First Impressions: Lil Gotit – Hood Baby 2

For an intro intro Lil Gotit and his career up to this point check out my review of his ‘Superstar Creature’ album from earlier this year. On 24th of April 2020 Lil Gotit released his ‘Hood Baby 2’ with 18 tracks and a number of features from his brother Lil Keed as well as other rappers including Future & Lil Yachty. Below I’m going to review the project in two parts, first will be my observations on each track as I listened through, and following that will be my thoughts on the album as a whole. I’ll include some links to stream the album as well as some discussion questions at the end. Enjoy!

Track By Track Review

1. Bricks In The Attic – Heard this when it dropped and wasn’t really a fan. Hook is okay, verses aren’t too good though, Gotit just has a real lazy delivery throughout. Beat is generic too. Song has some okay parts but is real forgettable overall

2. Off White (ft. Lil Keed) – Beat is decent, has a great thumping bass. Hook is okay, has a nice flow too it but isn’t too special. Gotit has some good flows but his delivery is quite boring for the most part. Lil Keeds delivery is interesting, great versatility, don’t enjoy it to start with but his verse gets really good once he starts using his more common higher pitched delivery. Has some enjoyable bars and rhymes too, great verse in the end. Decent song but wasn’t very consistent, on the fence

3. Drip Day N Night (ft. Gunna & Lil Keed) – Gotit sounds great at the start, and gunna meshes amazingly with him when he comes in, both flow really well, great hook. Beat is more chill and low key then the last couple. Gunna sounds amazing with some great flows and delivery. Keed rides the beat pretty well too but his flows are pretty basic and his delivery is lacking, easily the worst part of the track. Still a good track overall though

4. Never Legit – love the rapping in the background at the start. Best is simple but bangs and has this addictive little piano melody. Gotit goes hard with some impressive flows and a real hungry delivery, rides the beat amazingly too. The hook has a great flow to it but is way too long. The beat is really addictive and compliments Gotit super well. Good song but felt like it was missing something

5. Yeah Yeah (ft. Future & Lil Keed) – futures nonchalant delivery works well on the hook, sounds nice but I don’t like the repetition of ‘yeah yeah’. Futures verse was real impressive, had some really interesting flows and melodies and switches up to a great rap flow toward the end as well. Lil Gotit has an enjoyable delivery throughout but his flows are pretty basic and his verse isn’t too exciting at all. Hook is definitely pretty boring. Lil Keed has an interesting verse too, really intriguing delivery to begin with that doesn’t even sound like Keed but it’s decent, then switches it up and has some great flows and his signature delivery for the remainder of the verse. Enjoyed the 2 feature verses but not the hook or Gotit verse, on the fence overall

6. Crazy Thoughts – super dreamy instrumental overall, has trap drums and thumping bass but the synths are real majestic. Gotits delivery is a bit boring again and his flows are simple. He rides the beat well and the beat is great but his verses are forgettable aside from a couple funny bars. Hook has a really enjoyable melody, is actually really catchy after hearing it a couple times. Okay song but not the best, waste of a great beat

7. Toe Tag (ft. SG Kendall & Lil Yachty) – Beat has some interesting elements but there’re too subtle to make an impact. Gotit has some really lazy flows and an equally boring delivery at time’s. Changes things up to a more exciting, fast paced delivery for a few bars but was a bad verse overall. Hook has a good flow to it and I can see it growing on me but it’s nothing too special. SG Kendall has some impressive rhymes and his delivery is really enjoyable for the latter half of his verse, some good flows too, Starts off a bit boring but picks up. Yachty has a decent verse, is delivery is enjoyable throughout but his bars and flows aren’t anything new. Not a bad song but not a good one

8. No Kizzy – Beat really draws you in, is kinda haunting but bangs. Lil Gotit has a really exciting delivery which he changes up every few bars, some great flows and impressive rhymes too. Has some boring parts but some exciting moments too. Hook has a great flow to it but isn’t catchy at all. Decent track but probably won’t revisit it

9. Dream (ft. Guap Tarantino) – Hook isn’t too exciting or catchy. Guap Tarantino has an enjoyable delivery and some decent flows too, bars and rhymes aren’t too bad either. Gotit has a solid delivery but his flows are real one dimensional throughout his verse, not a very impressive verse overall. Nothing too good about this track, mediocre overall

10. Hood Talk – Beat is simple but really addictive, Gotit flows over it really well with this confident delivery and some great bars. Sounds like a NBA Youngboy song. Hook has a good flow to it and is decently catchy. Love the bass in this, and the beat overall is actually super enjoyable. Gotit has a good range of flows but consistently sounds great, does the beat justice. Real good song, possibly best so far

11. Karate Kid (ft. Uno Freaky) – Beat is super boring, just a generic trap beat mostly. Gotits flows are quite good but his delivery lacks energy and drags the verses down. Hook has an okay flow to it too but the delivery is equally boring. Uno Freaky has a pretty simple verse but he flows decently and has a solid rhyme scheme throughout, okay verse but nothing special. Just an average song overall

