Ball’ and ‘Lame’ were Sada at his best, showcasing both his insanely fun raps and his surprisingly catchy melodies. On ‘2K20’ Sada Baby showed off his humorous side, with a couple of verse full of funny one liners all without sacrificing the impressive flows. And I loved the odd structure of the Trap Manny assisted ‘Outside’, which not only featured yet another incredible show of talent by Sada Baby, but also an amazing feature verse from Trap Manny.

So in summary this album wasn’t as great as it could have been, but with such a short run time and a handful of thoroughly enjoyable songs it was still a fun project overall. It showcased Sada Baby’s amazing versatility, which I honestly think is some of the most impressive in the game; with a wide range of addictive deliveries and exciting flows on display throughout the project. He also had a plethora of hilarious bars and impressive rhyme schemes to make almost every song exciting even if his delivery or flow was lacking, and at the very least I felt this project further proved the potential Sada has to make a stellar project front-to-Back.

Final Notes

You can listen to the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or listen for free on YouTube here!

‘Aktivated’ Music Video

‘Outside’ Music Video

‘Pressin’ Music Video

‘Slide’ Music Video

‘Off White Whoop’ Music Video

‘SkubaRu’ Music Video

‘Say Whoop’ Music Video

‘Lame’ Music Video

‘2K20’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were Bully Ball, Outside, Lame, & 2K20.

What were your favourite songs on the album?

How do you think this compares to other Sada Baby projects?

Thanks for reading!

– Shan –

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