First Impressions: Comethazine – Pandemic

An Intro To Comethazine

Comethazine is a 21 year old rapper from from St. Louis who started releasing his music onto Soundcloud in late 2016. In the latter months of 2016 he dropped a number of singles along with his debut EP ‘Aloe Vera’. He continued dropping singles throughout 2017, receiving a considerable boost to his recognition when his ‘Shoot Me’ Music video dropped on the No Jumper Youtube channel. In late 2017 he signed to Alamo Records and dropped a bunch of singles to close out the year, including the ChaseTheMoney produced ‘Piped Up’.

He continued his grind by continuing to release singles throughout the first half of 2018, with the most notable being his collaboration with Ugly God titled ‘Let It Eat’. I’m August of 2018 Comethazine released his debut album ‘Bawskee’, which included the aforementioned ‘Let It Eat’ as well as a couple of his biggest hits to date in ‘Walk’ & ‘Bands’. He followed the album up with a sequel just 5 months after, with ‘Bawskee 2’ dropping in January of 2019. He then seemingly skipped the next instalment to release ‘Bawskee 3.5’ in July of the same year, with the album peaking at 53 on the Billboard 200, his most successful project yet.

That brings us to our topic of discussion! On 27th Of March 2020 Comethazine released his latest album ‘Pandemic’. The album contains 12 songs and no features, and was preceded by two singles in ‘Glide’ & ‘No Front’. Below I’m going to review the album in two parts, first will be my observations on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the album and some discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. No Front – Some solid rhyme schemes but the delivery doesn’t change up at all and the flows are pretty basic. No standout bars. Beat is real simple and quite boring. Hook is kinda catchy, other than that a below-average song

2. Mama’s Glizzy – Don’t really like the flows on this, delivery is pretty average again too. The rapping and beat are just real boring, never really progress in any way. Hook is catchy again but isn’t too special. Another below-average Track

3. Permanent – Some Real fun bars and solid flows at the start of this one. Hook is good but wish it didn’t repeat itself. The verse has a couple lame bars and Comethazine’s delivery is just average again, plus the beat is another real basic one. Song isn’t too bad, but isn’t good either

4. Ambitions – Good start to the song again, similar style to the last song. Good variety of flows and the delivery is more enjoyable on this than on the others. On the fence about this one overall, decent little banger

5. Blu-Ray – Don’t like the delivery on this at all, is different than usual but is unenjoyable, plus the bars are a bit cringe. Flows are annoying too, sounds like a bad Lil Pump song. Some good rhymes, but other than that I didn’t like this one

6. Pitbull – Another super simple beat that isn’t too exciting at all. Hook isn’t very good, verses are the same. Lots of really lazy delivery and basic flows, with no bars that stood out as being decent. Pretty bad song overall

7. Get Out – Real solid start, some super enjoyable flows in the hook, is quite catchy too. Some great flows on the verse as well and a more tolerable delivery than most of the other songs. Good song, probably my favourite so far

8. Nutted – Heard this when it first dropped, not really a fan. Hook isn’t very memorable and the verses are okay but don’t have any standout moments. Just an average song

9. Lead The Race – Beat is basic again but is kinda exciting, enjoy the synth. Hook has a good flow to it but isn’t too catchy. The verses have some solid rhymes as bars, but the delivery is no different than usual, and the verse is top short. Okay song but nothing special

10. Glide – Another fairly simple beat that is fairly enjoyable, largely due to the thumping bass. Comethazine rides the beat quite well and his delivery is solid throughout this. The bars aren’t too good though and the song is weirdly structured, is a bit too repetitive overall despite the fact I liked most of it. On the fence about this one

11. Plottin’ – Real average beat, hook is fairly generic too and lacks an exciting delivery and overall catchiness. Verse is pretty bad, has some edgy bars and delivery and then a few bars with no lyrics, just an awkward silence. Below average song overall

12. Gallardo – Some exciting instrumentation on this one, is super pleasant and contrasts well with the thumping bass. The delivery is decently enjoyable for most of the song and his flows and bars are quite good too, rides the beat with ease throughout the song. The hook part is fairly catchy, good song to end the album

Album Review

I came into this album with fairly low expectations as I’ve never really liked Comethazine personally, with my only glimmer of hope being that I really liked one song (Solved The Problem) From his last project. Unfortunately my low expectations were repeatedly met throughout this album, with only a couple of songs I enjoyed and none that reached the level of ‘Solved The Problem’. The beats were simple and generic for the most part, Comethazine didn’t offer much variety in regards to his flows and deliveries, and with no features this project was a chore to get through despite most songs being less than 2 minutes long.

There were some exciting moments on this album but they were rare. I enjoyed Comethazine’s delivery on ‘Get Out’, which also had one of the only enjoyable hooks on the album. I thought ‘Glide’ had a great bass and some decent rapping, but it was just too repetitive in the end for my liking. I felt ‘Gallardo’ was the only song to combine enjoyable production with consistently solid rapping, with probably the best beat on the album.

Other than the above moments I thought just about everything was average or worse. The hooks throughout the project were lazy, with many being repetitive and some being straight up bad and forgettable. The production was just as lazy and bland, with almost all of the beats being basic and lacking any noticeable features that made them enjoyable. Comethazine himself didn’t bring much to the table, and could have been helped if he had some features to make the songs more exciting. His delivery was the same for almost the entirety of the album, he changed up his flows occasionally but they were almost never exciting, and even his lyrics and rhyme schemes were basic and unenjoyable. Some songs were dragged down by a bad hook, others by bad rapping in the verses, and some had both; but overall there was a lot of averageness on the album and Comethazine didn’t do anything to convert me into being a fan.

In the end I thought this was a pretty bad album which didn’t really offer anything exciting or new to the scene which I haven’t heard done before, usually much better. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed as I was expecting mediocrity, but even with such low expectations I was still shocked at how much this lacked substance and exciting qualities. If you like Comethazine I’d imagine you’d like this as it was just as dull as everything I heard from him in the past, but if you respect intricate lyricism, creative flows, and endeavour to find exciting music to brighten your day then this an an album you can surely miss.

Final Notes

You can stream the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘No Front’ Music Video

‘Glide’ Music Video

My Favourite Tracks were Get Out, & Gallardo.

What were your favourite songs on Pandemic?

Who would you have liked to see featured on the album, and on what song?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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