First Impressions: Kodie Shane – Quarantine

For a bit of an intro into Kodie Shane and her career leading up to this point, check out my review of her ‘BLOOMING, Vol. 1 EP’ from earlier this year.

On the 10th of April 2020 Kodie Shane released her 4 song ‘Quarantine’ EP to Soundcloud. The EP was made my Kodie whilst in quarantine in the last 2 weeks, and features vocals from rapper Saucy Longwe on every track, effectively making this a collaborative project. Below I’m going to review the album in two parts, first will be my observations on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include links to stream the album as well as some discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Quarantine – Takes a bit too long to get going, the start is boring and repetitive. Some nice melodic flows from Kodie, and from Saucy Longwe too, good chemistry between the 2. The hook is decent, real catchy melodies from Kodie. Okay song but nothing special

2. Don Dada – Hook is kinda catchy, has a nice flow to it, wish it didn’t repeat though. Kodies delivery is different than usual on the verses, isn’t too exciting and the bars aren’t anything epically either, some good flows though. Saucy Longwe has some solid rhymes and flows over the beat quite well, not a big fan of his delivery either though. Hook is the best part of the song and it isn’t even too great. Just an average song overall

3. Tabs – Really dislike the intro/hook, way too repetitive with no good lyrics or exciting melodies for the first 55ish seconds. First verse has a great variety of exciting deliveries from Kodie, flows pretty well throughout too, good verse. Hook is definitely not very good imo. Saucy flows really well on this, his delivery isn’t great but it’s good enough, and he has a mix of good and bad bars, decent verse. Beat has an exciting synth in it but is fairly basic for the most part. This one had good verses but was dragged down by a bad hook and an unnecessarily long intro and outro

4. Sorries & Apologies – Probably The best beat so far, has a great bass and some interesting instrumentation in the form of this looped guitar riff and these real airy woodwind sounds. Both Kodie and Saucy flow over the beat super well with a thoroughly enjoyable melodic delivery. Real catchy hook too, Saucy kills it. Kodie in particular sounds great on the verses, lots of solid bars too. Finished kinda suddenly but that’s much better than dragging on for a minute too long. Good song, easily my favourite!

Album Review

Unfortunately I felt like this was quite a disappointing little EP. When I saw Kodie had released a new mixtape I was expecting more than 4 songs and didn’t expect it to be a collaboration album of sorts. Based off this I was already a little surprised by the project, but the fact that Saucy didn’t impress me too much and that three of the four songs were average quickly turned that surprise to disappointment. It wasn’t really a bad EP, but there wasn’t much that impressed me and I can’t see myself coming back to it.

There were some things I enjoyed throughout the EP, most notably the projects closer ‘Sorries & Apologies’ which has a catchy hook, some great chemistry between Kodie & Saucy, and the best beat on the EP. I also enjoyed the hook on ‘Don Dada’ and both verses on the song ‘Tabs’. Aside from these moments though the project was quite mediocre. Despite the strong hook on ‘Don Dada’ I felt the repetition of it was unnecessary and each verse on the track was quite unenjoyable. In contrast to that, ‘Tabs’ had 2 of the better verses on the EP, but it was dragged down by an overly repetitive hook and an annoyingly long intro and outro. Finally, the opener and title track ‘Quarantine’ had mediocre production, a long boring intro and some rapping that displayed nice melodies but wasn’t exciting enough to salvage the track.

Overall this was a real forgettable EP, and probably my least favourite of the Kodie Shane projects I’ve listened to. Nearly all the beats were basic, her hooks weren’t as strong as they usually are, and the surprise addition of Saucy Longwe on every track made it feel like less of a Kodie project (which was a shame as I love Kodie). If you’re interested in getting into Kodie Shane I’d recommend any other Kodie Shane project; each of her past projects have multiple great songs and a majority of them are more readily available than this EP

Final Notes

You can listen to ‘Quarantine’ by Kodie Shane on Soundcloud here!

My favourite song was ‘Sorries & Apologies’.

What was your favourite song from the EP?

Does Saucy Longwe have anything that is worth listening to?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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