12. Just Sayin – Hook has some good flows but is real forgettable. Gotit has some interesting deliveries in the verses but none of them are too exciting, still enjoy the creativity. No real exciting flows or bars. Short song but was kinda glad it ended, was just an okay song at best

13. Immortal – Beat is kinda eerie with these distorted synths and thumping bass, Gotit has a real solid delivery at the start, sounds kinda menacing and he rides the beat fairly well. Most of the flows are pretty average though and Gotits delivery is lacking a lot of the time. Gotit flows nicely on the hook but it isn’t catchy at all. His second verse is a bit more exciting to begin with but drops in quality in the second half. Not a very good song

14. Walkin (ft. B Slime) – Song takes like 30 seconds to get going. Hook has a kinda nice melody but is too repetitive and not too good. B Slime has a fairly average delivery but his flows are good at times, not the best feature. Hook is definitely too boring. Gotit has some impressive rhymes but his flows are lazy and his delivery isn’t the best, fairly boring verse overall. Below average song, one of the worst

15. Cartier Glass – Hook is generic and forgettable. First verse has more lazy flows from Gotit and a boring delivery for the most part. Second verse is just as bad, no real redeemable features. Beat is nice but Gotit doesn’t do it justice at all. Boring song in every way

16. Trap Or Die (Jeezy Anthem) – Beat has this like atmospheric tropical feel to it, isn’t too special but it’s enjoyable. Gotit has some nice melodies on the hook but it doesn’t flow true best and isn’t very catchy. He has a good range of flows and interesting vocal deliveries on the first verse, some solid rhymes and bars too. Hook is definitely nothing too special. Second verse has more experimentation with Gotits delivery and flows, some really enjoyable moments. Some of the better verses of the album but a bad hook, on the fence about the song overall

17. Noho (ft. RG Jaydog) – Beat is really interesting, has this super intriguing synth melody. Gotit flows amazingly over the beat, great delivery and switches up his flows a whole lot. Bass hits perfectly in the beat. Hook is one of the best of the album, flows amazingly over the instrumental, and is insanely catchy, just sounds great. RG is a great addition to the track, rides the beat with ease and has a really fun delivery which meshes amazingly with Gotits playful delivery. Love the vocal effects on his verse at times. Love the way the song ends. Amazing song, easily the best so far

18. Bootron – Beat is generic, and Gotit is back to delivering every bar with no effort and flowing lazily over the beat. The whispering wasn’t very good but I liked the autotuned singing for like one bar afterwards. For the most part this song is super boring, simple flows and beat with a lazy delivery. Probably my least favourite.

Album Review

Overall this album was a bit of a disappointment to me personally, with only a couple of standout songs and a whole lot of filler. The production was inconsistent, Lil Gotit was often boring in his delivery and lazy with his flows, and most of the features were just okay. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Lil Gotit’s Hood Baby album last year and also with his most recent album ‘Superstar Creature’, so to find this mediocre all the way through was quite disappointing.

I think one of the biggest problems of this album was the production, which compared to his last project was super inconsistent and forgettable. This is largely because his last project was entirely produced by London On Da Track, but not only was the production on Hood Baby 2 inconsistent and lacking cohesion, but it was generic and lacked creativity. Unfortunately I also felt like Lil Gotit was fairly bad throughout this, with a majority of songs being hard to get through with his lazy delivery and lack of exciting flows. He also had no real memorable bars on the entire album and a lot of his hooks were forgettable. In terms of the features I felt like B Slime was the only one who had an actual bad feature, with most of the others having just average features.

There were some high points of the album though! I thought Gunna was fantastic on ‘Drip Day N Night’ and really enjoyed Futures verse on ‘Yeah Yeah’ despite disliking his hook. Lil Keed has some really enjoyable moments amongst his three features, and I thought both Lil Yachty and RG Jaydog were great additions for their respective tracks. Lil Gotit had amazing chemistry with Gunna on ‘Drip Day N Night’, he goes hard on the banger ‘Never Legit’, and delivers a super catchy hook on ‘Crazy Thoughts’. Easily my favourite song on the project, ‘Noho’ has the most exciting production, best hook, and some of Lil Gotits best rapping on the album. Closely following is ‘Hood Talk’ which sounds like a successful attempt at making a catchy NBA Youngboy song.

So overall this was a bit of a chore to get through, with 18 songs and only a couple of gems this was an album I’ll happily never listen through in full again. Not only was the production lacking for the most part, but I felt like this project contained more mediocre performances from Lil Gotit than his last 4 or so projects which was a big let down. If you need to fill an hour of isolation then throw this on and see which couple songs you like, otherwise just listen to ‘Noho’ and go about your day!

Final Notes

You can stream the album on Spotify here, or on Apple Music here!

Or you can listen for free on YouTube here!

‘Never Legit’ Music Video

‘Yeah Yeah’ Music Video

My Favourite Songs were Drip Day N Night, Never Legit, Hood Talk, & Noho

What were your favourite songs from the album?

How do you think Hood Baby 2 compares to his recent projects?

Thanks For Reading!

– Shan –

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