First Impressions: DaBaby – Blame It On Baby

For a bit of an intro into DaBaby and his career up to this point check out this post I wrote earlier this year!

On the 17th of April 2020 DaBaby released his latest album ‘Blame It On Baby’. The album contains 13 tracks and features from Quavo, Future, Roddy Ricch, Youngboy Never Broke Again, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Ashanti & Megan Thee Stallion. Below I’m going to review the album in two parts, first will be my observations on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the album and some discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. CAN’T STOP – DaBaby has some great rhymes and some funny bars, the usual confident delivery and fire flows too, nothing too different to usual. Beat isn’t too exciting at all. Hook is really repetitive is quite annoying imo. I like how DaBaby steps up the energy of his delivery as the second verse progresses, has some great flows too. Decent verses, average beat and a trash hook, real mediocre intro overall

2. PICK UP (ft. Quavo) – Beat has this real haunting synth, is fairly basic otherwise though. More of the usual flows and delivery, nothing too special at all. Hook is more enjoyable than the last but isn’t very catchy or memorable. Quavo has a surprisingly enjoyable high energy delivery, rides the beat super well too, actually a really good Quavo feature verse. Song ended kinda suddenly. Liked Quavo but not DaBaby, average song overall

3. LIGHTSKIN SHIT (ft. Future) – DaBaby changes up his flow up a bunch in this one which is nice, lots of enjoyable rhymes and great one liners too. Beat is super calming, has this real pleasant synth and more low key drums than most DaBaby songs. Easily the best hook so far, has a real catchy rhyme scheme and flows really well, enjoyable hook. Future rides the beat amazingly, has a great flow throughout and a real pleasant soft delivery too, nice little verse. Real good song

4. TALK ABOUT IT – Lyrics are pretty basic and the flows and delivery aren’t too special either. Hook has a good flow to it, is quite catchy actually. Second verse has much more enjoyable flows and rhymes than the first, has a lot of great moments throughout the verse. The beat has an interesting synth but overall isn’t too exciting. Decent song, on the fence about this one

5. SAD SHIT – Ooh real different sound on this one! Some introspective hard hitting bars from DaBaby from the start and some surprisingly good singing too. The high pitch voice is strange but I think I liked it. Love the transition to the rapping, he has his usual delivery but he flows amazingly throughout the first verse and has some great lyrics too, real enjoyable verse. The hook is really nice, the singing is intriguing but the melodies are catchy. Second verse is amazing, changes up his flow and delivery a bunch with a whole lot more solid bars. Seriously so surprised by how good the singing on this is. Song dragged on a bit but other than that I loved it. Great song

6. FIND MY WAY – ooh Heard this when it dropped a couple weeks ago, amazing showcase of versatility from DaBaby! Really enjoy how vulnerable DaBaby sounds on the verses and the ease at which he switches up his delivery and flow throughout. The hook has a super addictive melody, really catchy hook overall. Second verse has some great quotables, more impressive rhymes, flows, and delivery too. Honestly just a great song start to finish

7. ROCKSTAR (ft. Roddy Ricch) – love the mellow acoustic guitar melody, great bass too. Some more impressive melodies from DaBaby on the hook, another really catchy one which flows really well. DaBaby has an amazing first verse, starts off with this awesome energy, lots of versatility in his flows and some real impressive rhymes and enjoyable bars. Love the background singing in the hook. Roddy Ricch rides the beat amazingly too, has some great rhyme schemes and an enjoyable melodic delivery throughout his verse. Another great song

8. JUMP (ft. Youngboy Never Broke Again) – Youngboy sounds amazing on the hook, love his delivery, DaBaby is great too but I prefer Yohngboys part in the hook, good hook overall. This whole song has this amazing old school bounce to it, both Youngboy and DaBaby fit that vibe perfectly with a consistently confident delivery and a whole lot of fire flows. Great chemistry between the two too, and real interesting structure. Youngboy in particular has lots of impressive flows and switches up his delivery a lot, rides the beat exceptionally as well. This whole song has such a fun vibe to it, is real unique, great song

9. CHAMPION – The Hook is a bit poppy but has a fun little rhyme scheme and is quite catchy, omg he fence about it. Beat is really boring for be most part but I enjoy the occasional distorted bass and background singing. DaBaby has a nice delivery in this but his flows aren’t very impressive and the bars are pretty simple. Song needed another verse I think, just an average song overall

10. DROP (ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie) – DaBaby’s delivery isn’t the best on the hook but I really enjoy the melody of it, is quite catchy so I think it will grow on me. His verse has a good flow to it, changes up his flow every few bars and has a decently enjoyable delivery throughout. Love the variation in A Boogies delivery, changes it up a lot and has consistently great flows too, real enjoyable feature. Beat is real pleasant but was quite forgettable. On the fence about this one

