Weekly Hiphop Roundup: April 3rd – April 9th

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Each week I’m going to write a weekly post summarising the notable projects and singles that released during the week. I’m planning on doing this on the same day each week, probably on the Friday before the wave of Friday albums drop, so each post will cover the previous Friday-Thursday.

I’m doing this mainly so I can come back to them in the future and see when certain things dropped, but also hope to help others catch some fresh music that you may have missed. I’ll include some links to any reviews I’ve done on the projects, streaming services to listen to them, and anything else that may be relevant. Enjoy!


Aesop Rock – Freedom Finger (Music From The Game)My ReviewSpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Audio Push – No Rest… For The BlessedMy ReviewSpotifyApple MusicYoutube

A$AP Twelvvy – Before Noon SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Thundercat – It Is What It Is SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Rod Wave – Pray 4 Love SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Sterling Hayes Flirting With Death SpotifyApple Music

AK The Savior & Leon Fanourakis Flatbush Yen SpotifyApple MusicYoutube


Drake – Toosie Slide SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Tory Lanez – Who Needs Love SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Frank Ocean – Dear April SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Frank Ocean – Cayendo SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

The Lox – Loyalty and Love SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Machine Gun Kelly – Smoke And DriveMusic Video

Tech N9ne – Just Die? SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Rico Nasty – Popstar SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Youngboy NBA – AI Nash SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Youngboy NBA – Step On ShitMusic Video

BlocBoy JB – Out West Freestyle Music Video

Kevin Gates – Wetty FreestyleMusic Video

Coi Leray – Messy SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Tobi Lou – Skin Care Tutorial 2020 SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Guapdad 4000 – Peanut Butter Pootie Tang SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Jon Connor – The Pain SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Bobby Raps – Believe The Lie SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

L8LOOMERZen Mode (Morning Estrada)SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Knucks – Jubilee SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Slimelife Shawty – Right Now SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Kami & Joey Purp – Sayless SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Turbo, Gunna & Young Thug – Quarantine CleanSpotifyApple MusicYoutube

TM88 & Madeintyo – Tokyo Nights SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Berner & B-Real – Candy (Ft. Rick Ross) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Famous Dex – What I Like (ft. Rich The Kid & Tyga) SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Mozzy – Pricetag (ft. Polo G & Lil Poppa) SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Young Money – Super Bowl (ft. Gudda Gudda, Hoodybaby & Jay Jones) SpotifyApple Music Music Video

Gorillaz – Aries (ft. Peter Hook & Georgia) SpotifyApple Music Music Video

AmbJayy – Blow The Pickle (ft. Wiz Khalifa) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Silque- Riot (ft. Dizzee Rascal) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Seddy Hendrinx – We Got Em In (ft. OMB Peezy) SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Abby Jasmine – Groovy (ft. Guapdad 4000)SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

WHIPPED CREAM – I Do The Most (ft. Lil Keed) SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Steve Aoki – GIRL (ft. AGNEZ MO & Desiigner) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

JOYRYDE – DAMN (ft. Freddie Gibbs) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

JOYRYDE – YUCK (ft. GOLD) SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

JOYRYDE – ARTERIES (ft. Youngs Teflon) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Sauce Twinz – Kachow (ft. Trippie Redd) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Sauce Twinz – Big Drip Squad (ft. Sauce Gohan & Sada Baby) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Che Lingo – Black Ones (ft. Ghetts) SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Drake – Rollin (leak) – YoutubeSoundcloud

My Thoughts On The Week

I’m starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but this week did a great job at containing 2020’s hot streak, with a good deal of both albums and singles dropping and lots of quality within.

I thought the new Audio Push EP was a fun little listen; better than some of their projects but nowhere near the level of their best work. I also thought the Aesop Rock album ‘Freedom Finger (Music From The Game) was super enjoyable despite being just a bunch of tracks from a video game. I may end up listening to both the A$AP Twelvvy album and the AK The Savior x Leon Fanourakis collaboration, as Twelvvy has always shown a lot of potential and ‘Flatbush Yen’ had a couple of great singles. I’ve never really liked Rod Wave so will give his album a miss but I’ve seen it receiving possible reviews around the web. Finally, we got albums from bassist/rapper Thundercat and ex Save Money member Sterling Hayes, both of which I’m only semi interested in so won’t listen to until the year slows down.

