First Impressions: Tory Lanez: The New Toronto 3

An Intro To Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is a 27 year old Canadian rapper born in Brampton, Ontario, who has been making waves ever since hitting the scene with his debut mixtape ‘T.L. 2 T.O.’ way back in 2009. Tory has been grinding hard since the jump, releasing a total of 4 mixtapes throughout 2010, experimenting with both hiphop and r&b sounds across the projects. In 2011 Tory signed to Sean Kingston’s Time Is Money label and released another 3 mixtapes, including the first instalment of his popular Chixtape series.

The following year he left the label and throughout 2012 Tory independently released another two mixtapes, but it wasn’t until 2013 that Tory really started gaining momentum. 2013 saw Tory release the mixtape ‘Conflicts Of The Soul: The 416 Story’ and although it was his only release of the year it proved to be his most successful up to that point. Tory started 2014 off with the release of the second part of his Chixtape series, and later that year launched his ‘Lost Cause’ mixtape alongside his first headlining tour. In June of 2015 Tory released his first EP titled ‘Cruel Intentions’ before starting to build hype for his debut album. As 2015 went on Tory signed to Mad Love Records and Interscope Records and then spent the rest of the year reading singles to hype his album. He closed out 2015 by releasing 2 mixtapes in December; ‘New Toronto’ and the third instalment of his ‘Chixtape’ series.

Tory has a big year in 2016, starting with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel in January to continue building hype for the album. Throughout the year he toured with A$AP Ferg and released a number of popular remixes to songs such as Drake’s ‘Controlla’ & Madeintyo’s ‘Uber Everywhere’. He also continued releasing singles as the year went on, and in August of 2016 he finally released his debut album ‘I Told You’. The album received debuted at number 4 and received mixed reviews but did a great job at propelling Tory further into the mainstream. On New Years Day 2017 Tory dropped both ‘Chixtape 4’ & ‘New Toronto 2’, his only two projects of that year. 2018 was a bigger year with Tory releasing his second album ‘Memories Don’t Die’ in February and following it up with his third album ‘Love Me Now’ in October. Both albums peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Charts, and also that year he released his second EP in ‘The Bag’. Last year saw the release of two projects, with the most notable being his ‘Chixtape 5’ album in November.

And that brings us to 2020! On April 10th Tory released his latest mixtape/album ‘The New Toronto 3’ with a total of 16 tracks and features from Lil Tjay & Mansa. The album was preceded by three singles; Broke In a Minute in February, Do The Most in March, & Who Needs Love in April. Below I’m going to review the album in two parts, first will be my thoughts on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the album and some discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Pricey & Spicy – The melodies in the intro are real pleasant. Hook has nice melodies too and is real catchy towards the end. The bass hits hard but feels a bit messy or muffled or something. Tory flows really well on the verse, changes it up lots as well and rides the beat amazingly at times, some great bars too. Good song overall

2. The Coldest Playboy – not a big fan of the intro on this one, it flows okay but the delivery isn’t the best and there is nothing too memorable about it. Enjoy the eerie high pitched vocal sample on the background. Tory has this kinda menacing delivery on this one that is different but not too exciting, and the flows aren’t anything too special either. Enjoying the beat as it goes on, is real atmospheric. Ended kinda suddenly, just an average song at best

3. Stupid Again – Hook is a generic Tory hook but is super catchy and bangs. Has some interesting flows at the start and end of the verse, some super impressive quick flows in the middle though which I enjoyed. Changes up his delivery a fair amount but it sounds great throughout. Lots of great individual moments in the verse too, memorable bars and interesting melodies. Real good song

4. 10 Fucks (ft. Mansa) – Real calming guitar based beat on this one, and Tory flows over it exceptionally, has consistency beautiful melodic flows and an equally beautiful delivery throughout his verse, enjoyable rhymes too, great verse. Hook is short but sweet, more great melodies and it’s surprisingly catchy. Mansa meshes beautiful with Tory and the mellow beat, has this real pleasant soft delivery throughout his verse and flows just as well as Tory. Enjoyed the vocal effects on the singing in the outro too. Really nice little song

5. Dope Boys Diary – Real trappy Beat on this one with the rattling hi hats and looped piano melody, is okay but is nothing new. Tory has a real serious tone throughout his verse, lots of personal and introspective lyrics too. He changes up his flows every few bars and rides the beat excellently, and has a lot of impressive rhymes all through the verse. Tory goes hard for like over 2 minutes and shows lots of versatility and vulnerability on this. Another real good track

6. Accidents Happen (ft. Lil Tjay) – Tory has some nice melodic flows at the start of the song, but doesn’t change his flow up much at all for quite a few bars. Finally changes up about half way through but then keeps that new flow for most of the remainder of the verse. The beat is simple but compliments Tory really well. Hook is repetitive but fairly catchy, on the fence about it. Lil Tjay has some real good flows in his verse, delivery doesn’t change up much and the bars aren’t too special but it sounds alright. Didn’t dislike this but felt like it was missing something, on the fence overall

7. Broke In A Minute – Heard this when it dropped and many times since, am a big fan. The beat has this addictive synth throughout the track and the hook is insanely catchy. Tory kills the verses with some great flows and rhymes, just an all round enjoyable track

8. P.A.I.N. – Takes a little while to get going, enjoy the overall vibe of the production though with the subtle vocal sample. Some great melodies on the hook and a real emotion packed delivery but it’s nowhere near as catchy or memorable as most the others. Similar delivery on the verse as the hook which isn’t the best, some decent bars but nothing too impressive really. Tory flows fairly well and his delivery is nice but nothing stands out. Nice song but forgettable, so just average overall

