Weekly Hiphop Roundup: April 10th – April 16th

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Each week I’m going to write a weekly post summarising the notable projects and singles that released during the week. I’m planning on doing this on the same day each week, probably on the Friday before the wave of Friday albums drop, so each post will cover the previous Friday-Thursday.

I’m doing this mainly so I can come back to them in the future and see when certain things dropped, but also hope to help others catch some fresh music that you may have missed. I’ll include some links to any reviews I’ve done on the projects, streaming services to listen to them, and anything else that may be relevant. Enjoy!


Tory Lanez – The New Toronto 3 My ReviewSpotifyApple MusicYoutube

22Gz – Growth & Development My ReviewSpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Kodie Shane – Quarantine EP My ReviewSoundcloud

24hrs – 12am In Atlanta 2 SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Bandhunta Izzy – Invite Only SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Boosie Badazz – Goat Talk 2 SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Smoke DZA – Ringside 8YoutubeSoundcloud

Lil B – Gutta Dealership SpotifyYoutube

Apashe – Renaissance SpotifyApple Music – Youtube


Songs marked with an asterisk are ones I personally enjoyed and would recommend you check out!

Playboi Carti – @ MEH SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Kid Cudi – Leader Of The Delinquents SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Joji – Gimme Love SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

IDK – In My White Tee* SpotifyApple Music – Music Video

Polo G – DND SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Machine Gun Kelly – Pretty Toxic Revolver* Music Video

Machine Gun Kelly – In These Walls* – Music Video

OMB PeezyEverybody* – SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Young Dro – Tik Tok* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Quando Rondo – Who Died?Music Video

Quando Rondo – Nita’s Grandson SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Lil Keed – No Dealings SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Lil Gotit – Bricks In The Attic SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

E-40 – Go SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

SwizZz – Sessions* SpotifyApple Music – *This is actually 3 songs

Rexx Life RajCanadian Bacon* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Kid Ink – Just Chill* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Kojey Radical – Proud Of You* Spotify Apple MusicMusic Video

YGTUT – Chattanooga Vendetta* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Buddy & Kent Jamz – She Think* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Usher, Lil Jon & Ludacris – SexBeat SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

BlocBoy JB & Munchie2times – Gone HateMusic Video

Markis Precise & Fashawn – The Difference* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Alek Sandar & Juicy J – Yerba* SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Gucci Mane, V-Town & Young Robbery – Rich Game Remix SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

French Montana, Gee Munz & Mazzarati Redd – I Know You Heard Remix SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Skyzoo & Dumbo Station – Good Enough Reasons* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

YS & RONRONTHEPRODUCER – Mobsters (ft. Sada Baby)* SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Nieman J, Joe Moses & Eric Bellinger – Cheat Code Mode (ft. Young Thug)* SpotifyApple Music Youtube

Locksmith, Ras Kass & Xzibit – With God (ft. Brevi)* SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Rich Brian – Bali (ft. Guapdad 4000)* SpotifyApple MusicLyric Video

Yella Beezy – Headlocc (ft. Young Thug)* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Jean Deaux – Moody (ft. Saba)* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Madmarcc – Like Home (ft. Lil Baby)* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Asher Roth – Hunnid (ft. Joyce Wrice) SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Kodie Shane – I’m So Gone (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)* – Youtube

R.A. The Rugged Man – Dragon Fire (ft. Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, Kool G Rap & XX3eme) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Spark Master Tape – PNNBLL (ft. INDIKKAWCH & FLMMBOiiNT FRDii)Youtube

Peter Conttontale – Pray For Real (ft. Chance The Rapper & Tobi Lou)* SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Deante’ Hitchcock – I Got Money Now (ft. JID)* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Icewear Vezzo – 2 Hands (ft. Sada Baby)* SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Dove Cameron – Remember Me (ft. BIA)* SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Luh Kel – Wrong (remix) (ft. Lil Tjay)* SpotifyApple MusicLyric Video

Kosa – Off White (ft. Lil Durk)* SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Iann Dior – Sick and Tired (ft. Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

Chaz French – Me (ft. Cam Wallace)* SpotifyApple MusicMusic Video

Tiffany Haddish – Do Our Thing (ft. Snoop Dogg) SpotifyApple MusicYoutube

My Thoughts On The Week

This is a weird week to rate; I felt like there weren’t a bunch of exciting album releases and there were a bunch of singles that disappointed me, but on the other hand there were a lot of singles in the last week that I thought were in 9-10/10 territory. So overall I felt like it was another enjoyable week despite the disappointing tracks and lack of big albums.