There were a few songs that disappointed me this week, but there were more than enough enjoyable songs to make up for it. I thought both Gunna and Young Thug brought their A game on their collaboration with Turbo ‘Quarantine Clean’, producer TM88 enlisted Madeintyo for the fun bop ‘Tokyo Nights’, and Berner & B-Real snagged Rick Ross for a feature verse on their extremely catchy and mellow ‘Candy’. Former Save Money members Joey Purp & Kami cane together for an enjoyable vibe in ‘Sayless’, Mozzy brought together Lil Poppa & Polo G for the catchy yet introspective ‘Pricetag’, and Famous Dex dropped one of my favourite songs of the week in ‘What I Like’ which has incredible features from Rich The Kid & Tyga.

We saw some big names and some of my favourite rappers drop bops this week too; Drake gave us the annoyingly catchy ‘Toosie Slide’, Tory Lanez dropped another banger in ‘Who Needs Love’ to continue building hype for New Toronto 3, and Tobi Lou made a fun and catchy quarantine song with ‘Skin Care Tutorial 2020’. There were also some great features from notable rappers on songs from lesser known artists; Wiz Khalifa helped out Up and comer AmbJayy with a great verse on the fun track ‘Blow The Pickle’, OMB Peezy delivered an amazing feature verse on the catchy song ‘We Got Em’ by Seddy Hendrinx, and rap duo Sauce Twinz dropped an album with enlisted Trippie Redd for one of the catchiest hooks of the year on ‘Kachow’, and Sada Baby for a fun little feature verse on the posse cut ‘Big Drip Squad’.

There were a surprising number of enjoyable songs this week that blended hip hop with edm or other genres. Producer JOYRYDE dropped an album with some amazing EDM production and rap features, with my favourites being Freddie Gibbs on ‘Damn’, Gold on ‘Yuck’, and Youngs Teflon on ‘Arteries’. Steve Aoki also dropped an album, which contained a banger in ‘GIRL’ which features a guest verse from Dessigner. Guapdad 4000 provided a laidback feature on the poppy sounding ‘Groovy’ by Abby Jasmine, and Dizzee Rascal continued to impress me with a high energy feature on the dance track ‘Riot’ by Slique.

The last group of tracks I want to highlight is the great tracks that I found by artists I was unfamiliar with prior to this week. There were a couple to thoroughly enjoyable songs by UK rappers; ‘Jubilee’ by Knucks and ‘Black Ones’ by Che Lingo featuring Ghetts. A rapper named L8LOOMER dropped a song called ‘Zen Mode’ which has an insanely catchy hook and an intriguing delivery throughout, and a producer named WHIPPED CREAM picked up Lil Keed to handle the vocals on the captivating track ‘I Do The Most’. I’ve wanted to keep this short so won’t detail much more, but I also enjoyed ‘Messy’ by Coi Leray, ‘Peanut Butter Pootie Tang’ by Guapdad 4000 (especially the hook), Machine Gun Kelly’s quarantine song ‘Smoke and Drive’, Slimelife Shawty’s ‘Right Now’, & Jon Connor’s ‘The Pain’. I also felt Bobby Raps’ ‘Believe The Lie’ has some of the most amazing production this year and some beautiful vocals to match.

I’ll keep it short, but I just wanted to touch on my ‘let downs’ of the week. I thought both of the Frank Ocean songs were quite boring, and similarly thought that both the new NBA Youngboy Songs were average. I didn’t like the new Tech N9ne song ‘Just Die?’ at all, and found Rico Nasty’s ‘Popstar’ far too repetitive to be enjoyable. One of the biggest disappointments of the week was the Young Money Track ‘Super Bowl’ which had a lot of potential but fell short. Following shortly after that is the new Gorillaz track ‘Aries’ which just wasn’t down my alley at all. I thought both Kevin Gates ‘Wetty Freestyle’ and BlocBoy JB’s ‘Out West Freestyle’ were okay but had no replay value. Other than that, the few songs I haven’t mentioned are just average or I’m on the fence about them. Overall though, an extremely chaotic and enjoyable week!

What were your favourite songs?

Is there anything good that I seem to have missed?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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