First Impressions: Wiz Khalifa – The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa

For an intro to Wiz Khalifa and his career up to this point check out my review of his mixtape from earlier this year!

On 20th of April 2020 Wiz Khalifa released his most recent album ‘The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa’, with seven tracks and features from Ty Dolla $ign, Megan Thee Stallion, Quavo, Tyga, K Camp & Logic. Below I’m going to review the album in two parts, first will be my observations on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the album and some discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Y U Mad (ft. Megan Thee Stallion, Ty Dolla $ign & Mustard) – Really enjoy Ty’s singing in the first half of the hook but don’t like the repetition in the second half. Wiz has a great delivery throughout his verse and some great rhymes and funny bars, his flows aren’t too special but it’s a good verse. The beat is a vibe but is quite simple and not very exciting. Hook definitely drags on too long. Love Megan’s signature confident delivery, lots of impressive rhymes for the entirety of the verse too, and she rides the beat really well, good verse. On the fence, really wish the hook was better

2. Out In Space (ft. Quavo) – Love how the rapping starts straight away, wiz’s flow is super solid too, changes up his delivery a bunch too, really like his higher pitched delivery in the middle of his verse, whole verse is actually fire, lots of impressive rhymes as well. Hook has a great flow to it and is quite catchy too. Quavo actually flows really well as well, rides the beat really well and just has a real enjoyable verse without doing anything too special. Didn’t notice the beat much at first but loved it more the further the song progressed, has some amazing synths. Real good song all the way through.

3. Still Wiz – Classic Dre sample is instantly recognisable, isn’t too different from the original, has great nostalgia value. Wiz is fire on this, lots of solid bars and a good variety of flows. Love his signing section at the end of the verses. Hook is super catchy, isn’t too special but I love how Wiz sounds on it. Second verse is just as dire as the first, love the part where the beat fades out for a bit. Another real good song!

4. Bammer (ft. Mustard) – Heard this when it dropped and wasn’t a fan, still am not a fan on revisit. Enjoy the saxophone in the beat but the hook is bad and the verses aren’t too special either. It’s a banger but I don’t enjoy it overall

5. Contact (ft. Tyga) – Heard this when it dropped too and was on the fence, but after more listens I’ve ended up being a fan. The verses aren’t great but they’re adequate, the instrumental is a real ear worm and the hook is super catchy. This one’s another banger, but I feel this one grows on you where’s ‘Bammer’ doesnt

6. Clouds In The Air (ft. K Camp) – Love the production on this, the male vocals in the background sound amazing, great thumping bass too, has this kinda tribal feel overall. The hook isn’t too catchy but has some real funny lyrics, I think it’s grow on me due to how quotable it is. Wiz has a fantastic variety in his delivery throughout his verse, bouncing between this laid back flow and this much more high energy delivery, sounds great, real good flows too. K Camp rides the beat with ease, has some real enjoyable flows and changes up his delivery at times similarly to Wiz, great addition to the track. Real good song, everything was enjoyable but the beat is the stand out

7. High Today (ft. Logic) – Surprisingly enjoy Logics singing on this, it’s kinda lame and some of the lyrics are corny but the melody is really pleasant and it’s a catchy little hook. Wiz has a much more serious tone to his delivery on this one, Still sounds amazing and he rides the beat amazingly, consistently enjoyable rhymes too. Wiz has a hook too I think, it’s a real different vibe than logics but is flows well and is quite catchy. Logics verse flows really well over the beat too, has some decent flows and a mix of enjoyable and corny bars, still a decent verse. Beat is simple but has a thoroughly enjoyable little guitar riff throughout. Loved the structure of this song too, real good track overall

Album Review

I’ve always thought Wiz Khalifa’s recent projects were better than they get credit for, and still I was very impressed by this album! Wiz has always been capable of making both bangers and amazing smoking songs, and this album has a good mix of each despite being such a short listen. Most of the beats were enjoyable, Wiz was consistently impressing me with his flows and delivery and almost all of the features delivered a great performance!

The only songs I didn’t like on the album were the two Mustard produced tracks, but neither was because of the production. I felt like ‘Y U Mad’ was decent but was dragged down by a repetitive and boring hook, whereas I felt ‘Bammer’ was just generic and forgettable despite having some amazing saxophone instrumentation. Other than that, I enjoyed pretty much the whole album! Quavo complimented Wiz excellently on ‘Out In Space’ with a high energy feature verse, K Camp & Wiz has some incredible chemistry on the mellow ‘Clouds In The Air’, and I surprisingly enjoyed both the singing and rapping from Logic on ‘High Today’. I loved the nostalgia provided by the sample in ‘Still Wiz’ which has some of Wiz’s best rapping on the project, I thought Megan Thee Stallion had possibly the best feature on the album despite not liking ‘Y U Mad’, and the Tyga assisted ‘Contact’ bangs just as hard as it did when it released last month. So there were lots more highs than lows on this album, with so many enjoyable features and some solid enough rapping from Wiz that he never had the spotlight stolen.

So in summary this was a breeze to get through and on top of that had a number of thoroughly enjoyable tracks. Wiz lived up to his potential on this with some catchy hooks and fire verses, and enlisted a great roster of features to assist him in delivering a range of great tracks. If you’ve ever been a fan of Wiz I’d recommend giving this a spin, it’s short, fun, and one of his most consistent projects in recent years!

Final Notes

You can stream the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘Contact’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were Out In Space, Still Wiz, Contact, Clouds In The Air, & High Today

What were your favourite songs on the album?

Who do you think had the best feature on the album?

How do you think this compares to Wiz Khalifa’s other 2020 release ‘Its Only Weed Bro’?

Thnkas For Reading!

– Shan –

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