The biggest album of the week was the Tory Lanez album ‘The New Toronto 3’ which I actually enjoyed more than any prior Tory project, but other than that none of the albums really excited me. I thought the 22Gz album ‘Growth & Development’ showed potential and experimented with some interesting sounds but was forgettable overall, and Kodie Shane’s ‘Quarantine EP’ was boring and probably my least favourite of her projects. The only other projects which interested me were Bandhunta Izzy’s ‘Invite Only’ (I checked out the songs with Dream Doll & Yella Beezy and loved them), and the album Renaissance by electronic produced Apashe (it had two amazing singles in ‘Insane’ & ‘Work’). I’ve never been a fan of 24hrs and the Lil B album has 100 songs so can’t see myself checking those anytime soon.

My main disappointments of the week came in the form of a number of singles by big name artists. I loved the beat on the Playboi Carti single ‘@ MEH’ but didn’t enjoy the vocal performance at all, I found the Kid Cudi song ‘Leader Of The Delinquents’ to be quite boring all the way through, and I thought Joji’s new song ‘Gimme More’ had a fun vibe but was real forgettable overall. Some other artists I like also dropped mediocre tracks this week, with brothers Lil Keed & Lil Gotit each dropping an average single for their upcoming album with ‘No Dealings’ & ‘Brick In The Attic’ respectively, and Quando Rondo dropped 2 disappointing singles after dropping a great album earlier in the year. I thought the E-40 song was lacking something and the collab between Usher, Ludacris & Lil Jon was a big let down. I won’t drag on too long but there was certainly a fair share of bad tracks this week, everything without an asterisk above was worse than I was hoping.

As you can see by the amount of asterisks in my list above, there were a lot of enjoyable tracks this week, so I’m just going to try and highlight some of the very best. Easily my favourite solo track of the week and one of the best of the year is the extremely fun and surprisingly technically impressive ‘Tik Tok’ by Young Dro, with my other favourites being ‘Canadian Bacon’ by Rexx Life Raj, & YGTUT’s ‘Chattanooga Vendetta’ which see’s him rapping over these eerie synths reminiscent of Pokémon’s Lavender Town.

There were a great amount of enjoyable collaborations this week too, I’d say one of the best weeks in the year for them. Madmarcc enlisted Lil Baby for a feature verse on my favourite country/hiphop blend since Old Town Road titled ‘Like Home’, and Rich Brian enlisted Guapdad 4000 for an impressive feature on the amazingly catchy ‘Bali’. Young Thug featured on two songs which I throughly enjoy, the first being Yella Beezy’s ‘Headlocc’ and the other being ‘Cheat Code Mode’ with Eric Bellinger, Nieman J & Joe Moses. 4 of my favourite rappers of the last few years featured on tracks this week and all of them killed it; Saba had a super impressive verse on ‘Moody’ by the equally impressive Jean Deaux, Chance The Rapper & Tobi Lou appeared on Peter Cottontales upbeat and calming ‘Pray For Real’, and JID had an absolute fire feature verse on ‘I Got Money Now’ which has surprisingly amazing rapping from Deante’ Hitchcock too!

I could seriously rave on about the highlights of the week for so much longer, but you get the deal! I highly recommend every song with an asterisk above, most of them are exceptional, but all have at least something that is worth checking. Based on the highs alone this is one of the best weeks of the year, but overall it was probably only slightly above average in comparison to many other weeks this year.

What were your favourite songs of the week?

What was your favourite album of the week?

Is there anything crisp you think I may have missed?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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