9. Adidas – Love The Beat, chill drums and this real atmospheric sample/synth. Tory has a real enjoyable delivery on this, is confident yet emotional and a lot of the bars are full of emotion and personal lyrics. He rides the beat amazingly too, changes it up a bunch but sounds consistently great. Love the little bass guitar riff that suddenly appears and remains throughout the rest of the song. The beat and Tory mesh perfectly. The singing at the end is really impressive and is a nice little touch. Amazing song, one of the best Tory songs I’ve heard that wasn’t a banger

10. Who Needs Love – Heard this when it dropped too and loved it! Love the Spanish influenced guitar in the beat and think Tory flows amazingly well over the beat, consistently great delivery too and enjoyable bars and rhymes. Hook is insanely catchy, flows sooo well. Great song

11. Do The Most – The last of the three songs I’d heard prior and in a big fan of this one too! Probably had the least catchy hook of the three singles but has the most memorable one-liners. Lots of great bars and some really interesting yet enjoyable delivery throughout the track, Tory just has this confident bragadocious energy throughout the track that is so addictive. Great song too

12. Penthouse Red – The flows aren’t too special on this and the melodic delivery gets a bit boring fairly quickly. Enjoy the change in pace when Tory speeds his flow up in the second half of the first verse. Has some really enjoyable vocal inflections at times, on the hook especially, hook is oddly catchy. Second verse is as basic as the first, some okay rhymes but nothing is too enjoyable. Actually love this hook but wasn’t a fan of the verses, mediocre track overall

13. Letter To The City 2 – Tory has this real angry delivery on this one, hits hard and he flows really well over the basic piano based beat. Some hard hitting bars too, with some impressive rhymes most of the time. Tory sounds like he is throwing shots, like the song has diss track vibes and is filled with subtle and obvious disses, goes hard for like 3 minutes. Good track I think, need to pay more attention to the lyrics to appreciate it I think

14. Back In Business – Beat has this cinematic atmospheric vibe, feels real grand. The melodies at the very start are a nice little intro to the track. Hook is kinda catchy but is super basic and repetitive. Tory doesn’t change up his flows or delivery very often in the verse, and nothing really stands out as being enjoyable, is all a bit boring. Forgettable track overall

15. D.N.D. – hook is fairly short but bangs and is real catchy. Love how Tory carries on the rhyme scheme from the hook to the verse so seamlessly, flows well throughout the first verse too and has some real enjoyable melodic deliveries. Second verse follows the same formula just as well, has a bit more variety in the delivery so is a little better than the first verse. Real good track overall

16. MSG 4 GOD’S CHILDREN – Another introspective Track with personal bars and a majestic beat made up of vocal samples and simple drums. Tory flows with ease for the entirety of the track, consistently confident and enjoyable delivery too with lots of emotion packed & relatable bars. The flows themselves are great too and packed full of impressive rhyme schemes. Real solid closing track

Album Review

Overall I thought ‘The New Toronto 3’ was a consistently enjoyable album almost all the way through, and it was easily the most enjoyable Tory Lanez project I have heard (his last 5 or so). It does a great grab at showcasing what a talented multifaceted artist Tory is, with a good mix of beautiful melodies, club bangers, and introspective rap tracks. The lack of feature worried me going in but Tory was strong enough to carry the project on his own, and the two features he did have meshed with his style perfectly.

I felt both features were picked amazingly, with both Lil Tjay & Mansa having fantastic chemistry with Tory on ‘Accidents Happen’ & ‘10 Fucks’ respectively. Each of them complimented Tory well with similarly melodic flows, but the star throughout the album was undoubtedly Tory. This album was full of impressive moments from Tory, I could talk about enjoyable moments for paragraphs but I’ll try keep it short. The most impressive feature of Tory was his versatility and his knack for making bars sound catchy whether he be singing or going ham. His flows so smoothly so effortlessly on tracks such as 10 Fucks & D.N.D., goes hard spitting introspective bars over chill beats on songs like Adidas & MSG 4 GOD’S CHILDREN, and provides some of the catchiest hooks of the year on the albums singles ‘Who Needs Love?’ & ‘Broke In A Minute’. There are so many good tracks and moments on this album, but what they showcase is that Tory tries many different sounds and aces them all.

I didn’t think there were any bad tracks on the album, just some that were worse than others. I thought a couple tracks such as ‘Coldest Playboy’ & ‘P.A.I.N.’ were okay but lacked that something special that made most the songs stand out, and ‘Coldest Playboy’ ended suddenly which I didn’t like. I thought ‘Penthouse Red’ was dragged down by bad verses despite a catchy hook, whereas ‘Back To Business’ had enjoyable verses but a repetitive and forgettable hook. Overall though not too much I would change about this album, would possibly cut a couple tracks and add a couple features but it was impressive as a whole!

In the past I’ve found Tory projects to be quite inconsistent in quality, so seeing this was 16 tracks with only two features had me apprehensive going in. Gladly I was real impressed with not only the quality of some tracks, but the amount of quality tracks present throughout this album. I’d recommend this one to any Tory fan or anyone looking at getting into someone new, with a mix of classic hiphop, r&b & club bangers this has something for everyone!

Final Notes

You can stream the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘Broke In A Minute’ Music Video

‘Do The Most’ Music Video

‘Who Needs Love’ Music Video

‘Dope Boys Diary’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were Pricey & Spicy, Stupid Again, 10 Fucks, Dope Boys Diary, Broke In A Minute, Adidas, Who Needs Love, Do The Most, Letter To The City 2, D.N.D. & MSG 4 GOD’S CHILDREN.

What were your favourite tracks from this album?

How do you think this project compares to Tory’s past projects?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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