11. BLAME IT ON BABY – Fire straight out the gate! Love Baby’s delivery and flow in this, goes hard and rides the beat amazingly. Beat is really interesting too, has a lot of different sounds going on and seems to change up every few bars. Actually love this beat, is like DaBaby is attempting the 5 fingers of death and killing it! This is a hard song to write about because it’s like 10 songs in one but all of them are enjoyable, so it’s a great song overall and exceptionally made

12. NASTY (ft. Ashanti & Megan Thee Stallion) – I don’t like the contrast between DaBaby’s sexually explicit lyrics and the beautiful instrumental. Baby’s first verse isn’t very enjoyable on this. Love Ashanti’s singing, beautiful melodies although it’s a bit repetitive. Megan rides the beat fantastically, has a super enjoyable flow throughout anda couple great quotables too. DaBaby’s flow towards the end is a bit lazy and some of the bars are bit lame. I feel like this is an attempt at that early 2000s r&b/rap combo but I don’t think it’s executed too well, just a mediocre song overall with highs (the features) and lows (DaBaby, The Beat)

13. AMAZING GRACE – some real lazy flows from DaBaby and a real basic delivery throughout too, some funny bars but nothing too special. Second half has a much better energy than the first, some solid flows and rhyme schemes too. Just a real average outro

Album Review

Overall I felt like this album was quite an enjoyable listen but lacked consistency throughout the album. It started off kind of slow, had one of the strongest four song stretches of the year in the middle, and then started lacking again towards the end. I felt like this was a similar quality as KIRK with a few high points and some forgettable songs, and feel like both albums are slightly less enjoyable than ‘Baby on Baby’ which had much more catchy hooks. Regardless, this album had some great features, some interesting beats and some adequate performances from DaBaby, so was fun to listen through!

I felt like probably the worst part of this album was inconsistency in the production and in the performances from DaBaby. Most of the production was fairly mediocre or generic, with some beats sounding like your usual bass-heavy DaBaby beats, and some others having interesting synths that were either used minimally or were subtle enough that they didn’t hit their mark and therefore made the songs boring. Similarly DaBaby had a number of average performances which were either forgettable or generic and predictable. He had some real basic flows in his verses on songs like ‘Pick Up’, provided some overly repetitive hooks on songs such as the opening track ‘CANT STOP’, and I felt his experimentation didn’t pay off on the r&b influenced ‘NASTY’. Apart from a couple of hooks I didn’t really dislike much in this project, but there was enough mediocrity that unfortunately I felt a majority of the songs fell short.

Despite the flaws, this album had a lot of memorable moments and impressive performances! DaBaby sounded spectacular at times, spitting some of his most enjoyable verses on the extremely fun ‘BLAME IT ON BABY’ & ‘ROCKSTAR’, showcases his versatility with some infectious melodic flows on ‘FIND MY WAY’ and even some strangely pleasant singing on ‘SAD SHIT’. He also provided a majority of the catchy hooks of the album, with my favourites being on ‘FIND MY WAY’, ‘JUMP’, & ‘SAD SHIT’. DaBaby also had some incredible chemistry with his features, and I felt like every featured artist actually delivered a quality performance. Roddy Ricch matched his energy on ‘ROCKSTAR’, Future & A Boogie both rode their respective beats amazingly with some pleasant melodic flows on ‘LIGHTSKIN SHIT’ & ‘DROP’ respectively, and Youngboy Never Broke Again has insane chemistry with DaBaby on ‘JUMP’. The final thing I loved on this album was the production on a couple of songs, despite thinking most beats were forgettable. I thought ‘BLAME IT ON BABY’ had some of the most interesting and varied production on any song this year and it was executed excellently, and I thought he beat on ‘JUMP’ was fun and unique and overall just real captivating, which was further complimented by DaBaby and Youngboy Never Broke Again.

So in the end I feel like this was a slightly above average album, largely due to the few amazing songs which I feel carry the album. DaBaby showcased his signature high energy flows and confident delivery while also experimenting a fair amount with each, adding in some interesting flows and surprisingly catchy singing. I think the production on this album was worse overall than his last 2 albums but the features were just as good, and DaBaby himself showed more versatility on this project than any other. Based off that alone I’d recommend this album to anyone remotely interested in DaBaby as it shows some real promise for what he has to offer in the future!

Final Notes

You can stream the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘Find My Way’ Music Video

‘Jump’ Music Video


What were your favourite songs on the album?

Who do you think had the best feature on ‘Blame It On Baby’?

Do you think this is better or worse than KIRK?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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